The weekend before last I had the supreme pleasure of traveling to Syracuse to meet Allison Rumble, a fabulous photographer and new mom to two of the tiniest, sweetest little girls I have ever seen.  Knowing how hard it was to photograph baby Jack after a very easy delivery, I couldn’t imagine trying to photograph twins after months of bedrest and a cesarean section.  I hoped that my schedule would allow me the opportunity to make the trip to finally meet Allison in person and to help her capture some images of her girls while they were still sleepy and tiny.  Avery and Emmy were monoamniotic twins, meaning they shared an amniotic sac, and were delivered at 34 weeks.  I met them on day 16 and they were weighing in at 4 pounds 5 ounces and 4 pounds 10 ounces respectively, and absolutely darling.  It’s quite possible that I might not ever meet such itty bitty people again and it was a joy to spend the day with them.

Allison and I are both fans of Carrie Sandoval and Brittany Woodall of Baby as Art, and this was my first opportunity to photograph twins since attending their workshop.  We tried to channel a bit of their amazing ability to show the connection between these little babies who began their lives as closely entwined as two people can be.  It was an honor and a privilege to be a part of capturing this sweet relationship, one that is already many months old.

Avery and Emmy, 16 days:

Little big sister Avery (born first but just a bit smaller) on the left, big little sister Emmy on the right:

Emmy on the left, Avery on the right:).

Avery on the left, Emmy on the right:

Emmy with her gorgeous mama:

And some with Avery too:

I just love ending a session with a smile:).

Allison, it was just wonderful to meet you.  You are truly a beautiful person inside and out.  Thank you so, so much for sharing your perfect little ones with me–I loved every minute!

Alyssa: Wow, wow, wow. They are all so stunning. Love the one with them both on the branch.

melissa: Stunning job Jess!! Those girls are gorgeous!! And your poses are perfect!

molly: wow, you did an amazing job. they are all just perfect. such sweet tiny babies! love the smile in the last one. congrats!

Melissa: Well, now I'm sitting here with tears streaming down my face. I am so happy that you could be there to photograph my beautiful friend and her little miracles. Allison, you are absolutely gorgeous and Jessica did such a wonderful job capturing you with your girls. I wish I could have been there! Love you so much! xoxo

lindsay: wow. these are completely stunning.

Laurie: These are just breathtaking Jessica! What gorgeous babies.

Keri: LOVE these Jess...absolute perfection!!

Angela: Oh Jess, they are stunning!! I can't pic a fave...wonderful job!

Pat: These are so amazing, to see these little people snuggled up together. Just beautiful

jill hardy: omg, wow!!!!! this post is totally amazing, you rock Jess, & what GORGEOUS models, all 3 of them! wow!

Allison Rumble: THANK YOU!! I love them all Jess! Tears are rolling down my face. I am so happy you were able to capture my little miracles. You are a talented photographer, beautiful person, and great friend. I will cherish these forever. xoxo

Jennifer Pondillo: Love, Love, Love it and that is from a twin mommy herself! Where ever did you find such a perfect tree branch?

courtney: absolutely stunning. as a mom of twins, i so wish i had photos like these of my guys. pure perfection!

Lina: Those are amazing, Jessica, just pure and blissful. What a beautiful momma with her two precious babies.

lisa lucky: jessica, those are truly magical and special. seeing them like that is like having a glimpse into the womb they shared for 9 months. just amazing!

Kati: these are stunning Jess. Wonderful job. And beautiful girls too!!

Jennifer Lauren: Serious preciousness going on here, these are beautiful!!!

Jaidean: So beautiful! I love that first one and all of the ones with mom - gorgeous!

Amy| Cinnaminson New Jersey Photographer: These are just beath taking.. I love them all I couldn't pick a favorite.

Kim: Absolutely gorgeous. Every single one! Love them!!!

Laura Brett: They are beautiful and you captured them so well! Love love the ones with mom.

Shannon Dodd: What an AMAZING session! You captured these babes so well- and twins are well over twice the work! FANTASTIC job- I'm sure Mommy and Daddy will be thrilled!

Tara Staton: Oh my goodness. these are just too perfect for words. The last image really got me!

Lina: oh my goodness, those are amazing! Such beautiful babies and your captures are just beautiful!

Shonda Feddema: Oh my goodness - the first shot of the "heart/blanket" is amazing!! I love it!!!

Tina: breathtaking!

sophie crew: These are absolutely stunning - just amazing! What precious little babes, and what amazing captures you got!

Wende Trew: Such Beautiful work Jessica!!

megan parker: These are awesome!!!! Superb work!

April: Absolutely stunning work! These are all beautiful!

Kerianne: Ahhhhhhhhhhh, absolutely gorgeous! Allison, congratulations on sweet little babes.... they are so precious! You did such an amazing job bringing them into this world safe and sound. Jessica, you outdid yourself. These are beyond perfection. What I wouldn't give to have images like these of me and my baby. A treasure to cherish forever!

Tori Piercy: These are just perfection!! I can only imagine how much the mama will cherish those pictures, especially the ones of her and her babies. Beautiful!

angela crutcher: These are fabulous! Love everything about every single one of them!

Ramsey Garza: So beautiful. Seriously stunning. The poses, the lighting-- all amazing.

mandy: Jessica! Holy moly. I am not sure how you do it girl, but these are just art in every way. I love everything about them. Pure and perfect. You make my heart melt with every favorite.

Tiffany: AMAZING JESS!!! Seriously amazing!

Edna: I know some moms of twins that wish Aunt Jessica had been around when their babies were born. I keep reading the word "stunning" and I have to agree!

Tiffany Jones: Those are so sweet!!!!

Jane Photo: Ahhh, every image is perfect. Love the branch, and the ones with mom.

Melanie: These are simply gorgeous!! The heart image of the babies is about the sweetest thing I have ever seen!!! Total perfection!

Andria Laws: Jessica, these are some of the most amazing pictures I've EVER seen of newborn infants. You are amazingly talented, the pictures are absolutely beautiful!!! Anne Geddes has nothing on you! (:

Catherine Louise, what a fine name for a sweet, delicate, little lady.  I had been eagerly awaiting the news of her arrival since Mom’s maternity session.  Catherine’s gender was supposed to be a surprise, but I hear the ultrasound technician let it slip a couple of weeks before her arrival.  That she was indeed a “she” was still a surprise for me, though, and I couldn’t be happier for this sweet family.  They are going to have so much fun watching their beautiful girls grow up together–sisters are a special kind of friend.  It was a bit of a marathon session, but worth it:).

Catherine Louise, 10 days:

And, oh, was she full of smiles at the end!

Just a delight working with you guys again!  Give her an extra snuggle for me, ‘kay?

Heather Latimer: Awesome session, Jessica! I LOVE the closeness of the third one, and that next to last one is DIVINE!!!!

melissa: beautiful! love the close-up in the knit hat :)

Kerianne: Just gorgeous! All of them are spectacular! I love here name too.... suits her absolutely perfectly!!!

Salina J: Stunning! Your detail, color and light are all perfect!

Tiffany: love.......

Melissa: Stunning! Such a beautiful name too. Lovely work, Jessica!

Megan: Wow. I don't think I can say anything else. Just wow.

April: Simply stunning, Jessica!

Jane Photo: How precious she is. Great work, Jessica. Love the little smile...

Daniel: That first image is perfection!

megan parker: What an angel, I love the second to last photo!!!

kati: absolutely breath taking Jess. I don't know how you do it but you do! Beautiful baby girl too!

SusieL: Love the first one and that close up is beautiful! Nice work!

Mary: So beautiful makes my heart melt.........

Keri: so, so beautiful!!!

Dana Jackson: Oh, what a precious baby. I love how you've captured her so perfectly. Each portrait I got to was a favorite!

jill hardy: oh she is puer perfection! wonderful images!

Julia Wade: no stinking joke, you are a newborn master. the lighting is just perfect and that baby could not be more perfectly posed. gorgeous jess!

Cherron: Sooo sweet. Such a lovely little girl.

Tori Piercy: Wow, what an absolutely gorgeous newborn! And these are so beautiful- great clarity!

Angela: Beautiful job, that close up in the pink hat!!

Kristen Cook: Amazing Jessica. Your work is always beautiful and so lovely. It is always such a pleasure visiting your blog x

mandy: Jessica...just wow. I never know what else to say, just know that every time I see your work, it blows me away!

Shonda Feddema: So sweet!! Beautiful work!

nana Davis: Jessica, You captured our beautiful Catherine perfectly! Thanks!

angela crutcher: Stunning newborn work! This is such a beautiful session!

Laura Brett: Oh my goodness, she is precious too! I'm getting some major baby fever.

lindsay: my goodness these are delicious. perfection in every way.

Working with brand new little people is pretty much the best part of my job. Drinking in that intoxicating baby smell, snuggling them in tight, savoring every tiny detail–it’s heaven.  Working with brand new little people also takes a lot of patience.  Babies cannot be convinced or persuaded or reasoned with.  They can only be comforted and waited for.  Every now and then, though, I’ll have a session that just surprises me with the simplicity of it all.  Sweet little Finnan was such a calm, mellow, sleepy, content little guy.  It didn’t hurt either that he was absolutely beautiful, had wonderful dark hair, and started flashing us smiles at the end of the session.  From start to finish, I enjoyed each minute.

Finnan, 7 days:

I have no more words–he just makes my heart sing!

Melissa Corcoran: absolutely breathtaking! Some of your most gorgeous work, Jessica.

Allison Rumble: Stunning Jessica!! I agree with Melissa, some of your most beautiful work!!

Laurie: Wow, what a gorgeous baby!!! These are breathtaking.

Mary: These are stunning! Beautiful beautiful work!

Sarah: I could stare are your work all day - it's absolutely amazing. Such a perfect baby and perfect images!

Katie Lou: These are darling! I can almost smell that sweet scent through the computrer!

Jen Mahoney: Oh these are glorious! Each one sings more beautifully than the last. Gorgeous work!

Tina Stinson: the last to are to die for! OMG!!! How precious! You did a wonderful job on these, they will love them! Looks like you had the perfect model, what a darling baby!

Elle: Stunning!! Perfection - every one!

Kristin Rachelle: These are amazing. Breath-taking work. And gorgeous baby.

mandy: Jessica...HOLY MOLY. These are so unreal gorgeous. WOW. I am unglued from my seat. I could look at just these few photographs all day long.

Kimber-Lee: AMAZING session! Your work carries an unmistakeable signature all its own. The last photo is a 1 in a million shot... simply perfect!

Nicole: These are lovely.

Shannon Morgan Photography: SOO incredibly beautiful! perfect in everyway! you make it look easy, and i know it isn't :)!!

Evelyn: Wow - these are simply gorgeous! I would love pictures like these of my baby. Just, wow!

April: Absolutely stunning! Gorgeous work, as always!

Cherron: Oh, these are so wonderful. I kept scrolling down and thinking, "That is my favorite. Oh, no, that one is!" Loveit.

Terra: beautiful,love all the curly shots you got!!!

Julie Wagoner: Simply stunning newborn work! Beautiful and breathtaking!

Jane Photo: What a precious little cup o' sugar. Darling baby and you did beautiful, simple, classic work with him.

Marie Gross: These are especially spectacular!

Jennifer Pondillo: The last one is darling!

Laura Brett: Love the hair, and that green wrap! So beautiful Jessica.

Wow, so almost all of my May babies are showing up early.  And different amounts of early, so they are all arriving within days of each other.  What does this mean?  It means I am basking almost daily in the sweet joy of newborn perfection and loving every minute of it.  What else does this mean?  It means that pretty much everything is behind schedule right now.  Please know, if you are waiting on a sneak peek, a gallery, or an order, that I am doing my best to get everything done as quickly as possible.  I appreciate your patience as I accommodate these brand new little people who so often have schedules entirely their own.

Baby#1 of 5 for this week is sweet Gracie Charlotte.  She surprised her parents by showing up on Mother’s Day almost 2 full weeks early–what a perfect way to celebrate the holiday.  Her parents are just so completely in love with their “lil’ peach” – I am not sure I’ve ever met a more smitten new father.  And she was just as fuzzy and soft and sweet as her nickname implies.

Gracie Charlotte – 9 days:

Gosh, I just love that little pout!

Grandma made Gracie this beautiful hat:).

Thank you, darling girl, for coming to visit–it was a joy!

Shannon Dodd: BEAUTIFUL baby girl and you captured her so well- gorgeous shots!

Keri: She is beautiful! Gorgeous work as always Jess!

Tina: Beautiful job Jess! Your skills are amazing! What a sweet little lady

Katherine: These are beautiful! Great job!

Angela: Pure sweetness! Love them all!

stephanie mcfrederick: Gorgeous work! She is such a beautiful little baby. Love them all!

Alecia Silva: Those LIPS! Such a gorgeous baby - and as usual, love your beautiful lighting :)

Krissy Allori: I am ALWAYS in awe of your stuff. Gorgeous. Just gorgeous. Is it possible for you to take a bad photo? LOVE your stuff!

kati: oh love! wow,is she beautiful!

melissa: absolutely beautiful! love the last one, and that hat is so cute! :)

sophie crew: Aww, what a precious little one! I love #2. How beautiful!!

Cherron: She is so darling.

tammy: Randy and Holly, She is beautiful. Can't wait to meet her in person.

April: Beautiful as always! The wrap one made me gasp it is so pretty!

Kimberly Marie: You did an amazing job! these are all wonderful- I LOVE the second shot! perfection!

Lina: Jessica, those are beautiful! I adore the first image, ADORE!

casandra heeren: oh, i just love these! beautiful work!!

Rebecca N. Hassan: omg the picture with the baby in a purple fabric is soooo amazing! so soft and pure!

Jennifer: Love the last photo! Just precious!

Aunt Tracey: Randy & Holly, She is just beautiful. What a precious little angel you have been blessed with.

Allison Rumble: Love them all, but the wrap made my heart sing. Gorgeousness Jess.

Natascha F: Alex says your baby is very cute, cuddly, and loveable and that she looks like you. The pictures are gorgeous, just like the baby. As soon as I saw her, I thought she looks like you. Congratulations!

Gloria: She is the cutest baby girl ever! Great photos!

I just love them.  I love being one.  I love my mother, my husband’s mother, my grandmothers, his grandmothers, my friends who are just wonderful mothers, my clients becoming new mothers.  I am so blessed every day by the mothers in my own life and by the privilege of being a mother to my own children.  In all my life, I don’t think I’ll ever do anything more challenging, frustrating, tedious, or overwhelming.  And in all my life, I don’t think I’ll ever do anything more important, rewarding, or educational, or anything with more lasting consequences than being a mother.

So, thank you to my own mother who taught me how to be a mother.  Thank you to the other mothers who have lifted, cared for, and inspired me.  Thank you to my children who have taught me to feel more love than the human heart should have the capacity to contain.  And finally, thank you to my Father in Heaven for trusting me with four of his own very precious children.

Mom J and Mom W?  Um, watch your doorstep for a little surprise looking an awful lot like the above.  Motherhood also affects punctuality;).  Love you guys!

Leandra: Oh SOOOO cute! Jack looks like a little baby doll they are playing with.

Keri: Jess your words brought tears to my eyes, and that photo is just perfect!

jen wright: oh my goodness gracious this photo is ADORABLE!!!

melissa: beautiful! :)

Anya Coleman: Beautiful shot!Lovely!

Emily: Your kids are beautiful and I love your girls' hair stuff!

Kimber-Lee: LOVE IT!! Such an awesome picture... what a great concept! Just another testiment to your talent & dedication of being a wonderful mother & an amazing photographer.

Janice: Oh how simply perfect! Happy Mother's Day Jess!

Rose: Beautiful image! Your post made me teary!

Jen Stafford: Your kids are adorable, and what a gorgeous photo of them!

Marie Gross: Just plain gorgeous. Miss you guys!

Edna: I am so lucky to be one of those grandmas! I'm watching eagerly for that package! It's going to be smothered in kisses straightaway!

Jennifer Pondillo: Adorable family!

lisa lucky: jessica...this is beautiful. the photo, yes, but mostly your words:)