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She was and she did.  She knew how done Mommy was with being pregnant and decided to show up quickly and just a bit early.  She even timed her arrival so she could spend a day in the hospital with her almost-next-door-neighbor and future best friend (check back for her newborn images in a few days).

She knew Mommy wanted some fabulous newborn images and she slept like a dream.

She knew how much Mommy loves darling accessories and was happy to model.

Meet Emma Grace–4 days and 7 pounds of perfection:

I’m not sure there could be a more loving and excited big sister–she fit into her new role so perfectly:

Just love Daddies and their baby girls:).

And the whole family:

It’s been such a pleasure watching your family grow–congratulations, she’s just beautiful!

I have been so anxious to meet baby Nadia ever since her beautiful mama’s maternity session.  Probably not quite as anxious as her mama and papa, but very nearly so.  I was so excited when grandma called to give me the news, and then disappointed when we had to postpone the session due to a nasty stomach bug making it’s rounds through my poor family.  We recovered and rescheduled and at last I was blessed to meet this darling, darling girl.  She may have made mama wait (almost two whole weeks), but boy was she worth it!  That dark, dark hair, perfect chub and the cutest chin dimple ever–I hear she gets it from grandpa.  It’s is truly an honor to be invited to share in this special beginning with a new family, and I feel beyond blessed every single time.

Such a simple shot, but one of my new favorites of all time:

Mama, you did great work.  It is hard to believe she’s real, but she is and she’s all yours!  Thanks for sharing her with me for a few hours:).

I have a confession to make.  I have hair envy.  Bad.

But wait, Jessica, you have more hair than any sane person would even know what to do with.

This is true.  But my babies don’t.  Despite Mommy’s over-abundance of thick, curly locks, my own dear children enter this world very nearly bald.  And stay that way for a loooong time.  And have first haircuts a week before Kindergarten starts.

So when my Wednesday client leaned over to me as I was gushing over her truly beautiful son, said, “Wait ’til you see his hair,” and pulled off his hat, I squealed like a little girl.  Seriously, I did.  It’s a little embarrassing, actually.

7-day old Grayson was just absolutely darling with his long limbs and all that gorgeous, cannot-be-tamed hair.  He kept me on my toes with the sweet little baby smiles he’d flash nearly every time I brought the camera away from my face–by the time I raised it up again the smile would be gone.  After a while, though, I caught on and managed to grab a couple lightning-quick little grins.

Grayson on day 7:

Here’s a little smile:

And just the tail end of another one–look at that hair!

One more, up close:

It was almost a shame to cover up that darling head of his, but we did it anyway:).

And, oh, he made Mommy, Daddy, and I work for this shot, but we got it!

Grayson, thanks for making me smile.  I’m glad I got to see you do the same:).

I have been anticipating this session for months.  Almost nine months to be exact.  Since before I knew there would even be a session.  When I found out that one of my dearest friends here in New York was pregnant, I was so excited for her.  Truly, our move here would have been a completely different experience without the friendship of this family–they just took us under their wing and helped us to find a little sense of belonging after a cross-country move.  I have felt blessed every day to know them.

Most of the newborns I have the privilege to photograph are first or second babies.  Darling Mary Katherine is baby #5 for this family.  She is absolutely adored by her big brother and big sisters.  Getting a photograph of 4 children with their new baby sister is always a challenge, but these guys did just great.  And their parents knew just what to do, as we planned the sibling shots for the beginning of the session and then Dad took them home to play.  Three hours can be a long time when you are 2, or 4, or 7, or pretty much any age.  And I’d just like to point out, I am capable of shooting clothed subjects, even at a newborn session;).

Aren’t mom and dad so blessed?

This one, I just fell in love with before I even pushed the shutter.  Love it with all my heart!

One with her gorgeous mom, and my dear friend:

And since the session started out backwards (with family images first), we decided to keep the trend going and use my new antique buggy (yep, that’s an oxymoron right there) rather than go to the bean bag poses.  Why not?  I had the perfect model.

Finally, on to the bean bag.  As we were shooting mom was telling me how excited she was for her portraits so she could really see what Mary Kate looks like.  At first I was surprised, and then I realized she made perfect sense.  You spend so much of your time as a new mother with a kind of up-close tunnel-vision.  You see the side of her face as she nurses or his cute little belly while you’re changing him, but you’re always right there.  It’s nice to take a step back and really see a baby.  Moms are so smart.

Oh, and did I mention mom made this beautiful blessing gown?  Yeah, she is pretty much amazing.

Here she is, Mom.  A knock-out, I’d say.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for a beautiful day.  Baby girl, I can’t wait to come snuggle you again sometime very soon.

The name “Evangeline” means good news, and I’m sure her arrival was nothing but good news when she finally decided to make her appearance almost two full weeks late.  I think mom and dad will agree that she was worth the wait–such a darling, darling little thing.  And those plump squishy lips–perfection!  Evie started out a little feisty, but after a little food, mommy time, heat and white noise, she fell into a blissful slumber and we had so much fun together!

Evie – 7 days:

With her gorgeous mama:

Handsome daddy:

A new favorite image of a brand new family:

Oh my goodness, those squishy lips!

Even closer:

Little smile:

And my new basket I’ve been dying to try!

Evie, you were the best news I had all day:).  Thanks for coming to play!