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So this blog post is long, long, long overdue.  Back in December I had the opportunity to photograph my brilliant and beautiful good friend and colleague Ashley Putz of Ashley Brown Photography.  Ashley was the first photographer I met when I moved to New York.  She photographed Jack’s birth and our whole family a few weeks after Jack arrived, and for that I will be eternally grateful.  Ashley was expecting her first baby, due in February of this year–actually just over a week ago.  Baby Greta had her own set of plans, though, and the day after Ashley’s session she was admitted into the hospital due to some pregnancy complications and Greta arrived a few short days later.  I was so, so grateful that Greta held off long enough for us to capture just how beautiful her mama was while pregnant.  It’s always a special experience to photograph another photographer.  There is this wonderful level of trust that just puts everyone at ease and makes the session flow so nicely.  Now that my computer is up and running again, I can’t wait to get through the whole session (it’s taken way, way too long to get these to you, Ashley, and for that I sincerely apologize), but for now, here’s a little taste of what’s to come:).




I think this might be my most favorite image from the whole session. I just adore the connection here… sigh.


Baby Greta has had a bit of a rough welcome to the world, but I can’t wait to meet her and capture the love that I already know exists for this wonderful new family. She’s an amazing little person:).

Yes, I am still here.  My old computer, however, is not.  After about 3 weeks of trying to figure out if it could be resuscitated and then waiting for the new one to arrive, we are up and running again:).  And posting beautiful images.  Like the ones I have today of gorgeous, gorgeous mom-to-be Kate.  Seriously, she wears pregnancy so very well, and I just can’t wait to meet her baby girl in a couple of weeks.  I feel beyond lucky to have shared this exciting time with such a beautiful family.




Can’t wait to see you guys again–just a few short weeks!

…up sessions before the holidays, that is.  I just love this time of year.  I am one of those Christmas nuts who can’t help occasionally popping in a Christmas video or CD in the middle of June just to keep the spirit of the season alive all year long.  I love to bake and I have big bags of sugar just sitting in my pantry waiting to be transformed into ridiculously delicious Christmas candy.  I am even ready to untangle and test countless strings of white twinkle lights.  It’s that time.

But, before I get too crazy, I have a few sessions left to complete and blog.  Wanna take a peek?

First up is beautiful mama-to-be, Alison.  I can’t wait to meet baby-to-be (the gender will be a surprise for both of us)!



Next is Madeline.  She’s grown so much in the 8 months since her newborn session, but those lashes especially blew me away!  And her dress?  Gorgeousness!




Thank you so much for allowing me to capture these milestones for you!

At the beginning of August I had the supreme pleasure of attending a get-together in North Carolina with over 20 other photographer.  Some of us have know each other for upwards of 3 years, but most of us had never met in person.  It was about a year ago when the idea was first presented of planning a weekend get-together of shooting, learning, and socializing, and I have to admit I originally just wrote the idea off.  I mean, it sounded like a lot of fun, but I would have a new little baby and I just didn’t see how it would work for me this year.  Of course, as the plans became solidified and the group’s enthusiasm grew, I knew I had to try and make it happen.  Plus, I am married to a super-dad who never balks at flying solo with our crazy darling children:).

I am so, so glad I changed my mind.  I can’t imagine having missed out on the opportunity to meet so many fabulous, kind, and talented women:).  In addition, I was so excited to shoot with and learn from my peers and friends that I respect so much.  I am beyond grateful to everyone who made the trip happen, to my family for supporting me, and to Jack who only screamed half of the time;).

The first evening I was able to work with an absolutely gorgeous mama-to-be who was totally comfortable in front of the camera and just naturally stunning to boot.

black-and-white-photographyMy friend Laurie Sachs caught this image of me working with them:


The next morning we had the opportunity to photograph some older children–an age I don’t get to shoot very often.  It was so much fun!

That afternoon we headed inside to work with some darling, darling newborns.  My good friend Keri Walters and I led the studio portion of the newborn shoot and it just reminded me again how incredibly enjoyable it is to photograph little babies with another skilled photographer who just steps in and knows exactly what is needed in a second pair of hands.

First up is 16-day old Brooklyn.  She was just such a darling little girl with the most beautiful hair, gorgeous lips, and perfect skin–I could hardly stand it!

And another “behind the scenes” shot caught by my friend Melissa.


Next came baby Isaac at 15-days old.  Oh gosh, he was such a cute little thing and his parents were just gorgeous too!

And here’s the group:

Thanks ladies–I loved every minute!  And honey, see, they’re not middle-aged, balding computer programmers, nor are they robots.  Real, wonderful, inspiring women.

Don’t ask:).

Really close.  As in 3 days overdue close.  But we made it in time and this mama-to-be was just glowing and beautiful and not at all how I tend to feel at the end of my pregnancies. She truly understands the miracle that our bodies are as they house these precious little people until they are ready to face the world.

Actually, baby Leah has already made her arrival, although we didn’t know that she would be a she at the time.  Five days after the session if I remember correctly.  Because we snuck this session in there at the last minute, I am just getting to it now that I have finished up with my June sessions.  Thanks for being so patient and here’s a little peek of what’s to come:).

I am so glad we could make this work.  Stay tuned for beautiful baby goodness coming very soon:).