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I was so happy to hear that Charlotte and Henry were coming back to see me again for Charlotte’s 7-month portraits.  The shot of the two of them together from Charlotte’s newborn session is still one of my favorite sibling images.  They have both grown up so much since this spring – but they are both as darling as ever.

Albany family photographer

New York baby photographer

Oh, those eyes just kill me!

Albany baby photographer

Thanks so much for coming to play!  Come back any time–I always have race cars, Smarties and puffs on hand:).

I am officially back to work and I cannot think of a better session to start out with than darling baby Arman.  Seriously, he is gorgeous, energetic, full of personality, and at such a fun age right now.  I just loved how in tune he was with his mama and daddy.  He always knew right where they were–I could tell he loves them so, so much.  And, of course, they adore him right back.   What more can I say?  I fell in love too:).

Arman, 6 months:

Saratoga baby photography

New York baby photography

Albany baby photography

This just cracks me up:).

black and white baby photography

Arman, thanks for coming to play, buddy.  Come back any time!

She stole it right away.  I have been waiting anxiously to meet Miss Greta since her mama’s maternity session at the end of last year.  It’s always an honor to shoot for another photographer, and as a photographer, I know what a treasure it is to see your child through someone else’s lens.  And how much easier it is to be the mama at the shoot instead of the photographer.

Ashley brought Greta in for 9-month portraits in her christening gown–made from Ashley’s own wedding gown.  It was absolutely gorgeous.  As was Miss Greta.  And her expressions!  I could stare at her sweet little face all day long.  Ashley, it’s amazing you can bring yourself to do anything else.  She is truly a miracle.

Greta, 9 months:








Miss Greta, thanks for coming to play–come back and see me soon!

I first met darling Anna a year and a half ago for her own six-month portraits, and was so excited to hear that I would be meeting her baby sister Molly for the same reason.  It’s always such a joy when clients come back and I can see how much they’ve grown, individually and as a family.  Such an adorable family!

Darling baby Molly:


Big sister Anna, all grown up:



Molly and Anna, thank you for coming to see me!  It was so great to see you again!

Joy is what I feel every time William comes to see me.  I think his newborn session is still one of my favorites.  We could have finished his 9-month session in 10 minutes, he was so, so happy.  His one-year session was equally joyful–what a blessing he must be to his wonderful parents!  In preparing for his session, his mom and I talked about doing the traditional cake smash as a part of the session, but as the day approached, she informed me that he didn’t really like cake.  What does he like?  Broccoli.  So, of course, we had to do my first ever 1st birthday broccoli smash!  So very fun.

William, one year:





William, you can come see me anytime.  I promise to keep the broccoli on hand for when you do:).