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It’s not often that I have the chance to photograph a 2-month old.  Sessions at two months are always a surprise.  Babies at this age are too old to count on being sleepy and curly and too young to count on being smiley and happy, but boy do I love those filled out cheeks and perfect lashes and fun expressions.  Baby Jack (I know, great name, right?) was a little bit of everything.  A little bit smiley, a little bit funny, a little bit cranky, and a little bit sleepy.  The one thing he wasn’t was a little bit loved.  His mama and daddy are so in love with this beautiful baby boy and it was so fun to listen to them talk to and interact with him.

Baby Jack, 2 months:

Cat nap #1:).

Awake to play with mama and daddy for a bit.

And back down for cat nap #2:

Jack, you are an absolute doll!  It was wonderful spending the morning with you:).

Catherine Louise, what a fine name for a sweet, delicate, little lady.  I had been eagerly awaiting the news of her arrival since Mom’s maternity session.  Catherine’s gender was supposed to be a surprise, but I hear the ultrasound technician let it slip a couple of weeks before her arrival.  That she was indeed a “she” was still a surprise for me, though, and I couldn’t be happier for this sweet family.  They are going to have so much fun watching their beautiful girls grow up together–sisters are a special kind of friend.  It was a bit of a marathon session, but worth it:).

Catherine Louise, 10 days:

And, oh, was she full of smiles at the end!

Just a delight working with you guys again!  Give her an extra snuggle for me, ‘kay?

They are going to be fabulous adults.  They really are.  At least that’s what I tell myself over and over when I am in the throws of yet another battle over something seemingly insignificant for which they are fighting tooth and nail. My husband and I are blessed with three strong, smart, feisty, and fiercely independent girls.  Unfortunately, those qualities married with a completely unique and creative sense of style pose a constant challenge for our family’s portraiture, as clothing and hair play huge roles for good or bad in any portrait.  I’ve come to decide that being the mom of four kids is all about choices.  I can fight the clothing battle for an hour every day and have children who don’t look like homeless ragamuffins or I can have four children.  We all know which choice I’ve made.  The clothes they wear are always clean when they put them on, and that is a quite a feat in and of itself.  Sadly, there’s rarely a random moment when I can just grab my camera and snag a portrait.  A fun family snapshot, yes.  A nice portrait (even a casual lifestyle one), no.

So when all three girls got haircuts on Friday, I told them in the car on the way home that the second we arrived, they were to put their shoes away, run upstairs and hop on Julia’s bed, and not touch their hair.  At all.  I wanted to snag a couple of shots before everything came undone.  I was given 4 minutes, 5 tops.  They make me smile:).

Oh, she cracks me up:

Such the little poser:

This one is always a challenge–always on the go:

And just a couple quick ones from the day her teeth fell out–she wasn’t excited or anything;).

Being the mom of four also means I haven’t the time, energy, or patience for a personal blog as well as a business one.  Thanks for indulging me as I try to keep our families (most of whom live thousands of miles away) abreast of our family adventures:).

I should have a maternity session and a newborn session up later this week and maybe Jack’s 7 month portraits, so check back!

Almost here, that is.  My beautiful maternity client from Saturday is due in just two weeks – I couldn’t believe how fabulous she looks!  After seeing mom and big sister, I can’t wait to meet baby girl #2 who is certain to be a knock out!  And what a lucky little thing she is–absolutely loved and adored already:).

Thanks for all your help, Kaleigh!  See you all (very) soon!

I have been anticipating this session for months.  Almost nine months to be exact.  Since before I knew there would even be a session.  When I found out that one of my dearest friends here in New York was pregnant, I was so excited for her.  Truly, our move here would have been a completely different experience without the friendship of this family–they just took us under their wing and helped us to find a little sense of belonging after a cross-country move.  I have felt blessed every day to know them.

Most of the newborns I have the privilege to photograph are first or second babies.  Darling Mary Katherine is baby #5 for this family.  She is absolutely adored by her big brother and big sisters.  Getting a photograph of 4 children with their new baby sister is always a challenge, but these guys did just great.  And their parents knew just what to do, as we planned the sibling shots for the beginning of the session and then Dad took them home to play.  Three hours can be a long time when you are 2, or 4, or 7, or pretty much any age.  And I’d just like to point out, I am capable of shooting clothed subjects, even at a newborn session;).

Aren’t mom and dad so blessed?

This one, I just fell in love with before I even pushed the shutter.  Love it with all my heart!

One with her gorgeous mom, and my dear friend:

And since the session started out backwards (with family images first), we decided to keep the trend going and use my new antique buggy (yep, that’s an oxymoron right there) rather than go to the bean bag poses.  Why not?  I had the perfect model.

Finally, on to the bean bag.  As we were shooting mom was telling me how excited she was for her portraits so she could really see what Mary Kate looks like.  At first I was surprised, and then I realized she made perfect sense.  You spend so much of your time as a new mother with a kind of up-close tunnel-vision.  You see the side of her face as she nurses or his cute little belly while you’re changing him, but you’re always right there.  It’s nice to take a step back and really see a baby.  Moms are so smart.

Oh, and did I mention mom made this beautiful blessing gown?  Yeah, she is pretty much amazing.

Here she is, Mom.  A knock-out, I’d say.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for a beautiful day.  Baby girl, I can’t wait to come snuggle you again sometime very soon.