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Just a fun visual update on our little Lemonhead (who the girls are starting to call “Mango” now–apparently we’ve done a good job keeping them away from old episodes of Saturday Night Live because they don’t really understand why I can’t use that name).

I can say with 100% certainty that my body knows exactly how to stretch out to accommodate baby #5–I’m waddling around already:).






So, so much thanks to my baby sister Stephanie who took these for me.  She’s a photography major at BYU and I just can’t wait until she graduates and I can convince her to come live with me and shoot with me all the time.  3 weeks is not long enough–we miss her already!


Isn’t she gorgeous?!

Seriously, these babies that have been coming to visit me lately are making me even more impatient to meet my own little one in just a few short months.  I am not sure they come any more handsome than baby Bruce, who just blew me away with his darling mouth, long lashes and beautiful dark hair.  I was so sad to hand him back to mom and dad at the end of the session, but simply overjoyed for them to start on this indescribable journey of parenthood.  He is perfection.

Baby Bruce, 9 days:




Thank you for coming so far to spend the day with me–it was an absolute pleasure to meet you!

That’s what my little inner two-year old self feels like shouting every time I finish a session with Miss Rhiannon.  She is always such a delight and the epitome of cuteness every time I see her and we have so much fun together.  I could say more, but honestly, I think the images speak for themselves:).

Blowing kisses, MWAH!




Rhiannon, you are growing into such a delightful and lovely little girl–come and play again soon, okay?  Mwah!

Gosh, how happy these images make my heart:).  I just adore this little sweetheart.  Mary-Katherine has grown so, so much since her newborn session last year, and I wasn’t sure it was possible, but she gets cuter by the day.  She’s a bit of a tough nut to crack, but with mama and three big sisters helping me sing songs and get her engaged, we captured some beautiful images.  I just love the soft pink and cream of her outfit with the bright spring green and the blossoms.  So much prettiness.

Mary-Katherine, 1 year:





Big squishy hugs to you, my love!

I know, I know, I said I was only taking maternity, newborn, and baby sessions this year.  I do have a couple of sessions over the next little bit that were requested as long ago as last spring, and despite the fact that there’s already a bit of a waddle to my pregnant step, I am so grateful for the chance to get outside and shoot again.  What can I say about this amazing family?  Just that I love them to pieces.  Over the past few years, our families have become such good friends and I know my family is going to be so sad when they leave for their next adventure.  On top of that, I have had the extreme pleasure of watching this family grow over the years, from their stunning mama, to sweet baby girl here, here, and here, and even big brother and sister.

We decided to shoot at one of my favorite locations–Lindsey’s Orchard in the midst of apple blossom season.  Scheduling these sessions can be so tricky since the flowers only last a few days and springtime weather in New York is unpredictable at best.  Usually, I just have to stalk to orchard and when I see flowers, we set up the session for the next day or two.  It worked out perfectly this year.  So we headed out for some fun:).



I don’t know what Dad said here, but I am guessing it was pretty good:).





Guys, thanks for a perfect evening!