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I just love when my little people come back to see me:).  Six months ago Zoey was a just sweet baby girl–it was so much fun to see the darling, silly little person she is growing up to be.

Zoey, 1 year:







Such a pleasure to see you again, little one.  Warms my heart:).

Could this family be any more gorgeous or better dressed?

Highly doubtful.

family photographer

Clifton Park family photographer

child photography

New York child photography

black and white child photography

child photographer

Amazing how fast they grow up!  Julianna was such a sweetheart at her newborn session too:).

baby photographer

Thanks so much guys–I loved every minute:).

When I was pregnant with my first, so many people tried to tell me what an amazing thing breastfeeding would be.  I must say, I was pretty dubious at first, as Little Bits #1 took about 6 weeks to figure the whole thing out.  It did not feel amazing.  It felt stressful and frustrating and confusing and painful.  I often felt like I was failing.

It did get better.  So much better.

Now, 5 kids later, I get it.  I understand the beauty of being forced to take a break from the day-to-day craziness, find a quiet place, and just revel in my new tiny person every few hours.  To have that connection of sharing with and giving to my babies last just a little bit longer.

For months I had been wanting to have some nursing pictures taken, as there is a pretty good chance that I am almost done nursing forever.  I just needed to make it happen.  I was so grateful to April Newman for being willing to take those images for me.  I will treasure them always.

It just so happens that she has her own little person, so we swapped sessions.  Both Eva and Oliver are extremely distractable nursers so I wasn’t too sure how things were going to go, but I love what we both captured of these too-fleeting moments of quiet and love and connection.

(Disclaimer: these are breastfeeding images.  They are not graphic in any way, but if breastfeeding makes you uncomfortable, just skip down to the next posts where the babies are sleeping instead of eating:).)








That look!  That’s the look I am going to always remember with my own little people.  That one right there:).





Ah, fall.  It makes me want to be on a campus somewhere buying 3-subject notebooks and newly sharpened #2 pencils.  Or out in the beautiful evening light shooting portraits–that’s pretty great too:).

Blog copy

This fall, I will be offering a handful of limited edition fall mini portrait sessions, both outdoor and studio.  Outdoor is great for families of any age and size (especially for babies that can sit unassisted and toddlers), and studio sessions are perfect for non-walking babies and families with non-toddler children.  Little mobile people just have a hard time in the studio sometimes:).  Due to time constraints, mini sessions are not available to babies younger than 3 months of age.  Mini sessions are perfect for updating your family images, documenting a new milestone, or capturing images for holiday cards and gifts, or if you’ve never had a custom portrait session and would like to try it out.  Sessions last about 20-30 minutes and will result in 8-12 final images.  Exclusive digital and print collections are available for this event as well.


And the best part, a $50 donation will be made to charity: water for each collection purchased. charity: water is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations. I also love that 100% of public donations given to the charity: water organization go directly toward funding clean water solutions (overhead and salary monies come from private donors and foundations).  For more information, please visit


Please contact me at to book your mini session or for more information.  I look forward to hearing from you!

Sigh.  My sweet, darling baby girl turned one yesterday.  I cannot believe it was just one year ago that she came into this world–and it’s such a nicer place to be with her in it.  More images to come, but I had to quickly post a little taste of how we spent our Sunday (after church, of course).

Because, what’s a birthday without a cake?


And when you make that much of a mess, you have to take a bath;).


Baby girl,

There are still no words for how much I adore you.  The joy you bring to each day still surprises me.  Thank you for all that you are.

Love, Mom