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Happy Holidays from Jessica Washburn Photography!

I am still not quite done for the year–I have two more newborn sessions in the next two days–but I wanted to take the time to wish all my blog readers a very happy holiday season while I have a moment to breathe:).  I hope your December is filled with love and laughter.

A few more images that make my heart happy:).

Happy Holidays!

…for just so many things.  I have a job I LOVE, am married to the love of my life, and am the mother of four children I adore.  I am blessed in more ways than I can name.

I am truly humbled.

Photo by Ashley Brown, processed by me–thanks again, Ashley!

Seriously?!  It’s already been two months (okay, not really–at 1:00 a.m. tomorrow morning it will have been two months) since little Jack joined our family.  Of course, I had to try and fit in a little mini shoot.

Mini is right, as Jack was bound and determined to remind me why two months is not exactly an ideal age for portraits: wobbly head, lack of neck control that accentuates the double (I mean triple) chin, lack of eye contact, limited smiling.  Too bad for him that he’s too darn cute to let a few challenges keep me from going ahead with my attempt;).

He’s just now starting to smile, but he loves to do it with his little tongue poking out:

The girls have nicknamed him “Jack-Attack.”  Every super-hero needs a super-hero pose, right?

He made it up for a split second:).

And a little detail:

Love you, baby boy!  Love you enough to stop showing you off and to go give you snuggles… right now:).

I can’t believe it’s been a month already since Baby Jack joined our family.  And yet, at the same time, I wonder how our family could have existed without him in it.  It always amazes me how your heart just explodes with a capacity to love each new member of a family.  Every baby is such a blessing!

Monday was Jack’s one month birthday, and since the house was already toasty for Zachary’s session and I had everything set up, I decided to snag a few of my own sweet boy.  Baby boy is DEFINITELY past the newborn photo phase, though.  What a little flincher he is!  I only managed one set-up, but you can see how much he’s grown and how he’s filling out.  Just a taste of what’s to come when even the rolls have rolls:).

Baby Jack–One month:

Love you bunches, Peanut!

I am so behind editing and posting Jack’s daily photos, but rest assured, they will be coming:).  According to Lightroom, I have 1500+ photos tagged “Jack” in my computer right now!

My favorite images from my clients’ newborn sessions are almost always parent/baby shots.  I just love the connection and the unadulterated love and joy they capture.  I couldn’t resist sharing a few that my darling husband took of me and baby Jack yesterday–on his 15-day birthday:).

Me and my sweet boy:

There’s nothing easy about getting dolled up for portraits so soon after giving birth (especially if you’re the photographer too!), but I am so grateful to have these.  I know I will treasure them forever.