So, here we are at 37+ weeks and I finally had the chance to take some pictures of my belly with my family.  That was the last thing on the “must do” list before Lemonhead’s arrival, so we are good to go any time:).  I want to express my thanks to my wonderful family who are always so kind and patient with me and my crazy ideas.  My darling husband shot most of these shots (lots of bringing me the camera so I could check things out and adjust the light, pose, composition, etc.) and my wonderful mother shot the rest.  It’s always hard as a photographer to be on the other side of the lens, I think.  But I know, I KNOW how grateful I will continue to be that we spent the time to find clothes and to take these images.  As a young mother of just one or two kids, everything felt so epic that I never thought I would forget any of the motherhood stuff.  Now, as a perpetually sleep-deprived not-as-young mother of almost 5, I realize that my memory is unreliable at best.  What a blessing to live in a day when photographs are so readily available.  I am so grateful for what I am able to do to capture the milestones in my own life and in the lives of my beautiful clients.  I am a lucky, lucky girl:).

Lemonhead, 37 weeks:















To my sweet baby-girl-to-be, we are ready and we cannot wait to meet you! You are already more loved than you can possibly know.

Anyone wanna guess when she’ll be here?

12 Responses to “Home Stretch – Albany, Saratoga, Clifton Park Maternity Photographer”

  1. Rachael says:

    Oh my goodness, what a gorgeous family! Beautiful photos!

  2. jill hardy says:

    you are stunning & your whole family is gorgeous, wow! Can’t wait to “see” her!

  3. Angela says:

    Gorgeous! Just absolutely stunning! Love that you do this with your family!

  4. Jess, you and your family are just gorgeous! Best of luck!! I’m going to guessing August 29th. :)

  5. Salina J says:

    You look beautiful! What beautiful portraits of you and your family. Best of luck on the upcoming birth of baby #5!

  6. Leandra says:

    Such a gorgeous family… that little lemonhead sure is lucky to be a part of it. I love the silly family pic.

  7. Kerry Wrenn says:

    I love the one of you guys all laughing!! Maybe little lemonhead will come on Henry’s birthday -August 27th :)

  8. Michelle says:

    Simply gorgeous with every new addition Jessica,
    Your family is perfect and these shots are amazing.
    Best of luck in the newest adventure!

  9. Rhonda says:

    you look amazing .. and i love the nickname for your little one!

  10. christine says:

    completely fabulous!! you have an adorable family!

  11. Wow these are great! Do you keep having kids so you have more baby subjects? (I have four) LOL What a great family you have!!!! LOVE the last one (silhouette). They are all so cute!

    I can totally relate. I tried to take a picture of myself the other day and thought, “My arms are just not long enough!” LOL Keep up the great work and good luck for a smooth delivery!!!

  12. Janice says:

    Jess, you are just the epitome of grace and beauty during pregnancy. You have such a beautiful family and I can’t wait to see the new family images with little miss lemonhead!

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