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If my experience the other day shooting two different sets of two-year-old twins in one evening taught me anything, it’s that you CANNOT be over-prepared.  E and A were so super sweet but, like all two-year-olds, were able to find many, many things more interesting than a photo shoot with mom and dad.  Good thing I’ve got a two-year-old of my own and a few tricks up my sleeve;).

Seriously, how cute are they together?  I asked mom and dad if they were good friends and they responded with a resounding, “Yes!”  I think it definitely shows.

When staying in the same general vicinity as mom and dad started to lose its appeal, we brought out the bubbles.

And when the novelty of bubbles wore off, we brought out something even better–sugar:).  Look at those eyes!

Mom is an ASL interpreter, and I loved this shot we caught when I asked little E what the sign for candy was.  I don’t know what’s sweeter, the lollipop or his sweet, little face:).

I had so much fun with you guys.  Thanks for being so patient with me–there’s lots more to come!

Well, I am just now starting to catch my breath after a whirlwind trip to San Diego to study with renowned newborn photographers Carrie Sandoval and Brittany Woodall.  It was an amazing experience and there will most likely be more to come regarding the workshop later.  On the way home, however, I stopped in Utah for the day and shot four sessions.  I think I am starting to become a bit too pregnant for such exertions because it’s taken me until today to regain the energy to post about the trip:).

The first sneak peek for the blog is for the family of an absolutely ADORABLE set of 2 1/2-year old twin boys.  Man, did those two keep me on my toes!  K and K were so much fun and so curious about all the bugs and birds and airplanes all around them.  I had so much fun with these two!

Gorgeous mom and dad, aren’t they?

I am a total sucker for, well, a thumb-sucker:).

Don’t they both just have the most gorgeous blue eyes?

Thanks for a great, busy, curious, and exhausting evening boys!

Ah, I just love this family!  Everything about them!  It’s been so fun to spend time getting to know each member and each one holds a special place in my heart.

We were a little worried that the impending storm clouds Saturday evening might make the shoot impossible, but luckily the rain held off just long enough for us to get some beautiful images in this field near their home.  Have I mentioned how much I love shooting in fields?  LOVE IT!

Check out these good-looking siblings:

Big brother kept cracking me up with his funny faces–you should see this kid cross his eyes.  We managed, just barely, to get a few non-silly shots as well.

Could her dress be any more perfect for this location?  Maybe, but I seriously doubt it–gorgeous!

Images like this next one make me so happy that I do what I do–I just love the closeness here, and I think it’s so important that Mom get in on the photos too.  They both look so beautiful.

Then we headed inside for some studio shots:

I had such a fun time with you guys–thank you so much for a wonderful Saturday evening!

…to me!

I told my girls that all I wanted for Mother’s Day this year were some nice pictures of the three of them.  This shoot was only about 7 months in the making and almost didn’t happen.  No pressure or anything;).

Last fall our family had so much fun picking apples for the first time (we’re new to the area).  By far our favorite orchard to visit was Lindsey’s Orchard right here in Clifton Park.  The apples were so, so yummy and everyone we met there was incredibly kind and helpful.  I asked for permission to come back and shoot in the spring when the trees were in blossom and the owner graciously agreed.  All week I nervously stalked the weather channel, news websites, etc., praying that the clouds would cooperate for the shoot.  The forecast for Friday included a few hours of rain, but I held on to hope.  Nature just couldn’t be so cruel.  Then my poor baby girl started to show signs that she coming down with something.  We made it, though.  The rain held off just long enough for us to get into the car as we were leaving, and baby girl was excited enough about playing in the apple trees that we were able to capture some beautiful shots.

Could anything be more beautiful than an orchard in spring?

I just love this face:).

And what every mother-photographer dreams of, but seldom captures of her own kids–the group shot!

Thanks girls, for the best Mother’s Day ever!

Or maybe we skipped right over spring and straight to summer.  Here’s a photo from yesterday of the thermometer in my car:

Even the piddly little tulips and daffodils in my yard are blooming!

My girls were over the moon!  And popsicles and slushy drinks didn’t hurt either:).

We had such a great day enjoying the warm weather.  It was time to head up for bed when all of a sudden I heard the front door slam.  I walked out to find this:

Apparently someone wasn’t done with this glorious day quite yet:).

And then her sister just had to join in too.

As far as we’re concerned, after this long, cold, snowy winter, summer can’t come fast enough!  Enjoy the heat wave!