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GIRL!!!!!  Let the insanity begin (or rather continue!)!!!



Baby Gap, here I come;).

So I am trying to be better this time around at documenting the progression of this pregnancy.  Plus, it’s so funny when you are still pretty early in pregnancy and you feel like a house already and then you see a picture and think, “Oh, I am not even a condo yet, maybe just a pup tent.”  When I was 11 weeks along, I just happened to be in the pediatrician’s office and just happened to pick up a magazine which just happened to have a small blurb about how at 11 weeks your baby is about the size of a large lime.  Well, that was just too fun, so we started calling the baby “Baby Lime.”  After a week or two, we decided Baby Lime must have grown to at least lemon-size, so we named the baby “Lemonhead.”  And it stuck.  Because, really, who doesn’t want to give birth to something with a head the size of a lemon.  Wishful thinking, I know, but it beats the other fruit analogies coming up in the not too distant future (watermelon, anyone?).

On a side note, I have very limited openings for the rest of the year at this point.  I have one session available in May, one in June and one in late July.  I have a crazy busy summer of travel coming up and then a baby of my own to cuddle.  If you are due late September through December, feel free to contact me and I will put you on a waiting list for my light postpartum work load:).

So, without further ado, Baby Lemonhead at 17 and 19 weeks gestational age:



We are hoping it will only be two more days until we know if it’s a boy lemon or a girl lemon–wish us luck!

I am sitting here trying to figure out why I had so much fun with April and Jason at their maternity session.  I mean, sure, April is an absolutely stunning mom-to-be and they were both fun, eager, and easy to work with, but I think what I enjoyed most about their session was just how completely obvious it was that they love each other.  Having your portraits taken when you most decidedly do not look like your regular self can be a bit daunting and as April lugged in her various clothing choices and occasionally worried if a pose was working out or if she looked okay, Jason was always there to offer help or support.  They love each other in that way that makes your heart squeal a little inside with happiness, and that always brings a smile to my face.  Zoey is one lucky little girl to be coming to this new family, and I can’t wait to meet her:).

April and Jason, waiting for Zoey:




Ah, the last of a string of simply gorgeous moms-to-be.  Well, the last for now:).  Kirsten is due in just two weeks, and she just glows.  I can tell baby Ella is 100% adored already.



I can’t wait to meet your little one!

So, February is the month of mamas-to-be.  It’s been so, so much fun sharing in the excitement and anticipation with all these beautiful women and families–and I have one more to photograph tonight:).  March is going to be chock full of brand new little people for me to snuggle for a few hours and I can’t wait.

By way of announcement, I am going to be out of the office beginning tomorrow afternoon through the end of this month.  If you are waiting on an order, it should be ready the first week of March–right when I get back.  I will not be answering emails or taking phone inquiries until March, but if you are one of the gorgeous women waiting for your March surprise to arrive, and that surprise decides to show up in February, don’t hesitate to let me know!

And now for the images, I had so much fun with beautiful mom-to-be Jessica on Saturday.  She brought an ultrasound image of baby boy Maddox and my goodness, he is beyond adorable already!  I just can wait to meet him and squish his little cheeks:).



Lee and Jessica, it was a privilege–see you very soon!