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Itty bitty Nava was such a sweet, mellow little thing, I could have photographed her all day.  She celebrated her 1-week birthday about an hour into her session.  I am not entirely sure her mom and dad realize just how lucky they are.  On second thought, I am fairly certain they do:).

Nava, 7 days:

Clifton Park newborn photographer

New York newborn photographer

Saratoga newborn photographer

Albany newborn photographer

New York newborn photography

Thanks for coming to see me little lady, hugs!

Pure bliss.  That is how I feel about being Eva’s mother.  At least, that’s how I feel in the daytime after a good night, right after she’s eaten and is all smiles and cuddles and trying new things and growing up while still staying small.

I’m a pretty lucky girl.

Brand new little babies will always, always hold a tender spot in my heart and probably be my favorite sessions because they all allow me to take my time and really craft a wonderful image.  But older babies, I don’t know.  There is just something magical about getting to know a person just as she is figuring out who she is and who she wants to be–something about learning that she truly wants to be happy, that she just can’t wait to eat what’s on everyone else’s plate and play with everyone else’s toys, that she finds joy figuring out how to get around, that’s she’s completely ticklish but doesn’t yet know she’s supposed to laugh, and that she likes funny noises but after a while they get a little bit scary.  It’s amazing to be recognized as the source of all things comforting and to know that the hollow between your chin and shoulder is someone’s very most favorite place to be.  There’s nothing quite like looking at your baby and catching glimpses of the rest of her life.  You want to hold on and make time stop, and you want to jump ahead and see who she will be 5, 10, 20 years from now.

My heart is so full of words that my fingers can’t seem to type.

Eva, 6 months:





Her mouth still kills me.













75% of her day is spent like this–trying to figure out how to move forward:).




And how I knew it was time to stop for the day:


Eva at 1 week:


…and 6 months (disclaimer–this is a composite.  Daddy was right there, but in the interest of preserving his dignity, I will not be posting the image of him in pajama pants kneeling by the stool, hands barely inches away spotting her):

Saratoga baby photographer

More and more every day baby girl. Every day, I love you more.


6 months today, and I fall more in love with her every minute  More to come, but one little peek for right now:).

Eva, 6 months:

Albany baby photographer

When little Addison arrived at my studio last week, I couldn’t stop smiling.  Not only did she come all the way from Connecticut to come see me, but she was absolutely darling with her perfect skin, full lips, wide eyes, and her wild hair.  I just love photographing older babies–it always reminds me of watching my own infants grow and turn into the little people they are meant to be.  It doesn’t get much cuter than this.

Baby Addison, 5 months:

Albany baby photographer

Albany newborn photography

Clifton Park baby photographer

Saratoga baby photographer

Saratoga baby photography

Clifton Park baby photography

Come back and play any day, baby girl!

So much love for something so small.  13 days and 6 pounds of perfection.  Sigh.

Baby Armand, 13 days:

Albany newborn photographer

Clifton Park newborn photographer

New York newborn photographer

Saratoga newborn photography