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So, when my 18-month old Jack was still just a tiny little peanut, I had this idea to print 12 12×12″ square mounted prints for his room (roughly one per month).  It was a fantastic idea in theory and I only hoped I could carve out the time and motivation to actual follow through.  I have had 5 of the prints sitting on the floor of his room since February of 2010.  How they didn’t get completely destroy can only be explained by divine intervention (I do not recommend this storage method to my clients).  I finally edited and ordered the final prints last month.  Then all 12 prints sat on the floor of his room for about a week as I tried to get organized enough to hang them.  It took a good hour and half, two levels, 4 boxes of wall velcro, and my mom’s help, but they are finally up.

I am not sure I can put into words just how I feel every time I walk into Jack’s room and look up to see those images hanging on his wall.  His whole first year, his journey of becoming the little person that he has become, is right there in front of me.  I remember when he was one, two, three months old, holding him while he slept and thinking, “Who are you, little Jack?  What are you going to be like?  What will be your little quirks, your talents, your struggles?”  When I look up at his wall, I remember so strongly those moments.  I also remember him trying to crawl at 4 months, succeeding at 5 months, wanting to stand and walk far before he was old and steady enough to do so, the way his face would light up whenever he saw me, not being able to get anything done because he was permanently attached to my legs, laughing as he tried to toddle around on his bow legs, and how much he loved that first dessert.  I remember watching him become Jack.  And I marvel that I could have ever wondered about who he would be.  Because he is Jack.  He is intense and driven and mischievous, he is loving and shy and adores his family, he is absolutely beautiful and almost nothing but trouble.  And he is my Jack.

I feel so grateful to be able to do what I do–that I have these images that mean so much to me because I do what I do.



I absolutely adore my coffee table book vendor.


As in, I kind of want to keep all of my client books for myself when they come in.  So… I was honored to have a recent book design selected to be featured on their Facebook page.  You can find their page here, and you can view the book design here:).

If you are a client with a session coming up, coffee table books are absolutely my most favorite way to ensure that clients are able to enjoy all of their session images for years and years to come.  If you are a photographer looking for an amazing product, consider AsukaBook.  Really, their quality, customer service and attention to detail cannot be matched.  Happy viewing!

The very most common thing I hear from clients after they first view the proofs from their session is, “I don’t know how I am ever going to choose which images to buy.”  I totally understand.  It’s agony for me to decide which images of my own children to edit, let alone print and hang.  I am the absolute worst about tossing images, too.  I want them all.  Every single sweet, goofy, gorgeous, heart-tugging expression.  I keep them all.  I have boxes upon boxes upon boxes of negatives from when I shot film, and album after album after album of images of my own darling children growing up.

The wonderful news is, of course, my clients don’t have to choose which images to buy because there are so many wonderful ways to purchase and enjoy all of the session images.  And, indeed, this is my goal for every session.  That each client walk away with all or most of their session images–it affects how I shoot the session, cull and sort the images, and also how they are presented for viewing.  Unlike a chain studio focused on getting as many clients through the door as quickly as possible, each and every session and every session image is given the utmost attention.  The first way to enjoy all of the images from a session is the coffee table book, easily my most popular product.

Coffee table books come in a black, foil stamped book sleeve with a custom-printed book jacket and hardbound cover.  The beautiful color, butter-soft pages, and perfect craftsmanship set these books apart from anything I have ever seen.  It’s like Christmas morning each time a package arrives at my door step, and more than once I have been sorely tempted to keep the books for myself.  Each 10×10″ book is custom designed based on the images captured at the session.  Smaller 5×5 copies are also available after the purchase of a full-size book and make wonderful gifts for grandparents–plus they are just so dang cute!

I just had a bunch of books arrive in the last little bit–a little eye candy to get you thinking about what you might want to do with your session images:).


I just adore these books!