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Crickets… that’s what you will be hearing from my blog over the next couple of weeks as I (finally) have a chance to go home to Washington to visit my family for pretty much the first time since we moved here over three years ago.  While away, I will also be visiting with some colleagues in both the Bay area of California and the south-eastern part of Ireland, and I can’t wait.  When I return, I have just a handful of things to finish up (including a newborn session to shoot!) before beginning my maternity leave in preparation for the arrival of my own 5th baby (lovingly known as “Lemonhead”).  So, if things are a little dead around here, that would be why:).

To clients who have already placed orders: your products should be on their way to your homes, with the exception of coffee table books which will arrive at the studio while I am away.  I will contact you when the studio reopens at the end of July to arrange the pick-up of your books–I can’t WAIT to see them all!

To clients waiting on galleries: I will try to have those up just as soon as I can after my return, either late July or early August.

To prospective clients hoping to schedule a maternity or newborn session (a session that cannot be postponed): If you are due from late September to early November, feel free to contact me.  We can discuss the possibility of holding a session, however, I will not be solidly booking newborn and maternity sessions until November.  Also, if you are looking for a referral for a photographer you can trust with your newborn portraits and the timing doesn’t work out for us, I would be happy to give you the names of my talented colleagues:).

To prospective clients hoping to book something other than a maternity or a newborn session: I will be booking baby sessions again in January of 2012 and outdoor family and child sessions beginning in mid-late April of 2012.

That’s about it for now.  Hopefully, my pregnancy self survives flying multiple thousands of miles in the third trimester, part of the time with my four kids and no husband, and returns energized and ready to close everything out before Lemonhead arrives.  Once she does, I have no doubt I will more than make up for my lack of posting.  Proud mama and all that:).

Have a lovely, lovely summer!

Joy is what I feel every time William comes to see me.  I think his newborn session is still one of my favorites.  We could have finished his 9-month session in 10 minutes, he was so, so happy.  His one-year session was equally joyful–what a blessing he must be to his wonderful parents!  In preparing for his session, his mom and I talked about doing the traditional cake smash as a part of the session, but as the day approached, she informed me that he didn’t really like cake.  What does he like?  Broccoli.  So, of course, we had to do my first ever 1st birthday broccoli smash!  So very fun.

William, one year:





William, you can come see me anytime.  I promise to keep the broccoli on hand for when you do:).

For a while it seemed as though this was the session that was not to be.  Originally scheduled for last fall and then rescheduled twice this spring due to New York’s unpredictable weather, we finally made it out.  I had already met sweet baby Sawyer last summer when she came for her newborn session, and I just fell in love with her and her gorgeous mama.  I was so excited to meet and work with the rest of her family.  I was a little bit nervous because poor baby Sawyer woke up out of sorts the day before and is usually in bed by the time our session started, but she did so, so well.  Melissa knew just how to keep everything fun and low-key for her kids so we could just hang out together and capture the love that emanates from this amazing family.  We talked before the session about how all the stress of a family portrait session should take place before the session ever starts.  The hardest part is just choosing the clothing and getting everyone ready.  Once the session starts, though, it’s time to have fun–and that’s what we did.


Darling baby Sawyer, 9 months:



Super fun and silly Cooper, 4years:



Austin with his stealth kisses (totally his idea), 4 years:



Breathtakingly beautiful Sydney (even though their coloring is different, she looks so much like her mama), 8 years:




Melissa, I am so glad everything finally worked out–I had such a blast with your family!  The perfect evening.

I first met Joey when he was a mere 6 days old.  He was not so sure he liked having his portrait taken so he came back again two days later.  It was so much fun to see how much he’s grown over the past year.  He’s still Joey, though.  I recognized him right away.  And I think he’s still not 100% sure about the whole portrait thing, but we caught some great moments anyway:).  The best news?  He’s going to be a big brother next year!

Joey, 1 year (almost):





Thanks for coming back to see me, little man!