And good ones at that:).

You know when you move to a new place and you instantly love it just because of the people you meet there?  When we moved to Port Orchard, WA right after my husband graduated, I was a little bit apprehensive.  There was no Target, no Old Navy, let alone Restoration Hardware or the GAP.  Although my grandmother grew up there, we didn’t really know anyone who lived there.  I just didn’t anticipate falling in love with the place.  And then we went to church.  And we met one of the most amazing groups of women I have ever had the privilege of knowing.  Seriously, I was inspired every day by my friends there, and knowing them has changed me forever.

With that little bit of backstory, you now have a slightly better idea of how excited I was to hear that one of those amazing women was moving (with her family) to Connecticut for a few months.  I was even more excited when Mother Nature decided to push up the time table for spring so that their session could take place among the blooming apple trees.  We had a wonderful, relaxing visit, a great meal (although any meal involving 8 kids is going to be a bit crazy), and then headed out to capture a little bit of fun.

The kids:

The oldest (gorgeous as ever):

The boy (such a handsome guy):

The middle one (so cute and fun, and look at those curls!):

And the baby one (totally sweet, if not totally in to having portraits taken):

And what’s a family session without a little fun (on your mark, get set, GO!):

Tiff, Jake, I cannot tell you what a treat it was to see your family.  The girls keep asking when we’re going to see you again.  Better clear your calendar;).

Tiffany Jones: I love them so much!!!!

Keri: what a beautiful family!!!! these are wonderful images!

Cherron: These are so fun!!! Beautiful.

Ramsey Garza: Beautiful photos, family and location.

Trina: Beautiful! You have such a nice variety and the family s hots are so fun!

Marie Gross: That location is to die for!

Mollie Kendall: What a beautiful family! I love your location. Great job :)

Rose: Gorgeous location! The are beautiful!

Sherri: one word: jealous! jealous of the time with you, jealous of the beautiful pics...jealous!

April: These are beautiful Jessica!

Jen Stafford: I love these. What a great location. You did a beautiful job :)

melissa: beautiful family and such a gorgeous location!

Julia Wade: bah!! that location is perfection jess! not to mention your photographs!!!!! beautiful beautiful beautiful

Christine: wow, these are beautiful! LOVE the location, well done!!

Megan: Great job! You rocked the first shot. :)

Janice: What a cute family and so much fun!! Beautiful job Jess!

Amanda Radovic: ooooh gorgeous....I love the location too. Love the running photo :-)

Jennifer Pondillo: Great location and nice photos!

Jane Photo: Such adorable kiddos. Love your images. Great location. Love the run.

What can I say about this stunning mom to be?  Only that I am so glad I was able to fit her in.  She truly glows and just wears her pregnancy so well.  I can’t wait to meet baby Joseph in a few short weeks!

Seriously, could that bump be more perfect?

Keri: She looks amazing...truly glowing!!

Leandra: Love the dramatic lighting on the red fabric shot and wow- what a perfect baby belly!

Angela: Very, very flattering and beautiful! Great job!

Karen Byker: Wow, she is gorgeous! I love the light on the last one!

Laura Brett: She is so beautiful, love the last one. The lighting is so lovely!

SusieL: I love all of these - the dramatic lighting in the red, the perfect bump and that first one is just gorgeous!

Jen P.: Wow, what an absolutely gorgeous Momma to be!!! Beautiful images!

Cherron: Gorgeous. I wish I looked like that when I was pregnant!

Tori Piercy: Oh my goodness, she is such a beautiful mama to be! These are just perfect!

Julie Wagoner: You're right...a perfect baby bump! I love the dramatic lighting in the last shot..beautiful!

Katie Lou: Love the picture of her belly, and the lighting inthe last one is great!

Kristin Rachelle: Beautiful captures and beautiful momma to be!!!

Jane Photo: She is just lovely...every detail is perfection!

PamN: So beautiful and glowing - she will treasure these so much when her children are grown, and she will see just how gorgeous she was!

Rhonda Stark: beautiful .. both the images and mama-to-be! love the lighting in the last one!

Terra: these are beautiful,I'm sure she is just in love with these,I would be!! Love the second and third ones!

April: She is beautiful and the way you photographed her is perfect!

Jennifer Boggett: Wow she is stunning. These are amazing captures. Love the dramatic lighting.

kati: what a beautiful maternity images. every expecting mother should look as stunning as her. love that last one!!

Shonda Feddema: What a beauty! Love the lighting in the last one!

Trina: Gorgeous! She has the most perfect round belly!

Amanda Radovic: gorgeous session, beautiful mum to be and you captured her just perfectly. I'd love to have photos like these of my pregnancies.

Christine: she is gorgeous!!! fabulous job :)

Janice: Love the lighting and the red fabric in that last one! And wow, she does have a perfect bump!

What a delightful little peanut he was!  It’s just incredible to me how you never quite get used to how tiny and perfect these little people are.  At 6 days and just over 6 pounds, Leo was just a delight to hold, snuggle, and photograph.  I can tell his is 100% loved and adored, as well he should be.

Leo Joseph, 6 days:

His lips just kill me in this one!

Thanks for making my day, little man!

Jennifer: Love those lips!

Stacie: Oh, these are so sweet! Fabulous work!

anette: These are beautiful.I love the light and airy feel to these. His mouth is just too cute!!

Shay: So sweet! Beautiful job Jess!

Shanna Kreza: Aww so sweet! These are so fresh looking! What a cute little guy!

Julie Wagoner: Leo is precious and I just love these clean, simple and beautiful!

Susan: Oh, these images are so beautiful. He looks so comfy in all of these. Beautiful baby!

Laurie: He is gorgeous! What wonderful, sweet portraits.

Jane Photo: He is so beautiful and you captured him gorgeously.

April: Beautiful work! The first one is my favorite!

Keri: Beautiful!!! He's so adorable!

Katherine: These are so sweet and so beautiful! I absolutely love them!

Lina: Beautiful! And so delicious :)

Shanna: That second one is gorgeous!!!! Love them. :)

jennifer adams: oh goodness these are some squishy goodness, absolutely beautiful!

Jaidean: Beautiful images and what a sweet little guy!

jamie siever: These are beautiful, sweet, light and lovely.

Anne Beatty: The squishy lips are to die for!! These are really beautiful images - I think the third one is my favorite, but it's so hard to choose!

Katie: Omygosh ... what a completely adorable babe! Great job with these! Mom/Dad will be thrilled!

Julia Wade: oh my gorgeousness!! beautiful jess ... :) absolutely adore every one!

Tiffany: oh those squishy little lips....scrumptious!

Ernie: Nice shots! Good looking kid. My grandson takes after me, Right? ;-)

Clarice: Love those squishy lips! These are beautiful!

casandra heeren: just darling!!!

mandy: So soft and so beautiful. Perfection in every way...wonderful work.

Anya Coleman: So sweet!LOVE!

lindsay: oh, jess. these are just so beautiful. his momma and daddy are going to f.l.i.p.

Cherron: Oh so precious.

Christine: oh my gosh, he is adorable! I LOVE your conversions and the portraits are just perfect!

Kristin Rachelle: Perfection! Gorgeous baby!

Nicole: These are great! I love the space in the middle two.

Just a few from a couple of weeks ago that make me happy.  So happy to be their mom.  So happy to be able to do what I do.  So happy that spring is here.  So happy to live in such a beautiful part of this world.

Just so happy.

Thank you my lovelies–you make my heart sing:).

Summer: There are few things that make me smile bigger than perfect examples of sweet sister love. Let's just say that I'm smiling huge right now. :)

Janice: Such sweet, sweet memories of sisterly love. So beautiful!

Pam Caudill: Love all that pink!

Julia Wade: OH MY GORGEOUSNESS!! Amazing light and beautiful girls. :) :)

Emily Weaver Brown: these are beautiful. I love love the back lighting. They are going to cherish these photos when they are older. What a great sisterly moment.

Jennifer: Nothing better than a picture that captures the love between your children!

Shay: So Beautiful!!! I can feel how happy they are and the light is fabulous.

April: You have beautiful girls, Jess! I love how you captured their personalities!

Eileen: Too Beautiful for words! I look forward to taking as stunning images as these of my little girl! Love these pics:)

Nicole: These are fantastic! I love the little pout with that fantastic background. The ones lying in the grass are priceless.

Sherri: love the sweet sister moment, lying in the grass laughing.

Edna: I am so anxious to see all your beautiful darlings--and their mom and dad--next month! Thanks for the photos. You make me happy, too.

I have been so excited to meet baby Caidyn ever since his gorgeous mama’s maternity session.  He was such a sweet baby and I can tell that he and big brother Riley are just going to be the best of friends.  Mama agrees that there is something pretty special about the mother-son bond and was thrilled to have another baby boy–especially one who showed up on his due date and now shares a birthday with Daddy.  Baby Caidyn was such a trooper through the family shots and slept sweetly for the curly baby shots, but he just cracked me up with all of his funny, funny faces when he woke up at the end of the session:).

Baby Caidyn, 8 days:

Oh, sweet boy, thank you for coming to spend the afternoon.  Hugs!

Clarice: THese are beautiful captures! Mom and Dad are gonna love them!

Kristi Mangan: Love, Love, Love all of the personality! That first image is amazing too (as are all of them!)

Tori Piercy: Oh my goodness, too cute! These are great!

Katherine: These are absolutely gorgeous, but that last storyboard is fabulous!

Tiffany Bender: these are perfection!!!

Angela: Gorgeous! I'm sure the family will love them! I LOVE all those expressions, how cute!

Shannon Morgan Photography: love love love!! so beautiful!! especially these collages, i have never seen anything like them before and you just capture these little ones so completely!

Mollie Kendall: These are spectacular!! I love the storyboard :)

lisa: Ok seriously, the storyboard at the end is possibly the cutest thing EVER!!! I hope the parents order that huge!!

Leandra: What an animated little guy he was for you- so cute!

Heather: Love the blue wrap in the first one, and love the tones in the second one. Love all that personality shining through in the last set!

Rachel: These are just beautiful! So fun and full of personality.

Pam Caudill: Really love the profile shot with the toes by the head!

Lina: Those faces really made me smile - adorable! Lovely bw conversions.

Janice: The cutest expressions ever! Love all of these images!

Nicole: The first one looks so peaceful. I also like the storyboard. Cute!

kati: oh my gosh could this little guy be anymore cuters. wow look at those beautiful eyes and those expressions. fantastic work Jess

Anya Coleman: Wow, you amaze me. Stunning work of art.

Katie: Love these!! That last series is just adorable!

Jennifer Pondillo: I love the expressions at the end that you captured!

Julia Wade: JESS!!!! gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! that new mom must be thrilled!! love the 4 at the end. :)

April: Beautiful, beautiful work! Absolute perfection! The first and last are my favorites too.

lindsay: LOVE these! the first one is just the epitome of "jess"... timeless, soft colors and perfect. Love his little yawn! so cute!

Tiffany: Oh that last one is just perfect!!