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That’s what this little one was–a pure delight.  In fact, 10 minutes into her session I had to tell her to get ornery so it wouldn’t be so hard to narrow down the amazingly cute shots.  Nine months is such a fun age to photograph–babies are sitting so well, most are crawling (an added challenge), and some even have those first little teeth poking up on the bottom.  It’s so fun to watch these babies grow up and turn into the little people they are going to be.  Here she is at 6 days and 4 months, cute as ever.  Okay, enough from me, let’s get to the images:).

I am warning you, I did a horrible job narrowing them down for the sneak peek.  You’ll just have to suffer through cute baby overload.  Deal with it:).

This darling headband from the belle and the beau went so perfectly with her sweet outfit!

I have one like this where she is smiling, but this one just makes my hear go pitter-pat;).

Gosh, I love those little teeth!


Okay, these just make me giggle–hat is from the belle and the beau too.

What can I even say about this one?  Love, love, love:).

And, finally, sweet outfits and fun accessories are all fine and good, but if you ask me, birthday suits are always the height of baby fashion:).

Thanks for coming to play!  Hugs!

Sweet baby Anna was not so sure about this whole portrait thing.  And, really, who can blame her?  I’d much rather be snuggled up with my mom and dad (or husband and kids) than pretty much anywhere else.  She was such a trooper, though.  I loved seeing just how much she loved her parents–and mom and dad adored her right back.  I was telling them at the session how much she reminds me of my own squishy babies.  I just loved every sweet little roll!

There were so many sweet family shots, but this one just tugs at my little heart strings.

We caught a couple smiles:).

She just loved her little piggie-toes!

Hand down, session favorite for me!

Thanks for coming to play sweetheart!  See you soon:).

Oh, Baby Boy! I just love you so much–from your tippy-toes to your cute little chin (all 3 of them!). I had a session Saturday, stay tuned for a sweet 6-month old little girl in my next post, and decided to leave my equipment up so I could do a little mini-session with Jack. I cannot believe he is 4 months already. I can hardly stand it.

Just wanted to share the sweet face I find staring up at me all too often at 12:00 a.m. And 1:00. And 2:00. And… well, you get the picture.

Love this little giggle!

We have just discovered how fun toes can be:).

And, oh, I cannot tell you how utterly happy this last one makes me.  That’s my sweet, squishy, smiley boy!

Love you, Peanut!

Happy Holidays from Jessica Washburn Photography!

I am still not quite done for the year–I have two more newborn sessions in the next two days–but I wanted to take the time to wish all my blog readers a very happy holiday season while I have a moment to breathe:).  I hope your December is filled with love and laughter.

A few more images that make my heart happy:).

Happy Holidays!

Why is it that the baby boys seem to blessed with the most gorgeous lashes, lips and skin?  It’s an enigma, but it’s true.  Take 3-month old baby Craig for example.  Lashes so long they almost hit his eyebrows, the cutest plump little lips, and a perfect peaches and cream complexion.  The moment he walked, or rather was carried, in the door, I knew I was just going to be in heaven drinking in his sweetness.  I can tell Mom and Grandma are completely smitten with him; who wouldn’t be?  Mom came all the way from Westchester County for Craig’s session, and we had such a fun morning.

How cute is the hat Mom brought?

I am just in love with this big grin!

Mom missed the newborn phase but was still really, really hoping for some sleeping shots, and at three months that’s a tall order.  Most babies this age won’t stay asleep for even a few shots.  A little quiet mommy-baby time, a big bottle, and lots of patience later, though, we hit the jackpot:).

See what I mean?  Lashes, lips and gorgeous complexion!

After a little nap, we snuck in a few more.

Thanks for the workout, Craig:).  Such a pleasure to meet you!