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Sometimes it’s both:).

Because of the interminably long winter here in the Northeast and the fact that my family apparently needed to pick up every possible virus going around these past few months, I have gotten out of the habit of just picking up my camera and photographing those perfect little day to day moments all around me.  It’s time to get back in the habit.

My youngest daughter is holding on to her babyhood with a deathgrip (“I not a big girl, I a leetle tiny baby, Momma!”), but actions definitely speak louder than words and we are officially and fully immersed in both the pain and joy of toddlerhood.

Moods that change at the drop of a hat:

Burgeoning artistic interests:

A complete propensity for trouble:

And an uncanny knack for getting out of it by playing up the cuteness:

“Hey baby girl, what happened?”


I am so grateful for every single day I have with these amazing little people who help me to learn, grow, and see the world in new and exciting ways.  Sometimes the challenges of parenting can seem overwhelming, but moments like these warm my heart and remind me that it’s all worth it.

Have a wonderful day!