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…of scrumptious baby goodness!  I promised more images from this session, and here they are.  She really was such a dream that it was nearly impossible to choose which images to both proof and to share on the blog. Enjoy the newborn eye candy!

With brand new big brother–didn’t he do a good job?  When you are not quite two years old, grandma and Monster’s Inc. are both way more interesting than some crazy photographer, and he was such a trooper:).

Sigh, babies make me so happy:).

I was supposed to have a newborn shoot last week with an adorable little one-week-old baby boy.  Unfortunately, my illness kept me from keeping that appointment.  Mom was wonderful about rescheduling for this week, but I am afraid baby Benjamin didn’t take being stood up by his photographer quite so lightly.

Just take a look at the looks he gave me:

And while the ideal time for a first photo shoot is always during that first week of life, we can still get some great stuff with a slightly older baby.  Benjamin may not have been ready for a typical sleepy newborn session, but he still looked dang cute with his gorgeous eyes open.

Don’t let the yawn fool you–he was not giving up that easily.

Right here is where he stole my heart, sigh!

And one more with his gorgeous Mama:).

I love my job!

So, I mentioned in my last post that I just got back from the most amazing workshop in San Diego with the Baby as Art team.  Carrie and Britt were an inspiration to watch and so generous with their time, talent and information.  Their creativity and attention to detail is simply unmatched, and if you don’t know their work you really need to go check it out.  I was understandably beyond excited to shoot my first post-workshop newborn session, and could not have asked for a sweeter, prettier or more compliant model than 11-day old baby Lily–pure baby perfection!  And with that, I’ll let the images speak for themselves:).

This might be my favorite:

Could mom be any more beautiful?!

I am almost certain I’ll have to post some more here on the blog, as this is just the very tip of the iceburg of a truly amazing session, but I still have three other shoots to proof from my trip.  Check back for more squishy sweetness in a week or so.

What could be sweeter?  Maybe just the newborn cutie I got to work with on Saturday.  At just 6 days old, baby K definitely had her own agenda and apparently a naked photo shoot was not on it.  That’s okay, though, because it just meant more snuggle time for me getting her settled down–loved every minute of it!  She was such a delicate, pretty little girl and I just loved how her innate femininity was accentuated by this beautiful fluffy blanket.

I just loved her delicate baby bits!

Thanks so much for spending the afternoon with me!

I have been waiting and waiting to write this post.  For months, actually, since I found out my darling friend H was pregnant.  Then, sweet baby C decided he wasn’t so sure he wanted to make an appearance when he was expected, and to top it off, our session had to be rescheduled because of some necessary appointments with his doctor.  But was he ever worth the wait!  He was seriously one of the sweetest babies I have ever met.  If I could have snuck him out with the rest of my props on the way home, I would have.  9 days of squishy, lovable, adorable baby perfection.

H, I know you are excited to see what we got.  Here’s a little sneak peek, with lots more wonderfulness to come!

They had the most beautiful wood floors in this home!

I can NOT get enough of this pouty pucker, his loooong blonde eyelashes and all that perfect baby fuzz:).

He even let us venture outside.

H, I enjoyed every minute with your family today.  Thank you so much for sharing baby C with me–I can’t think of a better way to have spent my day.