My baby girl is two weeks old today–I am not sure I can handle it, the time is just flying by so quickly.  And we are falling more and more in love with her every day.  These images were taken just over a week ago, and already Eva is changing, filling out, and growing.  It can be hard to be motivated to shoot every day when the photographer is also the mama who just gave birth, but (like with Jack) I am so, so glad to have pushed through the exhaustion.  And I am so, so grateful for a family that indulges me in my crazy ideas:).

Evangeline, 5 days:








I always love these “raise your hand if you’re cute” shots:).



Eva, 6 days:



As you know, we’ve been calling baby girl “Lemonhead” for months.  I just couldn’t resist commissioning this darling hat from the talented Kristi Kaspar of Chickyloo Custom Knits to commemorate that very first nickname.  More of our little Lemonhead to come later:).



10 Responses to “Days 5 and 6 – Albany, Saratoga, Clifton Park Newborn Photographer”

  1. Angela says:

    Gorgeous shots!! Love her lips and sweet face :)

  2. Kristen Cook says:

    She is just heavenly Jessica! Love her so :) Congratulations again x

  3. Erin May says:

    I just love her! The purple tones from the hat and blanket are GORGEOUS. I love the “raise your hand if you’re cute” shots too!!!

  4. She is just gorgeous!! and well, your photography is just stunning! xxoo

  5. Janice says:

    So precious! You are a rock star pushing through and taking shots every day! What a wonderful way to capture her first two weeks! Love the purple tones! Just gorgeous!

  6. Leandra says:

    I love her in purple. Love your dainty little lady, thanks for sharing her.

  7. Julie Lewis says:

    gorgeous work and baby girl!!

  8. cherron says:

    I just love her little lips. She’s so gorgeous.

  9. Laurie says:

    She is so beautiful. Great job mama.

  10. Love the little fuzz on her arms! So new!!!

    LOVE the purple set up, Jess! And just adore that lemonhead hat!!!

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