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One of the first questions I almost always get from a new client scheduling family portraits is, “What should we wear?”  Because the clothes you choose to wear to your family portrait session will make a big impact on the final images, I thought I post a few tips on styling your family for portraits.

* Choose clothes your kids will actually wear.  Maybe it’s just my girls, but it seems kids sometimes tend to go through not-so-easy dressing phases.  Make sure the clothing you choose is something your children will feel comfortable in and enjoy wearing.  It should be clean, ironed (if needed), and in good repair.

*Adults look best in long pants, longer skirts and sleeves.

*Textured and woven fabrics tend to photograph better (as well as hold up better) than knits.  Layers and accessories are a great way to add interest and depth to your clothing choices.

*Avoid clothing with lettering, slogans or characters–instead choose solids, plaids, stripes, etc. for a more timeless, classy look.

*For summer, boys look great in t-shirts under button-down shirts, jeans and cargos, and girls are always picture-perfect in little sundresses or pretty tops paired with capris.

*Moms, don’t forget yourselves.  Wear something that makes you feel pretty and feminine–add some jewelery and heels to dress up your outfit.  Makeup should be natural and enhance the beauty that’s already there.

*Think about your location and also your home decor–what colors will compliment your location and what do you want hanging on your wall?  Pick a few colors and build your wardrobe around that color palette.  And unless you routinely dress the whole family in matching white shirts and khakis for an afternoon at the park or mall, lets leave those at home.

*Most of all, choose clothing that represents your family–something you’ll want to look at year after year.

Still stumped?  Here are a few ideas to get you going:

Happy shopping!