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Way back in October, I took my three big girls out to play a bit before the cold weather hit for the year.  Little did I know we would have multiple warm spells in the weeks following.  It was so fun to go out without a plan and just have some fun capturing them at this age–awkwardness, missing teeth, teeth we have yet to grow into, giggles–it’s all part of childhood.

My littlest big girl:

Albany child photographer

black and white child photography

Albany child photography

My middlest big girl:

New York child photography

childrens portraiture

child portraiture

And my biggest big girl:

Saratoga child photographer

New York child photographer

Saratoga childrens photographer

A little jumping fun–their favorite part:).

wide angle portrait

1, 2, 3… wait… 1, 2… no, jump on 3… 1, 2, 3… oh, never mind.

Clifton Park family photography

Clifton Park portrait photographer

Albany portrait photographer

Clifton Park portrait photography

From the bottom of my heart–love you girls!


I was so happy to hear that Charlotte and Henry were coming back to see me again for Charlotte’s 7-month portraits.  The shot of the two of them together from Charlotte’s newborn session is still one of my favorite sibling images.  They have both grown up so much since this spring – but they are both as darling as ever.

Albany family photographer

New York baby photographer

Oh, those eyes just kill me!

Albany baby photographer

Thanks so much for coming to play!  Come back any time–I always have race cars, Smarties and puffs on hand:).

Despite appearances recently on this blog, I do have more than one child.  And I do love all five of them equally:).  I have been wanting to go out and take portraits of my two-year old in the fall colors for a while now, but with five kids, a newborn, a home to keep up, no sleep, reoccurring sore throats (see previous mention of no sleep), a husband in grad school and working full-time, and New York’s unpredictable weather, I wasn’t sure that would happen.  But it did.  Sure, it was horribly overcast and lightly sprinkling the whole time we were out, but we made it happen.  And while beautiful light is always, always desired and inspiring and takes images to that next level, there’s something to be said for cuteness in any weather.

Jack, 2 years:

Albany baby photographer

new york baby photography

Big sister #2 wanted to come along.  I wasn’t going to argue:).

new york childrens portraits

clifton park kids photography

new york baby photographer

clifton park child photography

clifton park family photography


new york capital region photographer

…to the rescue!

new york capital region portrait photography

new york childrens photographer

Albany child photography

Super-Bella.  Cape not required.

black and white kids photography

“Mom, mom, it’s winnee.  Mom, it’s so winnee!  It’s blowing my cape!”

Saratoga childrens photographer

And when it get too “winnee,” big sis is always there to save you.  Even super heroes need a little help sometimes.

Albany child photographer

Love you bunches.


One of my biggest photo priorities was to get images of Eva with her Daddy and her siblings, so that became the goal for days 10 and 11.  I thought briefly of trying to get a group shot of all the kids, but I had already arranged for the supremely talented Brittany Woodall of Baby as Art in San Diego to come and photograph Eva.  I decided to leave the impossible shots for her.  And she got them–you can see them and all of her other beautiful work with Eva here.

In the meantime, I photographed all of my sweet people with my newest little person.  Warms my heart:).

Eva, 10 days:




11 days:








Now, how to get a sibling shot with a not-quite-two-year-old who is not so sure about this new baby sister (as in, he wouldn’t even look at her for 2 or 3 days)?  I shot 5 frames in 30 minutes and 2 ended up being keepers.  But they make me giggle:).



Could I be any luckier?  I don’t think so:).

I first met darling Anna a year and a half ago for her own six-month portraits, and was so excited to hear that I would be meeting her baby sister Molly for the same reason.  It’s always such a joy when clients come back and I can see how much they’ve grown, individually and as a family.  Such an adorable family!

Darling baby Molly:


Big sister Anna, all grown up:



Molly and Anna, thank you for coming to see me!  It was so great to see you again!