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Wow, so almost all of my May babies are showing up early.  And different amounts of early, so they are all arriving within days of each other.  What does this mean?  It means I am basking almost daily in the sweet joy of newborn perfection and loving every minute of it.  What else does this mean?  It means that pretty much everything is behind schedule right now.  Please know, if you are waiting on a sneak peek, a gallery, or an order, that I am doing my best to get everything done as quickly as possible.  I appreciate your patience as I accommodate these brand new little people who so often have schedules entirely their own.

Baby#1 of 5 for this week is sweet Gracie Charlotte.  She surprised her parents by showing up on Mother’s Day almost 2 full weeks early–what a perfect way to celebrate the holiday.  Her parents are just so completely in love with their “lil’ peach” – I am not sure I’ve ever met a more smitten new father.  And she was just as fuzzy and soft and sweet as her nickname implies.

Gracie Charlotte – 9 days:

Gosh, I just love that little pout!

Grandma made Gracie this beautiful hat:).

Thank you, darling girl, for coming to visit–it was a joy!

What a delightful little peanut he was!  It’s just incredible to me how you never quite get used to how tiny and perfect these little people are.  At 6 days and just over 6 pounds, Leo was just a delight to hold, snuggle, and photograph.  I can tell his is 100% loved and adored, as well he should be.

Leo Joseph, 6 days:

His lips just kill me in this one!

Thanks for making my day, little man!

I have been so excited to meet baby Caidyn ever since his gorgeous mama’s maternity session.  He was such a sweet baby and I can tell that he and big brother Riley are just going to be the best of friends.  Mama agrees that there is something pretty special about the mother-son bond and was thrilled to have another baby boy–especially one who showed up on his due date and now shares a birthday with Daddy.  Baby Caidyn was such a trooper through the family shots and slept sweetly for the curly baby shots, but he just cracked me up with all of his funny, funny faces when he woke up at the end of the session:).

Baby Caidyn, 8 days:

Oh, sweet boy, thank you for coming to spend the afternoon.  Hugs!

After a March full of darling baby girls (which I totally and completely loved!), it was so fun to start April off with baby Charlie.  Charlie is #4 for this darling, darling family and he couldn’t be more loved.  He slept so soundly though the images we took with his big brother and sisters and it was such a delight seeing the connection between the four of them.  The whole session couldn’t be that easy, where’s the fun in that?  We still captured some absolutely stunning images of this handsome boy.

Thanks for your help on this one, Dad:).

I wanted to post so many of these sibling shots as I loved them all, but for now I’ll just add one more.  Charlie and his newest big sister:

Charlie’s good looks are most definitely genetic.

He didn’t want to sleep for long, but who needs to when you’re that cute?

Thanks for coming to play, little man.  You are lucky to have such a beautiful family–and they are beyond blessed to have you!

…come in small packages.  Maybe it’s because my own little peanuts were so very small, or maybe it’s just because it’s so rare to see such a tiny little person, but itty bitty babies just steal my heart.  Miss Madeline came into the world at a whopping 5 pounds and 10 ounces, but despite her understated size she is just full of feist and personality.  It’s amazing to me how very strong these brand new people are.  Ounce for ounce, I don’t think there’s an athlete out there that can hold a candle to this little one.  And it was so sweet to meet her the day after photographing her darling neighbor Emma.  Oh, the fun these two are going to have together!

I love it when babies have very definite opinions about how they want to lie and be comfortable.  Madeline loved having her hands up by her face.  Mommy tells me that she’s been doing that for months and has the ultrasound pictures to prove it.

Oh, she was just so itty bitty!

My March was full of baby girls and only baby girls.  Miss Madeline was the perfect little bit of femininity to close out the month before an April filled with just boys:).

And oh, goodness, these next ones just crack me up and melt my heart.  We might be short on size, but definitely not on personality.

Nothing but a pleasure, little one!  Thanks for coming to spend the day:).