I have been so anxious to meet baby Nadia ever since her beautiful mama’s maternity session.  Probably not quite as anxious as her mama and papa, but very nearly so.  I was so excited when grandma called to give me the news, and then disappointed when we had to postpone the session due to a nasty stomach bug making it’s rounds through my poor family.  We recovered and rescheduled and at last I was blessed to meet this darling, darling girl.  She may have made mama wait (almost two whole weeks), but boy was she worth it!  That dark, dark hair, perfect chub and the cutest chin dimple ever–I hear she gets it from grandpa.  It’s is truly an honor to be invited to share in this special beginning with a new family, and I feel beyond blessed every single time.

Such a simple shot, but one of my new favorites of all time:

Mama, you did great work.  It is hard to believe she’s real, but she is and she’s all yours!  Thanks for sharing her with me for a few hours:).

Claire: Gorgeous!...both the baby and the pictures. I love your lighting.

Dana Jackson: Oh, what a beauty! I love her lips on that last one! What an angel! I love the the close up - beautiful details, Jessica!

Jen Snyder: Gorgeous shots of a beautiful baby. I especially love the first one!

Allison Rumble: The last one should be printed HUGE!! Such a pretty baby. Gorgeous work Jess!

allison: Precious pictures! Love the pink gauze with the aspen branch so creative!

April: What a gorgeous squishy baby :) I love that you can see her little feet through the wrap in the last one. Too cute!

Keri: What a gorgeous baby...she is so beautiful! Great work as always Jess!

Alyssa: Wow , just wow. Simply stunning and I can not choose a fave.

April: Jess - these are AMAZING!!! Absolute perfection!

jennifer adams: omgosh these are absolutely gorgeous and perfect! LOVE everyone of these!

Ramsey Garza: I love the little hands in the first one. These are beautiful and she is gorgeous.

Marilyn: Oh, Jessica!! These are even more precious than I imagined!! Can't wait to see the rest!

Angela: Beautiful job! Love the hanging one, just stunning!

Sophie Crew: Oooh, can I have her? She is so sweet! I love what you caputred - so precious! Love the branch shot, and the first one!!

Christen: Oh my goodness, these are absolutely beautiful!!! Amazing job!

Lina: Beautiful shots, lovely lighting and posing.

Janice: Absolutely stunning, each and every one!

Leandra: They are all so gorgeous but the one on the basket - the light and color are stunning.

mandy: Oh my goodness Jessica! These are beyond perfection. Beautiful!

Trina: She is beautiful! Awesome shots, LOVE them all!

Holli Dunn: Beautiful work and baby! I esp love the one of her on the basket.

Julie: Jess, these are amazing! These parents must be over the moon!!

Julia Wade Photography: Jess this is particularly GORGEOUS!!! love it.

Heather: That branch shot is WOWZAS!!! Love the picnic basket too!

Nicole: What precious little crossed pinkies. The close-up is great.

Sweet little Rhiannon Rose came back to see me for her 3-month portraits, and I didn’t think it was possible but she is even more darling than ever.  The sweetest little face, those looong lashes, tons of light-up-the-room smiles, and just the perfect amount of squishy baby roundness to the cheeks.  Oh dear, are mom and dad in for it when she grows up!

But for now, she’s all theirs… and simply perfect.

I just about died when mama pulled out this sweet outfit from Lollipops Children’s Shop in Latham–so sweet!

A couple with her gorgeous mama:

Oh, she’s just killing me with those big grins!

Miss Rhiannon, it was pure delight seeing how much you have grown.  I can’t wait to see you again in a few more months – I already have some fun plans:).

Christie: Oh my gosh! That last one is the cutest thing I have seen in a long time! These are all great, and I love love love that color one of her with mommy. You can see where she got those pretty eyes!

Heather: Love that last one! Perfection!

Jen: She is so cute! I love all of these!

Lori: Mommy and baby girl are stunning!

Angela: So, so cute! Love the last one so much! Great light in all of them!

Krysten: I can see where baby gets her beauty from, her mother is gorgeous!! These are amazing, as usual, Jessica!

April: These are beautiful, Jessica! That first one needs to be a canvas! I love her outfit too!

Tanya: Oh Jessica! They are gorgeous! I hope the parents were thrilled with these!

Kimberly Marie: LOVE these! and that last shot is fabulous! Gorgeous work :)

Elle: Stunning!! Love love love that first one (gorgeous baby and outfit!!) and the last one is seriously the cutest baby picture I think I've ever seen!

Leanne: I just adore the simple beauty of your work, this is no exception. Simply Stunning.

Kristi Mangan: What a darling, happy baby!!!! These are just precious! Love the smiles!!!

PamN: It's so wonderful to see a mother who truly values custom photography, and understands that she and her baby deserve the best memories possible. Priceless.

robyn: What a beautiful smile! These are gorgeous!

mandy: What a sweet love....these are just BEAUTIFUL images. I don't know how mom and dad are going to choose.

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She was truly delightful!  It’s been a while since I have photographed a baby as old as darling Elena and I almost forgot how fun a one-year old can be.  She showed up asleep and I was a tiny bit nervous even though Mom assured me that she doesn’t wake up cranky.  Goodness!  She was a little dream.  All smiles and goofy expressions and curiosity and opinions and delight.  It made me even more excited to watch Jack grow into this age full of discovery and personality.

I am having quite a difficult time narrowing images down for the gallery, but here are a few for now.

These next two just kill me–I believe this is the first one-year old arabesque on demi-pointe I have ever seen!

Ah, there’s the face I saw the majority of the session!

Elena, it was truly delightful meeting you, Mommy and big sister.  Thanks so much for coming to play!

Alyssa: Too cute. Awesome job Jessica.

Linda: These are too cute! I LOVE her dress! The last three are my favorites...she's adorable!

Janice: Awww, she is so cute! I just love the arabesque pose!

Julia Wade: OMG that tootsie shot is amazing jess!!! great session!!

Summer: Oh man... just beautiful! love them all! Sigh!

Leandra: Amazing how you always get that perfect classic close-up- how cute is that little face!!!

Allison: Adorable!! Cute little ballerina.

kati: I love every one of these Jess. She is so stinking cute!! WOW

jennifer adams: awww what an angel, these are simply beautiful!

Angela: What an adorable, precious baby! I love the arabesque one! What a princess!

Tammy: these pics brought tears to my eyes!!!

melanie Newsom-Lee: Adorable!!! Those little toes! Beautiful job!

Mollie Kendall: What a sweet smiley little face :) Beautiful shots!

Daniel: All of these are great but as a parent that last one is just stunning!

anette: Wow, these are perfect. I loooove the one of her with the angle wings on and the next one with just her feet melts my heart.. I got to say her mom has great taste in clothing as well:)

April: Absolutely beautiful! I love all of these! She is one photogenic girl!

Beth Ross: She is too adorable!!! Looks like she made your job easy. Beautiful images. LOVE the last one!

Cherron: So, so, so sweet! I love the ballet poses. She's so cute.

Jennifer: I just love the ballet pose!

Megan: So sweet. Love that last toothy grin!

Almost here, that is.  My beautiful maternity client from Saturday is due in just two weeks – I couldn’t believe how fabulous she looks!  After seeing mom and big sister, I can’t wait to meet baby girl #2 who is certain to be a knock out!  And what a lucky little thing she is–absolutely loved and adored already:).

Thanks for all your help, Kaleigh!  See you all (very) soon!

Kristi Mangan: These are darling! LOVE the sillhouette! Momma-to-be looks amazing!

Shay: Beautiful mom, beautiful girl, and beautiful shots!

Alisa: Oh my, these are wonderful. I looove the last one of mom getting a big hug from big sister!

Angela: Gorgeous! What beautiful girls! Beautiful job!

Danielle Felton: Beautiful! Love that last image... you can feel the love! :)

Lisa Kryschuk: These are absolutely darling! Beautifully done!

Lisa Little: She is beautiful and so are these gorgeous maternity photos! I love that last one, too sweet!

Marie Gross: I'm loving the emotion in that last one!

Melinda D: Beautiful!! I love love the silhouette shot!!

Tori Piercy: Wow, that silhouette shot needs to be blown up huge! What a gorgeous girls!

robyn: She has such a great belly! I love the last image. Precious!

Janice: Gorgeous!! That silhouette is fantastic!! She is stunning!

Jane Photo: Beautiful job. You captured the last moments of being an only child so well. Mom is gorgeous.

jill hardy: oh wow, she is 38 weeks? looking GREAT Mama! Adorable big sister too, wonderful images Jess!

Tiona Fuller: They both look so happy and beautiful!! Gorgeous images!

Julie Wagoner: She is gorgeous and big sister looks so so happy! Great work here!

Sarah Albert: Beautiful! I LOVE the last one!

Laurie: gorgeous! What a pretty pair, can't wait to see baby.

Julia Wade: beautiful. beautiful, beautiful. absolutely adore the silhouetted kissing shot. :)

kati: absolutely beautiful. your work always makes me go ahh. so fresh and timeless

Lisa K: Pictures are STUNNING!

Cherron: Two gorgeous ladies! I love the silhouette.

Tiffany: Oh how sweet! I LOVE the second one!

Megan: These are awesome. LOVE #!

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I cannot express how ready I was for this downright balmy weather we’ve had the past few days!  And while we may not be able to say goodbye to winter for good here in the Capital Region just yet, it’s time to start dreaming of crocuses, forsythia, and apple blossoms.  The fabulous people at Lindsey’s Orchard here in Clifton Park have generously granted me permission to use their property for some mini-sessions while their gorgeous trees are in bloom this year.

Mini sessions will be a fabulous way to allow as many families as possible the opportunity to take advantage of the short time the trees are in blossom.  If you have never experienced a custom photography session, they are also a great way to try one out.  Mini sessions last 30-45 minutes, are never rushed, and yield approximately 10-12 proofs.  Blossoming apple orchards are almost magical in their beauty and I have so many fun ideas for how to emphasize that in these sessions.  To see how beautiful the orchard looked last year, click here.

If you are interested in booking a mini session, contact me quickly.  Only a few of these sessions will be available and when they are booked, they’re booked.

Pam Caudill: I'm assuming the $100 session fee doesn't include airfare.

--> Jessica: Unfortunately no, but how I wish it did! We might be in WA this summer, though--it would be great to see you all again, if only for a few minutes;).

Ashlie: Love the picture in the advertisement. You do such great work!

Marie Gross: I hope that picture is blown up somewhere HUGE in your house! It is simply gorgeous. I wish our little family could take advantage of a Jessica Washburn mini-session!

Melissa Corcoran: What a fabulous location for mini sessions, Jessica! I've often thought of asking a few of our local orchards if they would be willing to let me use their space. The trees are just gorgeous here when in bloom! Lovely girls! :)

Tracie: Danielle the pictures are just beautiful! thanks for sharing-

Tiffany Jones: I am so lucky!!!