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Because sometimes you are moving halfway across the country to Kansas City and you have to text your best friend and ask her to please bring that cute baby by one more time before you have to pack up all your equipment.

Maya, 3 months:

Liberty Missouri baby photographer

Lee's Summit portrait photographer

Kansas City portrait photographer

I love, LOVE newborns, but is there anything more scrumptious than a sleeping older baby with those cheeks and that chub?  I kind of don’t think so.

Kansas City baby photography

Lees Summit baby photography

Lees Summit baby photographer

Missouri baby photographer

baby photography

Kansas City child photographer

And catnaps make for really happy mellow babies:).

Kansas City baby photographer

Gonna miss you baby girl!


Such a funny thing that my most anticipated session of this past year was also my last.  When I found out that my very best New York friend was pregnant with her sixth (no, that’s not a typo, she’s just amazing) baby, I immediately began looking forward to her newborn session.  Baby Maya is the sweetest, cutest, most perfect, and most loved little girl ever.  And we have the pictures to prove it:).

Maya, 6 days:






Mama made this blessing dress and big sister wore it at her newborn session as well:).



A family of 8?  Why yes, I can absolutely shoot that for you;).








And, she just so happened to come over on the loveliest, prettiest snow day of the year.
Disclaimer: Sweet Maya was only outside for 10 minutes, was properly dressed, and was nice and toasty from the tip of her button nose to her tiny little piggy toes the whole time:).



As hard as it can be to be not moving when your house is listed and you are trying to move, I am 100% so very grateful I was here to meet you Maya.  You already have such a big place in my heart for such a tiny person:).  XOXO!

In my hurry to get all of my tiny people photographed before I leave for Kansas City, I have been focusing on the shooting and the editing and the order taking, prepping, placing, checking, and packaging.  Now it’s time for some blogging:).

Ryan was a little dream.  Such a sweet, darling little guy and absolutely gorgeous.

Ryan, 6 days:

Kansas City portrait photographer

Independence baby photographer

Overland Park newborn photographer

Kansas City newborn photographer

These never get old for me–I just love all those fun expressions:).

black and white newborn photography

Independence newborn photographer

SUCH a good-looking family:).

New York newborn photographer

Overland Park baby photographer

Love the tiny fingers sandwiched in Dad’s hands–sigh!

Kansas City baby photographer

Ryan, you are just the best.  Thanks for spending so much time with me:).

One of the most beautiful women I know, inside and out. My dear friend Allison is expecting her 6th baby (5th baby girl) in just a few short weeks.  She is a true super-mama.  And, you know, when you find something you do really well…:).  Crossing my fingers and hoping and praying that baby girl gets here before my equipment gets packed away.  I cannot wait to meet her!

NY maternity photography

Kansas City maternity photographer

Kansas City maternity photography

Kansas City pregnancy portraits

Kansas City portrait photographer

I cannot even say how much I love seeing my little people grow up:).  Nava was so itty bitty at her newborn session, but I can still see her tiny self in the beautiful little girl she is growing up to be.  She is such a happy girl and I can tell she just brings joy to everyone who knows her:).

Nava, 8 months:

Kansas City baby photography

Kansas City child photographer

Kansas City family photographer

baby photographer

Kansas City baby photographer