I knew after talking on the phone with Megan that I was going to have so much fun working with her family.  Now, after meeting them (and especially big-sister-to-be), I cannot wait to meet the rest of the family.  They are waiting until baby gets here to find out the gender, but either way this baby is just going to be beyond darling.

Can it get any cuter than this?

I just love her up on those tippy toes.

And one of gorgeous mama–hello in there!

Such a pleasure, guys!  I cannot wait to meet the new little one!

Aimee: I love the family photo! Beautiful work as always!

Christine: They are all perfect! LOVE the second one, my fav!

Keri: Beautiful!!!

Julia Wade: that first one BLOWS me away jess. seriously!!! what an amazing moment for that family. :)

Kimberly Marie: Stunning images! Love them all :)

Kristin Rachelle: Beautiful work!!! What a gorgeous family too!

Kari: Lovely shots! What a sweet little girl!

lisa lucky: you are right, they *are* adorable! love all of the photos:)

Jessica H: LOVE that first image...just perfect!! Gorgeous work!

Angela: Precious and sweet! What an adorable family!

Tiffany Welch: These are darling - great work!

April: Gorgeous, Jess! I can't wait to meet the little one too!

mandy: Awww...love the fun and expressions in that family photo. Great work.

Susie: The tippy toes pic is killing me. I adore it!

Jennifer Pondillo: Love the 1st 2! The expressions are wonderful. Great job!

Heather: Precious - love the second one! Can't wait for the newborn session!

Jane Photo: Beautiful. Love the tippy toes.

Melissa: That first shot is so cute! :)

Nicole: The first two are just lovely. Who wouldn't want those hanging up in their living room?

Little Lady - Albany, Saratoga, Clifton Park, NY Newborn Photographer « Jessica Washburn Photography >> Clifton Park, NY Photographer

[…] for a sweet, delicate, little lady.  I had been eagerly awaiting the news of her arrival since Mom’s maternity session.  Catherine’s gender was supposed to be a surprise, but I hear the ultrasound technician let […]

They are going to be fabulous adults.  They really are.  At least that’s what I tell myself over and over when I am in the throws of yet another battle over something seemingly insignificant for which they are fighting tooth and nail. My husband and I are blessed with three strong, smart, feisty, and fiercely independent girls.  Unfortunately, those qualities married with a completely unique and creative sense of style pose a constant challenge for our family’s portraiture, as clothing and hair play huge roles for good or bad in any portrait.  I’ve come to decide that being the mom of four kids is all about choices.  I can fight the clothing battle for an hour every day and have children who don’t look like homeless ragamuffins or I can have four children.  We all know which choice I’ve made.  The clothes they wear are always clean when they put them on, and that is a quite a feat in and of itself.  Sadly, there’s rarely a random moment when I can just grab my camera and snag a portrait.  A fun family snapshot, yes.  A nice portrait (even a casual lifestyle one), no.

So when all three girls got haircuts on Friday, I told them in the car on the way home that the second we arrived, they were to put their shoes away, run upstairs and hop on Julia’s bed, and not touch their hair.  At all.  I wanted to snag a couple of shots before everything came undone.  I was given 4 minutes, 5 tops.  They make me smile:).

Oh, she cracks me up:

Such the little poser:

This one is always a challenge–always on the go:

And just a couple quick ones from the day her teeth fell out–she wasn’t excited or anything;).

Being the mom of four also means I haven’t the time, energy, or patience for a personal blog as well as a business one.  Thanks for indulging me as I try to keep our families (most of whom live thousands of miles away) abreast of our family adventures:).

I should have a maternity session and a newborn session up later this week and maybe Jack’s 7 month portraits, so check back!

April: Your girls are gorgeous and their haircuts look great!

Emily: The first one is priceless! The fingers in the mouth add to the perfection.

April: They are beautiful :)

Janice: Aww, they are so beautiful!! Love the expressions you captured!

Pam Caudill: So glad you got the toothless photos. It's always a big adjustment for me getting used to how my girls look when those permanent teeth grow in... Lovely pictures of your lovely girls.

Kimber-Lee: What an awesome perspective. I love the subtle reminder to keep focused on what is really important - thank you... And thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures!

Marie Gross: What absolute dolls! I love their new haircuts!

Edna: Thank you so much, Jessica! How can I get one of those little folding books with these photos in it? I love the haircuts. I just got my hair cut, too!

After a March full of darling baby girls (which I totally and completely loved!), it was so fun to start April off with baby Charlie.  Charlie is #4 for this darling, darling family and he couldn’t be more loved.  He slept so soundly though the images we took with his big brother and sisters and it was such a delight seeing the connection between the four of them.  The whole session couldn’t be that easy, where’s the fun in that?  We still captured some absolutely stunning images of this handsome boy.

Thanks for your help on this one, Dad:).

I wanted to post so many of these sibling shots as I loved them all, but for now I’ll just add one more.  Charlie and his newest big sister:

Charlie’s good looks are most definitely genetic.

He didn’t want to sleep for long, but who needs to when you’re that cute?

Thanks for coming to play, little man.  You are lucky to have such a beautiful family–and they are beyond blessed to have you!

Clarice: These are just beautiful! Love your b/ws!

Rose: The last one is just too precious! What a beautiful family!

SusieL: Beautiful images - love that first one of all the children and the last is adorable!

Allison Rumble: Wow, such beauty behind each shot. Charlie's parents must be over the moon with these!

Angela: Oh, love that wake shot at the end!! Wonderful!

jennifer adams: oh wow what a beautiful family and a precious wee one! Love that first shot!

Julie Wagoner: These are just so beautiful! And really, you deserve some kind of award for that perfect sibling shot. Great work!

Terra: Love the first one,thats not an easy shot to pull off! what a sweetie,last one is great!

Jessica H: Beautiful Jess!! Just LOVE the first image of all the siblings together...how perfect!

Krissy Allori: I don't think I've ever seen a photo of yours that I didn't simply adore. Just beautiful - every single one!

Mollie Kendall: These are beautiful shots! Your lighting is gorgeous. I just love that first photo. Mom will be over the moon!!

Brandi: perfection!

Janice: Wonderful images! The kids look so proud of their new baby brother! Love the shot of the new big sister! So cute!

Melinda D: Absolutely gorgeous!! He is adorable and so are his family members :-)

Heather: Love that one in the wrap! Every single thing about it is GORGEOUS!!

Jaidean: love love the sibling shots - just perfect!

casandra heeren: lovely images... the first one is just perfect!

Great-Aunt Betsy: I loved every picture. A truly blessed family is so clearly portrayed AND an amazing photograher captured it perfectly. Hugs, Aunt Betsy

Eileen: Beautiful!! What lighting set up do you use - its so soft! Really precious images:)

Lisa Kryschuk: So beautiful! They will be more than thrilled with these! Gorgeous!

Jane Photo: Very, very sweet. What a dear. Love him in the cheesecloth and the one with the parents.

Cristina: It's such a pleasure to browse your work! Everything about these images is stunning - the composition, the light, the subtle processing. Of course, it doesn't hurt that this family is completely gorgeous :)

Cindy: stunning! breathtaking. That first one of the whole family is awesome!

Anya Coleman: Lovely shots!

christine: gah! these are amazing and your black and whites are perfect

…come in small packages.  Maybe it’s because my own little peanuts were so very small, or maybe it’s just because it’s so rare to see such a tiny little person, but itty bitty babies just steal my heart.  Miss Madeline came into the world at a whopping 5 pounds and 10 ounces, but despite her understated size she is just full of feist and personality.  It’s amazing to me how very strong these brand new people are.  Ounce for ounce, I don’t think there’s an athlete out there that can hold a candle to this little one.  And it was so sweet to meet her the day after photographing her darling neighbor Emma.  Oh, the fun these two are going to have together!

I love it when babies have very definite opinions about how they want to lie and be comfortable.  Madeline loved having her hands up by her face.  Mommy tells me that she’s been doing that for months and has the ultrasound pictures to prove it.

Oh, she was just so itty bitty!

My March was full of baby girls and only baby girls.  Miss Madeline was the perfect little bit of femininity to close out the month before an April filled with just boys:).

And oh, goodness, these next ones just crack me up and melt my heart.  We might be short on size, but definitely not on personality.

Nothing but a pleasure, little one!  Thanks for coming to spend the day:).

Heather: I love the last collage of images! So cute! And love, love the first one. It is precious!

Ashley Brown: So sweet, Jess! I love the series of 4. :)

Angela: OH, I LOVE these!!! Gorgeous! Sweet sleeping shots, and that awake collage is just perfect!

Shannon Morgan Photography: oh i love the last set!! SO amazing!!! never have i seen anything so adorable!! LOVE IT!!

Rose: Oh my...these captures are so precious! You have amazing talent!

April: That last set is the cutest thing I have ever seen, especially the upper left! What a cute girl :)

Laurie: These are so gorgeous!!!! I love all of her awake shots so much!!!

Leandra: Oh My- those faces are too much!!! What a darling little baby hamming it up at such a young age- ADORABLE!!!

Melissa: What an adorable little lady! These are FABULOUS, Jessica! Every one of them is gorgeous!

Alisa: Okay, she's got to be the cutest newborn ever! Look at those huge beautiful eyes! Love these. They're all just perfect!

Jen: These are just precious! The last set is so cute!

allison: precious!!!! LOve the last set of images they are absolutely perfect.

Jane Photo: Hard to believe those last ones are of a newborn! She's v sweet. Love the second one esp.

Beira: absolutely adorable! That last storyboard is too cute.

lisa lucky: oh jessica, these are just the sweetest thing ever! those last ones are just precious!

Marina: Oh my God, she is ADORABLE!!! God bless her!

April: Simply stunning! I love the last shot!

melissa: Aw, so sweet! Love the hand placement in the first!!

Lina: The last series made me laugh. Such a doll. Wonderful captures.

Janice: Oh she is just so darling!! I love that first shot, and oh the one of her with her pinky on her cheek looking up...too cute!!

Holly: Love them all, but that last set is amazing!!

Cristina: Oh fab!! The storyboard is perfection, that little face is already so expressive :)

christine: absolutely love the last shots, they totally made me smile :) fabulous job

She was and she did.  She knew how done Mommy was with being pregnant and decided to show up quickly and just a bit early.  She even timed her arrival so she could spend a day in the hospital with her almost-next-door-neighbor and future best friend (check back for her newborn images in a few days).

She knew Mommy wanted some fabulous newborn images and she slept like a dream.

She knew how much Mommy loves darling accessories and was happy to model.

Meet Emma Grace–4 days and 7 pounds of perfection:

I’m not sure there could be a more loving and excited big sister–she fit into her new role so perfectly:

Just love Daddies and their baby girls:).

And the whole family:

It’s been such a pleasure watching your family grow–congratulations, she’s just beautiful!

April: Beautiful work! What a beautiful family too!

Leandra: That sister shot is priceless. I would need that large on my wall if those were my girls. Beautiful work.

jill hardy: omg, i agree with Leandra, canvas canvas canvas for that sister shot! wow!

Janice: Oh so gorgeous!! That one with big sister is so precious and that would be a wonderful large canvas! And I just adore the dad and baby shots. So incredibly sweet and beautiful! Beautiful family and a great family shot too!

Cherron: Soo sweet! I love daddy/daughter photos, too.

Shanna: Wow, I love your work! These are precious! I really love the sibling shot. I wish I had one like that of my 2 girls!

Elle: Stunning!! Every one is gorgeous!! I love the last one of the whole family too - just perfect!

Alyssa: Beautiful work again Jessica.

Lisa Holloway: Beautiful session...what a lovely family! The sibling shot is stunning...I would have a huge canvas of that on my wall!

jude: i'm dying over the sister shot! so gorgeous! i LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I love the daddy and baby shots too, You need to do me a favor and try the L'enfant pose!! I know you would rock it, i have drooled over that poster for so long... i guess i should have married a man with a 6pac. LOL he's working on it now, but a little too late..... haha

Angela: How adorable!! The whole set!!! I love that family shot...it looks so natural and relaxed, and daddy with baby ones...speechless!

Amy: So Sweet.. Family looks so happy...

Andrea: Oh, wow, that big sister shot is to die for! The other images are wonderful too of course.

amber: oh what a beautiful family!!! and great newborn portraits she is too sweet!

Cindy: Oh my Gosh! Fabulous job! Could these be any better?! Love them!

Laurie: These are so gorgeous! The family shot is breathtaking.

Jen: Amazing! I love all of these.

Samantha Suzuki: What an amazingly beautiful family! And the sibling shot is to die for!

Summer: What a beautiful family! The images are amazing!

Keri: Beautiful session Jessica! You always do such an amazing job at sibling photos - just perfect!

The Best Things… - Capital Region NY Newborn Photographer « Jessica Washburn Photography >> Clifton Park, NY Photographer

[…] rss « Eager to Please – Albany, Saratoga, Clifton Park Newborn Photographer […]

Karen West: I'm speechless!!!! Anne Geddes step aside!!!!! My favorite is Emma in the basket. Second is the family....how you are all embracing each other. Takes my breath away!! And the one of Kris and Emma is priceless....I almost cried. Absolutely incredible!!!! Such a wonderful keepsake. God Bless you all.

Dana Jackson: That family shot is absolutely stunning. What a treasure to capture!

Heather: LOVE all of these! One of my favorite sessions of yours lately!

Julie Lewis: These are beautiful Jess....like always. You capture families so perfectly. I love the one of the big sister holding her baby sister. What a great looking family too!

Nicole: What a great sibling shot! Beautiful.

shari: The pictures are perfect. The models are gorgeous. These are priceless!!