February has been a crazy month for me.  Rescheduling and some late-arriving babies has led to a fuller than usual month of sessions.  On top of that, my entire family decided to take turns becoming ill over this past week off of school (yeah, we know how to party in this house).  Jack got the brunt of it though and was diagnosed this weekend with bronchiolitis and an ear infection.  It’s not serious, but he does need to be on a nebulizer every four hours.  At the risk of getting too personal, his breathing issues (and lack of sleep on my part) have created some eating issues and nursing has not been going well the past few days.

In light of everything that’s going on with him, I would just ask for some patience as I work on getting everything back on track.  If you are waiting for a gallery, a sneak peek, or to receive an email response, please know I will get to everything just as soon as I can.  In the meantime, I appreciate your patience as I focus on my family’s health for a few days.

Speaking of patience, no post is complete without a picture.  So here’s a recent snappy of my impatient boy, who at 5 months decided sitting up and crawling were on the agenda.  He can now crawl the length of the house.  Someone please stop my baby boy from growing up too fast!

April: Hope you all feel better soon. Oh and Jack is too cute for words!

Edna: I'm glad he slowed down long enough for you to get a picture to share. I love the darling!

Angie: Oh Jack!!!! Miss Layla is no where near crawling....advanced I tell ya!!! What a doll =)

Happy Valentine’s Day!  I had such a fun time taking pictures of my own valentines that I couldn’t resist sharing a few.  Or considerably more than a few.  Forgive this photographer as she slips into adoring mother-mode:).

The baby valentine (On a side-note, is it weird that my barely 5-month old thinks he can crawl and sit up?  He can’t quite manage it completely, but he sure thinks he can.):

The little valentine (She is beyond excited to hand out her valentine cards at church today and roams around the house randomly bursting out in exclamations of, “I love you more than chocolate!“):

Okay, the one on the right just kills me:).

The middle valentine (Super sweet, and so hard to get a real expression out of now.  We caught a couple, though.):

The big valentine (So beautiful, but so, so crazy for candy.  We managed to tame a little valentine sweetness out of her for a second.):

And a little more like reality:

Yep, that’s my girl!

If you made it this far, I commend and thank you!  Hope your Valentine’s Day is full of sweetness, hugs, and, kisses–candy or otherwise.

TrishaD: SO cute! I love all of these...so creative :) Happy ? Day!

Summer: I love how you always showcase their sweet little personalities. They are so adorable and somehow I feel like I know them, at least just a little! :)

Cherron: Hahaha!! These made me laugh. \

Keri: These are so fun!!! Your kids are just gorgeous!

jill hardy: awwww, you have the most gorgeous valentines :) You are so blessed!

Janice: So very sweet! ;-) They are just incredibly adorable and I love how you captured each of their personalities. Love them!

Karen: Exquisite... just beautiful! I miss you all.

Melissa: so cute Jess! you have a beautiful family!!! :)

heavenesque: Goodness!! Those are so creative and so cute!!!

Cindy: I love them!

Pam Caudill: Emily is looking so grown up! They're all precious, but I'm really envious of that scrumptious little boy.l

Stacie: These are so sweet! And your kids were MUCH more cooperative on the Valentine front that mine were!

Katherine: I love these! This post made me giggle, especially the expressions you captured! Fabulous!

Laurie: OMG, they are so beautiful!!! How fun and what fantastic portraits.

kati: jess your children are beautiful!!! I bet it's never a dull moment at your house!

Leandra: I am jealous that you got so many fabulous shots of your own kids! The girls are gorgeous as usual but I think I might be a little partial to that naked guy in that first shot.

Heather: Your kiddos are all so gorgeous! I bet there is never a dull moment at your house!

Andria Laws: They are ALL so beautiful. I feel sad though that I only really know Julia and Jack from pictures. ): Bella and Emily are growing up into such beautiful young ladies. Oh, and by the way, you have every reason to gush!!! (:

Edna: What a treat for this grandma! And Great-Grandpa is sitting beside me enjoying the darlings, too! Thanks for sharing them! We love you!

Megan: so fun and so sweet!

christy williams: Oh my goodness... I love these!! Your children are so beautiful!

The name “Evangeline” means good news, and I’m sure her arrival was nothing but good news when she finally decided to make her appearance almost two full weeks late.  I think mom and dad will agree that she was worth the wait–such a darling, darling little thing.  And those plump squishy lips–perfection!  Evie started out a little feisty, but after a little food, mommy time, heat and white noise, she fell into a blissful slumber and we had so much fun together!

Evie – 7 days:

With her gorgeous mama:

Handsome daddy:

A new favorite image of a brand new family:

Oh my goodness, those squishy lips!

Even closer:

Little smile:

And my new basket I’ve been dying to try!

Evie, you were the best news I had all day:).  Thanks for coming to play!

Keri: Stunning work Jess! Such a beautiful family and gorgeous baby girl...you captured them so well!

Mollie Kendall: so so so precious! I just adore that basket and that little mouth shot is making my heart smile! Amazing work!!!

Alyssa: Love them all but I think the family is my fave with the basket a very close 2nd.

Cherron: Simply perfect.

Maggie: beautiful Stephanie, congratulations

Angela: Super sweet...beautiful job, perfection!

Julie Wagoner: Oh, these are just perfect! So simple and beautiful...and such a squishable little one!

Nicole Marie: I just found your blog today. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your style! Those lips are OMG...gorgeous!

Heather: LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the wrap one and the basket!!!

Katherine: Oh wow! These are so beautiful! They both look so so happy and these should be big in their house!

April: Wow! You really got some beautiful pictures here. Hard to pick my favorite, but I really love how small and curled up she looks in her Daddy's arms:)

angela crutcher: Oh my goodness. These are simpy beauitful! Love those precious baby lips!

Lisa Little: Amazing! Gorgeous newborn session and I love that last image!!

Holli Dunn: What a beautiful new family. So precious. Your clarity is amazing in these!

lorissa: What beautiful photos! I LOVE the family image. So touching. Wonderful work!

Bri: What a truly beautiful family. And those lips! Gorgeous work!

Sophie Crew: Aww, so sweet! Great job on these!

christy williams: Oh my, these are darling!! Beautiful work Jessica!

Katherine: What a stunning little baby girl! I love these, and your new basket is perfect!

heavenesque: Wow!! Lovely images!!

jennifer adams: oh wow these are simply perfect and beautiful, especially that last shot!

Grandma W: I cannot stop looking at these photos. You are a gifted artist!

Megan: Beautiful, I do love that basket! I love the wrapped shot too and those lips are to die for!

Sarah: These are wonderful. I think the little smile is my favorite, but its hard to choose!

Jill: Gorgeous work! Love the family shot and those lips!

Linda: Oh goodness! These are just beautiful! I love the lips! I cannot pick out a favorite, each one makes me smile! Nice job!

Lina: Love the lips! So sweet. beautiful work.

Terra: beautiful! Love the black and white of her with her hands together,too perfect!

kati: absolutely wonderful jess. that one of baby and dad is priceless.

This baby girl is just that: absolutely and 100% adored by her mama.  I don’t know that I have ever met a mother so completely in awe of and in love with her baby girl.  We talked about that moment after you have your baby when you think, “Oh my goodness, she’s mine.  I can’t believe she’s mine and I get to keep her forever.” It just gave me such a thrill to watch this new mother wonder at the life she has created–and she truly is a stunning work of art.  Baby Isla is just a little bit of perfection.  I have a feeling that “no” is going to be a difficult word to come by in this household.

Isla was awake when she showed up for her session.  Rarely have I seen a baby this little so alert, yet calm.  She definitely knew how to work the camera:).  And isn’t that sweet little mouth just begging for some kisses?

Caught a little smile!

With her beautiful, infatuated mama:).

And this just might be my very favorite from the session–just love the simplicity of it:

Erin, thank you so much for sharing your precious little one with me today.  I just loved every minute I was able to spend with her–you are a lucky, lucky woman!

April: What a gorgeous little girl! I have to agree with you about the last one, but they are all beautiful!

Heather: All so beautiful, but I agree about the last one. I just love the little hands and feet peeking out!

Missy: Gorgeous!!!

Laurie: These are sooo gorgeous! What a gift to have photos like this of your newborn.

jill hardy: *swoon* absolutely gorgeous!

Janice: The best thing about seeing the maternity pics is seeing the same mom with the baby later. I love that shot of mom and baby. So very sweet. What a beautiful baby girl! Jess, you always do such a great job capturing all the sweetness!!

Cindy: Gorgeous, beautiful work! Love that 1st one, you make eye contact with a newborn seem easy!

Angela: Oh, what a perfect pair this mommy and baby make! Gorgeous light (as usual), and gorgeous posing!

Shannon Morgan Photography: No that is one of the most beautiful newborns I have EVER seen!!! Fantastic job jess!

Beira: I absolutely love the eye contact--she has beautiful eyes like her mother. Your black and whites are perfect!

Tina: I remember this momma from her maternity session. Such a sweet baby. That last one is so perfect.

Melissa: Adorable, Jessica. Just love skin and perfect posing. Mom must be so in love with these!

Shonda Feddema: They are all wonderful but I really love the second shot!

Stephanie: WOW! Your work is inspirational. Just amazing.

--cherry.: these are so sweet! beautiful work!

Tiffany Bender: The one with mom is amazing!! Beautiful work

Becky Naffine: Wow gorgeous photos and a stunning baby girl. I remember the pregnancy photos you did not long ago :)

Beth Ross: BEAUTIFUL!!! I love them all. What a gorgeous baby and mother.

Julie Wagoner: Oh my goodness, I love all of these! The eye contact in the first is stunning and the shot with mama melts my heart. Great job!

Amber Shereen: Really lovely, Jessica!

Ashleigh-Faye: What great eye contact on #1 and that smile on #2 just amazing

Leandra: What a beautiful baby- she looks so "girlie" already- just precious. Love the anecdote about mom being so in love too.

Krissy Allori: Oh my, what a beautiful little girl. I love every single one of them. Your work is always so stunning - you never disappoint.

Katherine: Oh wow!! These are so beautiful!

kati: jess these are wonderful!! that last one is pure perfection!! Lovely session

Julie: These are gorgeous! The one of mom and the baby is just lovely!!

I truly think there is nothing dearer to a mother’s heart than seeing how much her children love each other.  Case in point, yesterday my Julia was getting in the tub to get ready for church and asked, “Is Bella going to take a bath?”  “Yep, and Emily too.”  Her response: “Emily too?!  All my friends?!  All my friends are going to take a bath?!”  I am still smiling about it.

Saturday I had a session with the darling-est (yep, I’m going to say that’s a real word) 7-month little girl and her wonderful big brother.  You could just tell she adores him by the way her eyes just tracked him around the room.  He was so, so sweet back to her–so patient and kind and interested in her.  How lucky they are and will be to have each other as they grow up!

This one just made me giggle–he was trying to get baby sister to smile (On a side note, how fabulous are their outfits together?  Mom did such a great job!).

This is a better representation of their actual relationship:

After a few abysmal attempts on my own and some coaching from Henry, I finally made it through the whole alphabet without any mistakes–who knew my sleep-deprivation had gotten so bad?  He’s one smart cookie:).

And I could not get over gorgeous Lila’s delicious rolls, beautiful eyes, or those LIPS!  Mom and Dad are in trouble for sure.  I have his same shot w/a smile, but oh, how I love the hand placement, those wide eyes, and her little mouth in this one.

A session favorite–can you see her grabbing his foot?

Thanks for such a fun morning guys, and for alphabet lessons!

Jaidean: Oh, these are just adorable!!! That first one totally made me smile!

this n that: These are wonderful!! I love the interaction here. -Shellie

Cindy: Love these! You really captured their adorable relationship and sweet personalities!

Angela: Sooooo cute! Gorgeous lighting, and wonderful interaction caught! Love it!

Megan: #4 is to die for! Great job!

Rachel: Adorable!!! I love the last one it's priceless. I would make this into a huge canvas if they were my children.

April: All of them are fabulous! The last one is my favorite, so sweet!

stacey: ooooh, my gosh! I can't pick a favorite! these are amazing.

Janice: They are adorable! I love the relationship you captured in these shots!

Leandra: Those rolls are to die for! How wonderful to freeze these moments in time for this family- the sibling interaction and more importantly the squishy baby phase.

lindsay: gorgeous! i love the connection you caught between them! and i LOVE the way you used the fur in the 4th one!

mollie: oh precious precious! great work.

Kimberly Marie: Oh, these are all so precious! wonderful work. :)

az wedding photography: LOVE these, seriously they are all too sweet, but i love the first and last ones the most!

Gail: As a proud great-aunt of these two...they are beautiful reflections of their parents! You did a wonderful job!

Zoe Berkovic: That first one made me giggle! And that naked baby on the fur, perfection!

Sarah: ha ha, that first one cracks me up! So adorable!!

Salina J: These are so adorable. What great images for this family to keep forever. Just gorgeous children.

Katie: Thank you Jessica for bringing out the best in my little ones. They look fantastic! Thanks for a great day.

Julie Wagoner: Oh, what a precious sibling pair! I love the relationship you were able to capture. Great job!

Terra: I love these,you captured such great interactions! I love that their bond is so apparent :)

Julie: Amazing sibling shots Jessica!! These are fabulous!

Heather: Wonderful work, once again! I love the last one - what a great sibling shot! And the one of Baby Sis on the gray fur? Gorgeous!