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Remember this gorgeous mom-to-be from right after Thanksgiving?  Well, one week after her session, baby Noah decided to show up 2 1/2 weeks early.  It got me thinking and I realized that this was the third mom who had her baby within a week of having a maternity session with me–and I have only had one client go past her due date.  Not that you should book with me to induce labor… I’m just sayin’…

This family is just so lovely that Noah couldn’t help but be a total cutie.  I loved his cute back wrinkles, round tummy, and ginormous hands.  Seriously, the boy is going to have to either play football or be a concert pianist with those looong fingers!  Because Noah lives so far away (and showed up so early) we didn’t get to hold the session until he was 18 days old–on his due date!  He definitely gave us a run for our money, but we managed to get some really beautiful images.

Ah, what a gorgeous family!

Beautiful mama:

And I loved both these shots with Daddy so much, I had to show two:).

You can tell he’s smart already–see him contemplating the mysteries of the universe?

And a few more favorites:).

Thanks for making the trip, Noah! It was nothing but a pleasure!

I am mere weeks from my own due date (who are we kidding with trying to assign birthdays to babies anyway?–due month is more like it!) and I am so fortunate to have spent the day with the sweetest little baby boy.  I am more excited than ever for my own little peanut to arrive!  I am always so grateful to my wonderful clients who are willing to invite me in to share this most precious time in the life of their new family.  It’s exciting to see new parents fall so naturally into their new roles and fall so completely in love with their new babies.  At 7 days, you can already see that baby Ernesto has stolen his parents’ hearts.  And I am pleased to report that he is just as gorgeous a baby as I predicted he’d be:).

Okay, isn’t he the sweetest?

Now that is one gorgeous family!

One of my favorites from the session, and right before he announced the session was done!

B and E, that is one beautiful baby boy you have there.  I can already tell you are going to be amazing parents!

I looked it up (that’s just how big a nerd I am), it’s really a word. From the Merriam-Webster online dictionary:

gorgeous: splendidly or showily brilliant or magnificent

-gorgeousness noun

I completely blame this client’s gorgeousness for my inattention to session variety.  I fell so in love with the way her hair fell around her gorgeous (there it is again) face, the perfect slope of her shoulders, her beautiful profile, that I totally forgot to take any belly shots.  Poor thing was such a good sport to get dressed back up again 5 minutes after the shoot when I realized my blunder.  But take a look–can you really blame me?

Total session favorite!

I think good looks are a family tradition:).

Okay, so even on the belly shots I cheated;).

Oh, how I wish I could be there to meet the beautiful baby joining your family.  Only my own could keep me from making the trip.  Best of luck!

It’s pretty obvious that I love to photograph newborn babies.  I just love their perfect little button noses, those sweet lips, that beyond-soft downy hair, and their teeny-tiny toesies–it’s almost intoxicating.  I look forward to each and every newborn session.  Well, imagine my excitement when I pulled up to meet my newest (GORGEOUS) maternity client.  Seriously, with parents like these, baby boy can’t help but be adorable.  I may be almost as excited as the new-parents-to-be to for him to arrive.

I love silhouettes, but there’s just something extra-special about this one–LOVE it!

Thank you so much for such a wonderful evening.  It’s obvious how much you two love each other–you’re going to be fabulous parents!

What more can really be said of a family who agrees to get up at 6:00 a.m. so we can be out shooting in the desert of Utah before 7:00 a.m.?  Seriously, this family was a dream to work with.  And check out what they’re wearing!  Major kudos to Mom for choosing such fun outfits that went so well with the location they chose.

I just can’t get over how happy and cheerful the kids were:

Little bits here became my buddy right away and reminded me so much of my youngest:

Big brother looks so cool:).

And here is where all those good-looks are coming from–aren’t mom and dad just stunning?  Mom’s due with #4 and her maternity sneak peek should be up shortly.

My favorite family shot of the morning–this is real life:).

Thanks so much, guys.  Other than the whole “stepping on a cactus in flip-flops while staring through the viewfinder trying to get the right composition” thing, I had a total blast!