So, if you ask a photographer specializing in babies what her favorite stage to photograph is, she will most likely say newborns.  There’s just something about being able to capture that sweet, fleeting, straight-from-creation newness that makes us get all giddy inside.  If you ask us our next favorite stage, 9 times out of 10 it’s going to be the sitting-but-not-yet-crawling phase.  Babies between 6 and 7 months love to smile, they adore their parents, they are awake and cheerful for longer periods of the day, they make all kinds of fun sounds and faces, and they can’t run away from you!

Again, my sweet darling boy is here to remind me to just enjoy being his mom rather than his photographer, as he started crawling 4 weeks ago and is just now, just barely beginning to sit unassisted.  What does this mean?  It means that I get about 4 seconds after sitting him down before he takes off crawling after a sister, a toy, my lights or me.  How long does it take me to sit him down, move back, lie down on the ground, pick up my camera and focus?  Around 4.5 seconds.  It’s as if he is non-verbally saying to me, “Mom, repeat after me, ‘Jack is a person, not a prop.  He is not here to fulfill your photographic flights of imagination.  He is here to cuddle and snuggle and tickle and love.”  And he is.  And I do.

So here he is in all his 6-month, crawling-but-not-yet-sitting glory.  My darling boy:

Gosh, I love that grin:).

Yeah, he pretty much wants to stand up right now.

This was taken 0.01 seconds before he launched forward and crawled off:).

See my muscles? I am more than just a pretty face:).

This was the view I saw most often: “See ya later, Mom!”

And finally, a sitting shot.  Looking a little bit like a frog, but still oh, so very cute!

Oh, baby boy!  Love you so much, it hurts sometimes!

Aimee: Love that gray outfit and the naked shots....SO cute!!

Mindy: Jack-Jack is way too cute!!! Yes, the naked shots are the best, even though he is adorable with clothes too! He is growing up too quickly!

melissa: Aw, he's cute! Can't believe he's crawling but not sitting! Too funny :)

Shannon Morgan Photography: you crack me up! I love your commentary just about as much as i love your photography.....just about :)!! And that is saying a lot because these are just fabulous, he is precious!!

Pam Caudill: The one with the ball is amazing. They're all great and he's such an adorable boy.

Ashley Brown: He just kills me... he is way too cute!

Kimber-Lee: He is just so uber cute!! I LOVE to see Jack updates... not only is he absolutely precious but I get a sneak peek of what is right around the corner for Rhiannon.

Kerianne: Eeeeeeek!!!!!! Totally in love with these :))))) He is so incredibly gorgeous and appears to be at such a fun age right now!

Eileen: Too cute for words!!! :)

Tara Swain: LOVE the first series with the striped onesie! So gorgeous!!

sherri: so adorable. love the close ups with his eyes! perfection!

So, I had the absolute pleasure of meeting this gorgeous mama and her darling boy on Saturday.  She wanted to surprise her husband for his birthday–what a great birthday gift!  I hear someone has a few preconceived notions about pregnancy that I think may be about to change:).  Baby boy #1 and I bonded over fruit snack, dinosaurs, and Dum-Dums and I am so excited to see him become a big brother to his baby brother-to-be.  I know I have loved watching my own girls be each others’ best friends.  Mom, you are in for a treat!

People told me when I was pregnant with Jack that there is an extra-special bond between a little boy and his mommy. You, know what?  They’re right.  This next image just about sums that up for me.

And a few of just Mom.  Um yeah, it’s all just baby in there–she looks fabulous!

I seriously don’t think she could be any more gorgeous.

Thanks for a fabulous session!  Can’t wait to meet the little guy:).

Keri: Stunning! She is so gorgeous and you captured her beautifully!

Angela: Oh, she is just stunning! You did a wonderful job capturing her in a most flattering light! Great work!

Kerianne: Oh gosh, these are all SO stunning, Jess!!!!

Summer: OH MY GOODNESS! That last one, WOW! just WOW! I love them all but wow!

Leandra: Wow- she is gorgeous- these are all so beautiful.

Laura Brett: You are right she is one hot mama. Beautiful job, can't wait to see the baby!

Kimber-Lee: OMG - Jess you do such amazing work... & she looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Looks like something that belongs in a magazine!!

Alyssa: Wow they are all so fabulous. Stunning work.

Tina: She is terribly gorgeous. I am oozing with jealousy. You have done one amazing job!

Erin: What a gorgeous mama!! You did an amazing job with these. I bet she's thrilled!

Kimberly Marie: Wow these are STUNNING! she is gorgeous. You did an amazing job. Love the last two- perfection!

Christine: wow, she is GORGEOUS!!! Your lighting is perfect!!

jill hardy: she is stunning!!! adorable little man, as well :)

mollie: honestly these are just stunning

Laurie: What a stunning mommy! Wow, thee are gorgeous Jessica.

Amanda: Lovey mommy and photos- great work!

Meg Borders: These are beautiful. That last one is just stunning!!

Kari: Wow! those last 2 are AMAZING!!

Shannon Morgan Photography: you weren't kidding HOT!!! that last one is beyond fabulous!! if i were her i would blow it up HUGE, just to remind me how great i looked pregnant :)!!

Andrea: These are all fantastic but that last one is WOW!

Melissa: These are all fabulous, but that last one is seriously stunning!!!

amber: Oh my goodness, these are stunning!! Fantastic job, LOVE them all!

Heather: That last one is nothing short of a piece of art. She represents the perfect ideal of pregnancy. And the third one - I love the tones in it!

Janice: Wow, she is stunning!! Love these shots, esp. the one with the scarf and on the floor. Absolutely gorgeous!

Sophie Crew: What a beautiful mama to be! Gorgeous shots!

Cherron: It's been said so many times, but yes, these are just stunning! I can only dream of looking like that while pregnant! (Or not pregnant! Ha!)

Jaidean: She is stunning! gorgeous images!

jennifer adams: wow, she is gorgeous, what a beautiful glowing mommy to be, that blue scarf shot is perfect!

Zoe: wow! These are all fabulous! That first one melts my heart!

Allison: Wow, stunning!!!

Julia Wade: unbelievably gorgeous!!!!!! beautiful beautiful beautiful. that momma to be must be thrilled!

lindsay: oh my gosh!!! this momma is STUNNING. oh my gosh. The silhouette one makes my heart smile. Lovely job, jess!

Kristi Larson: Great poses. She is one HOT momma. The last one is amazing.

Ashley Brown: WOW Jess... these are flippin' awesome. The last one is absolutely stunning!!

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[…] have been so excited to meet baby Caidyn ever since his gorgeous mama’s maternity session.  He was such a sweet baby and I can tell that he and big brother Riley are just going to be the […]

I have a confession to make.  I have hair envy.  Bad.

But wait, Jessica, you have more hair than any sane person would even know what to do with.

This is true.  But my babies don’t.  Despite Mommy’s over-abundance of thick, curly locks, my own dear children enter this world very nearly bald.  And stay that way for a loooong time.  And have first haircuts a week before Kindergarten starts.

So when my Wednesday client leaned over to me as I was gushing over her truly beautiful son, said, “Wait ’til you see his hair,” and pulled off his hat, I squealed like a little girl.  Seriously, I did.  It’s a little embarrassing, actually.

7-day old Grayson was just absolutely darling with his long limbs and all that gorgeous, cannot-be-tamed hair.  He kept me on my toes with the sweet little baby smiles he’d flash nearly every time I brought the camera away from my face–by the time I raised it up again the smile would be gone.  After a while, though, I caught on and managed to grab a couple lightning-quick little grins.

Grayson on day 7:

Here’s a little smile:

And just the tail end of another one–look at that hair!

One more, up close:

It was almost a shame to cover up that darling head of his, but we did it anyway:).

And, oh, he made Mommy, Daddy, and I work for this shot, but we got it!

Grayson, thanks for making me smile.  I’m glad I got to see you do the same:).

Julie Bardin: Beautiful shots of my precious little nephew...I adore each one (you too Grayson). :)

Janice: Absolutely stunning Jess! He is so precious and you captured him so beautifully!

Keri: so beautiful!!! what is it with these babies and their awesome hair?!?!

Brandon: We absolutely love the pictures Jess! Thanks so much for doing such an amazing job capturing our little guy!

Daniel: Jessica, These are all perfect! Mom and dad must be thrilled!!

Alyssa: I love them all. That hair is just adorable.

April: You are a busy lady lately :) these are all beautiful of course! The first and last ones are my favorite.

Jennifer: He is a darling and these pictures are insanely beautiful!!

Jessica Hamlin: Gorgeous!!! Your newborn work is so wonderful!

Laura Brett: Oh my goodness he is too precious for words. Beautiful work!

Janice: What a dream he is. Great shots for a lifetime of remembering.

kati: wonderful work Jess. You really do capture wonderful images for these new parents

Angela: Precious!! I love that hair so much...and the tones in the bear hat pic...awesome!

jill hardy: love them!!! especially the little close up lips, absoluteyl adorable!!!

Salina J: What a perfect little one - your lighting is great in these.

Heather: Love that first one, Jess! Awesome job!

mollie: seriously stunning

Ashley Brown: Really wonderful, Jess! I love the lip closeup and that hair is beautiful.

Aunt Karen: I just took a peek at this webste; he is ADORABLE; so cute and expressive for a newborn. The photos capture him perfectly.

April: Absolutely stunning, Jess! Every single one!

Chris: Thanks for capturing such beautiful memories of my sweet grandbaby Grayson!

Amber: Oh...these are perfection. LOVE them!!

lisa lucky: jessica, these are so beautiful! wonderful job! and how funny about the hair envy!

anette: I love them all. He's so cute and that little smile melts my heart.

Jane Photo: Just too precious. Love his hair and love that last one.

Mindy: STUNNING Jessica, as always! You are an amazing newborn photographer! Love these so much!

Emily Smith: Beautiful!! I love these! What a precious baby.

phoenix wedding photographer: great shots! i love how you always capture the details for the parents.

Ali: What a gorgeous little baby! Great session.

Megan: sweet! He just looks so tiny in #1. :)

Jennifer Breton: Beautiful work, Jessica! The lighting on that first one is extraordinary!

I have been anticipating this session for months.  Almost nine months to be exact.  Since before I knew there would even be a session.  When I found out that one of my dearest friends here in New York was pregnant, I was so excited for her.  Truly, our move here would have been a completely different experience without the friendship of this family–they just took us under their wing and helped us to find a little sense of belonging after a cross-country move.  I have felt blessed every day to know them.

Most of the newborns I have the privilege to photograph are first or second babies.  Darling Mary Katherine is baby #5 for this family.  She is absolutely adored by her big brother and big sisters.  Getting a photograph of 4 children with their new baby sister is always a challenge, but these guys did just great.  And their parents knew just what to do, as we planned the sibling shots for the beginning of the session and then Dad took them home to play.  Three hours can be a long time when you are 2, or 4, or 7, or pretty much any age.  And I’d just like to point out, I am capable of shooting clothed subjects, even at a newborn session;).

Aren’t mom and dad so blessed?

This one, I just fell in love with before I even pushed the shutter.  Love it with all my heart!

One with her gorgeous mom, and my dear friend:

And since the session started out backwards (with family images first), we decided to keep the trend going and use my new antique buggy (yep, that’s an oxymoron right there) rather than go to the bean bag poses.  Why not?  I had the perfect model.

Finally, on to the bean bag.  As we were shooting mom was telling me how excited she was for her portraits so she could really see what Mary Kate looks like.  At first I was surprised, and then I realized she made perfect sense.  You spend so much of your time as a new mother with a kind of up-close tunnel-vision.  You see the side of her face as she nurses or his cute little belly while you’re changing him, but you’re always right there.  It’s nice to take a step back and really see a baby.  Moms are so smart.

Oh, and did I mention mom made this beautiful blessing gown?  Yeah, she is pretty much amazing.

Here she is, Mom.  A knock-out, I’d say.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for a beautiful day.  Baby girl, I can’t wait to come snuggle you again sometime very soon.

Cindy: What an awesome job, Jessica! That sibling shot is perfect! Love them all!

Laurie: These are stunning! What treasures for this family to remember this special time.

Kerianne: What a blessed family. Gorgeous session, Jessica!

Keri: Wonderful session! All the children are beautiful, and you captured the baby so very well.

Ashley Duckett: Love them all but my fave is the one of baby and mom! Nice work!

Zoe Berkovic: These are absolutely beautiful! I love the mom and baby shot!

April: I have been so excited to see these :) You did a gorgeous job. She is so cute and squishy!

Jennifer Cota: These are stunning! The colors and overall feel = just perfect!

Lauren: Stunning, gorgeous images, all of them! The first sibling shot is to die for, and so hard to get. You did an incredible job!

Shanna: WOW! Those last 2 are gorgeous! Love them all.

katie: OMG I totally love these. THe soft, sweet tones - the connections - WOW. Terrific work!

Ellen: Those cheeks are to die for! What adorable pictures!

April: What a beautiful family and gorgeous images! I love the baby carriage one!

Katherine: Oh these are beautiful!! The parents will treasure them forever. You captured the love this family has for each other!

stacey: what a beautiful family. these are all so sweet.

mollie: wow- love love LOVE the shot with big sister

Angela: OH, what a beautiful family! I just LOVE the one with the big sister holding her! Gorgeous!

Shonda Feddema: What a beautiful family! I love love love the old baby buggy!

Alyssa: They are all perfect. I heart the one of mom and baby.

jill hardy: these are absolutely STUNNING, and I expected no less, Jess you are simply amazing! I love the connections inthe phots! Wonderful captures!

Heather: Beautiful images of a beautiful baby girl. She is gorgeous!

It’s always a pleasant surprise to have a client show up who pretty much makes my job a piece of cake.  When I opened the door for this absolutely stunning couple, I just knew my job was going to be so easy.  Dad was so obviously in love with Mom, and Mom was so comfortable in front of the camera (even if she did feel a little silly at times) and simply glowing with happiness.  Baby Nadia is so lucky to be coming to these wonderful parents, and I cannot wait to meet her.

A little taste of a wonderful session.

Thanks so much, guys!  It was wonderful getting to know you.  Can’t wait to see you again soon–with Nadia!

Summer: LOVE LOVE the first one! Oh wow! What a beautiful couple!

Angela: LOVE them! That last one is so fun and the lighting is just beautiful in all of them (as usual :))...gorgeous couple!

Aimee: that last one!

Julie Wagoner: Beautiful couple and beautiful captures. I LOVE that second shot!

Alyssa: Ok I can not pick a fave but I can say I love them all. Great job Jessica and a sweet looking couple.

Marilyn: A beautiful couple! Love the way you capture the personalities!! Leaves me wanting more!

Kimberly: What a gorgeous couple. I love the variety of moods you were able to capture. The second one is artistically perfect and that last one is so much fun. The lighting is divine on all of them.

Keri: stunning! what a gorgeous couple...I'm sure their baby will be adorable!

Laura Brett: Oh she is beautiful, great job! Love the softness of the first two.

Megan: These are gorgeous!

Julie: What a beautiful belly. Love them all.

Jill: Gorgeous! The first one is so lovely. What a beautiful belly.

Megan: I absolutely loved these pictures... Left me wanting more!

Kari: WOW! These are amazing! Love the first and last one! Just beautiful!

Beira: that first one is so powerful--this couple has a beautiful connection and you captured it so well! awesome work

Jessica Hamlin: Gorgeous!!! Love them!

jill hardy: oh she is STUNNING! She wears pregnancy VERY well! beautiful work Jess!

Janice: Absolutely stunning!!! She is gorgeous and they make such a beautiful couple! I can't wait to see images of their beautiful baby!

melissa: Gorgeous, Jess!

Melissa: Absolutely gorgeous! Love the light and movement in her hair. Perfect belly too! :)

Lina: Gorgeous. Lovely momma and such nice captures.

Allison: The light and connection is beautiful. Perfection Jess!

Heather: Love their connection in the first one! And lovely conversion too!

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