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Finally.  And looking forward to not traveling and just nesting from here on out:).  Although, I did have the most wonderful month meeting new friends, reconnecting with old friends, seeing my family, and traveling the world.  I just wanted to share a little bit of what I was up to over the month of July.

First, I had the wonderful opportunity to attend a workshop with 19 other fabulous photographers in the Bay Area of California (there we are!).


As a part of that workshop, we photographed some absolutely beautiful families at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco.  It was truly a gorgeous place to shoot.


I tend to forget I am pregnant while shooting–even at 32 weeks:).




After less than 17 hours after returning to Seattle from San Francisco, I headed out with the Pinhole Press team to Kinsale, Ireland.  If you haven’t checked out Pinhole Press, you need to.  They offer the most beautiful, well-made products that you can make with your digital images.  Kinsale was amazing, our hosts from Pinhole Press were amazing, and the other photographers on their team are simply amazing as well.

Some shots from around the town of Kinsale, including our tour guide Barry, who you couldn’t help but just love.


Images from our walk to and visit at Charles Fort in Kinsale (plus my darling roommate Li Ward of Fat Orange Cat Studio):


Blarney Castle, where you can kiss the Blarney Stone to gain the gift of gab (which I didn’t attempt to do in my pregnant state–although, I think my family, friends, and clients will agree that I already have that gift in spades;) ):


We ended the trip with dinner at Old Head, a breathtakingly beautiful golf course on the coast of Ireland (recently rated the #1 most spectacular golf course in the world by Links magazine):


As much fun as I had, I am glad to be home, glad to be done with sessions for a while(I have two more blog posts to come), and glad to be able to (hopefully) catch my breath before my own sweet baby girl makes her arrival.  I can’t wait!

Finally, a big thank you to our workshop sponsers:

Pinhole Press


Bay Photo


Borrow Lenses




Ketti Bags


Simply Color

For a while it seemed as though this was the session that was not to be.  Originally scheduled for last fall and then rescheduled twice this spring due to New York’s unpredictable weather, we finally made it out.  I had already met sweet baby Sawyer last summer when she came for her newborn session, and I just fell in love with her and her gorgeous mama.  I was so excited to meet and work with the rest of her family.  I was a little bit nervous because poor baby Sawyer woke up out of sorts the day before and is usually in bed by the time our session started, but she did so, so well.  Melissa knew just how to keep everything fun and low-key for her kids so we could just hang out together and capture the love that emanates from this amazing family.  We talked before the session about how all the stress of a family portrait session should take place before the session ever starts.  The hardest part is just choosing the clothing and getting everyone ready.  Once the session starts, though, it’s time to have fun–and that’s what we did.


Darling baby Sawyer, 9 months:



Super fun and silly Cooper, 4years:



Austin with his stealth kisses (totally his idea), 4 years:



Breathtakingly beautiful Sydney (even though their coloring is different, she looks so much like her mama), 8 years:




Melissa, I am so glad everything finally worked out–I had such a blast with your family!  The perfect evening.

I know, I know, I said I was only taking maternity, newborn, and baby sessions this year.  I do have a couple of sessions over the next little bit that were requested as long ago as last spring, and despite the fact that there’s already a bit of a waddle to my pregnant step, I am so grateful for the chance to get outside and shoot again.  What can I say about this amazing family?  Just that I love them to pieces.  Over the past few years, our families have become such good friends and I know my family is going to be so sad when they leave for their next adventure.  On top of that, I have had the extreme pleasure of watching this family grow over the years, from their stunning mama, to sweet baby girl here, here, and here, and even big brother and sister.

We decided to shoot at one of my favorite locations–Lindsey’s Orchard in the midst of apple blossom season.  Scheduling these sessions can be so tricky since the flowers only last a few days and springtime weather in New York is unpredictable at best.  Usually, I just have to stalk to orchard and when I see flowers, we set up the session for the next day or two.  It worked out perfectly this year.  So we headed out for some fun:).



I don’t know what Dad said here, but I am guessing it was pretty good:).





Guys, thanks for a perfect evening!

I owe this darling family a real sneak peek, and it’s coming, but here’s a little taste of what’s to come to tide them over:).


I had so much fun the other night, guys!  More fun goodness to come!

When Max pulled up to the orchard for his 3-year portrait session, I fell in love instantly.  I mean, how could you not?  Those big eyes, those gorgeous curly locks, that insatiable three-year old need to be constantly on the go — such a challenge and always so much fun!  I am not sure I have ever seen so much personality in such a little body, and I loved every minute:).

Max, 3 years:





Max, it was a delight to meet you–thanks for keeping me safe from the Hulk!