At 16 days, sweet baby Tomi was pushing the limits of guaranteed newborn-ness.  He didn’t really settle into a deep sleep as easily as a younger baby might have, and he was touchier than most of my newborns.  But he was still perfect.  I think 4 years ago, a session like this might have stressed me out.  There was a much higher feeding/soothing/snuggling/shushing/settling to shooting ratio during this session.  Four years ago, I would have been sitting there wondering. Wondering if he would ever settle down. Wondering if I would be able to get the poses I wanted.  Wondering if I would be able to capture enough images for his mama.  Four years ago I would have worried and felt impatient and discouraged.  But that was four years ago.

Instead, I drank in his newness.  I stared at his long lashes and full lips and darling curls.  I snuggled him.  I enjoyed every minute with Tomi and his big brother and his beautiful mama.  Because I knew.  I knew he was perfect and the session was going perfectly for him.  We didn’t get to everything his mama and I would have liked to, but it didn’t matter, because what we got was perfect.

I am so grateful for those four years of experience.  And I am so grateful to have been able to shoot this session.

Tomi, 16 days:

Clifton Park Newborn photographer

black and white newborn photography

Saratoga newborn photographer

New York newborn photographer

This one just takes my breath away.

Saratoga newborn photography

Thank you for coming to see me, sweet boy.  You are truly perfect.

17 Responses to “Perfect – Albany, Saratoga, Clifton Park, NY Newborn Photographer”

  1. Genny says:

    Absolutely gorgeous!!! So simple and pure! Beautiful Family!!!

  2. love these images. it was worth the effort to create such beautiful artworks for this family.

  3. Amazing work! Love the little smirk and the closeup of
    the lips and the one of the family are to die for!

  4. Erin says:

    Great work. Love the family shot at the end! Gorgeous!

  5. So sweet.Love that last image!

  6. tina says:

    WOW. Just wow! That last image is AMAZING!!!! What a beautiful family.

  7. Julia says:

    jess, that family shot is EVERYTHING. my heart just skipped a beat.

  8. Lina says:

    Just adorable! Such a sweet baby. Beautiful captures!

  9. Jenny Ruddle says:

    Oh wow what an adorable baby and those lips are gorgeous!!!

  10. Lisa Kelly says:

    The image of mum with the children is absolutely stunning!!!! Beautiful work.

  11. alej keigan says:

    wow, these are ALL so great. multiple “really, really amazing need to have it on the walls” images like this is rare!

  12. Julie says:

    so gorgeous! What a beautiful baby and family!

  13. oh my.. that last image is to die for!!!! What a gorgeous baby and family!!!!

  14. Beautiful! Especially love the last one!

  15. alpana says:

    Love the images! Such a beautiful baby.

  16. Corey Sewell says:

    Absolutely beautiful work, Jessica!

  17. awesome newborn portraits!

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