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For a while it seemed as though this was the session that was not to be.  Originally scheduled for last fall and then rescheduled twice this spring due to New York’s unpredictable weather, we finally made it out.  I had already met sweet baby Sawyer last summer when she came for her newborn session, and I just fell in love with her and her gorgeous mama.  I was so excited to meet and work with the rest of her family.  I was a little bit nervous because poor baby Sawyer woke up out of sorts the day before and is usually in bed by the time our session started, but she did so, so well.  Melissa knew just how to keep everything fun and low-key for her kids so we could just hang out together and capture the love that emanates from this amazing family.  We talked before the session about how all the stress of a family portrait session should take place before the session ever starts.  The hardest part is just choosing the clothing and getting everyone ready.  Once the session starts, though, it’s time to have fun–and that’s what we did.


Darling baby Sawyer, 9 months:



Super fun and silly Cooper, 4years:



Austin with his stealth kisses (totally his idea), 4 years:



Breathtakingly beautiful Sydney (even though their coloring is different, she looks so much like her mama), 8 years:




Melissa, I am so glad everything finally worked out–I had such a blast with your family!  The perfect evening.

Just a fun visual update on our little Lemonhead (who the girls are starting to call “Mango” now–apparently we’ve done a good job keeping them away from old episodes of Saturday Night Live because they don’t really understand why I can’t use that name).

I can say with 100% certainty that my body knows exactly how to stretch out to accommodate baby #5–I’m waddling around already:).






So, so much thanks to my baby sister Stephanie who took these for me.  She’s a photography major at BYU and I just can’t wait until she graduates and I can convince her to come live with me and shoot with me all the time.  3 weeks is not long enough–we miss her already!


Isn’t she gorgeous?!

Seriously, these babies that have been coming to visit me lately are making me even more impatient to meet my own little one in just a few short months.  I am not sure they come any more handsome than baby Bruce, who just blew me away with his darling mouth, long lashes and beautiful dark hair.  I was so sad to hand him back to mom and dad at the end of the session, but simply overjoyed for them to start on this indescribable journey of parenthood.  He is perfection.

Baby Bruce, 9 days:




Thank you for coming so far to spend the day with me–it was an absolute pleasure to meet you!

Perhaps baby Braden knew just how long his mommy, daddy and big sister had been waiting for him.  Perhaps he simply knew how loved he already was by so many people.  Perhaps that’s why he decided to show up more than 6 weeks early.  Whatever the reason, he is here and he is the sweetest little thing ever.  What a journey he’s had already in his first 38 days–he’s not even due to arrive for another 9.  What a tiny miracle.

Baby Braden, 5.5 weeks:





Thank you, Braden, for coming over today and reminding just what a miracle each new life is.

That’s what both I and baby Zoey were yesterday–well, and her gorgeous parents too, for that matter.  There is just something about the privilege of seeing a wonderful couple grow into parenthood, completely smitten with their new little one, that warms my very soul.  Zoey, at just a few days old, has already brought so much joy to so many people–and I think she must be able to tell how very much she is loved.  I adored every minute of her session:).

Zoey Amy, 5 days:







Jason and April, just wonderful to see you two again.  Zoey, you are simply amazing!