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When Jessica came in for her maternity session last month, she brought in an ultrasound picture of Maddox.  I could tell then that he was going to be adorable, but when he arrived for his session I just couldn’t get over what a cutie he is with that dark hair and those squishy cheeks.  I am head-over-heals:).

Baby Maddox, 7 days.





Gosh, he’s cute guys.  Thanks for sharing him with me for a few hours!

Ah, what more can I say about sweet baby Ella than that she, at 6 days old, is pure baby perfection.  So delicate and feminine and just a joy to spend the afternoon with.  At just over 6 pounds and 18 inches, she reminded me so much of my own baby girl #2 who arrived at nearly that size over six and a half years ago.  I get such a rush from every single newborn session I shoot (ask my poor husband who *gets* to hear my post-session debrief as I rush out to pick my own children up at the end of every session), but every now and then I get to come away from a session feeling completely rejuvenated.  This was one of those sessions.

Baby Ella, 6 days:



Ella’s grandma had these adorable cupcakes made for mommy Kirsten’s baby shower–aren’t they adorable?




James and Kirsten, thank you so much for sharing your baby girl with me–I think she’s a keeper:).

I love my job.  I absolutely love everything about meeting new families and sharing in their excitement and they welcome new little people into their families.  I love how raw and real and immediate those feelings are in a new family–the excitement, the nerves, the pure adoration.  I get a little fluttery feeling in my stomach whenever a new baby comes to see me in the studio as I think about what each baby will be like and who he or she will turn out to be.

So… imagine all those feelings and then multiply them by about 5,000 and you will understand what has been going through my heart and mind over the past few months as I have been getting used to the fact that baby Washburn #5 is on the way.  A little bit of terror, quite a deal of exhaustion and nausea, and a lot of excitement.



I am officially in my second trimester and baby #5 is due to arrive the first week of September, but if things go as they historically have for me, we should be a family of 7 by mid- to late-August.  What does that mean?  Well, for me it means a whole heap of things that I probably don’t need to get into right here and now. For my clients, it means that I will not be shooting any sessions in August or September, but may take limited newborn sessions beginning mid-October through the end of the year.  It means that I may need a little bit of patience as I tend to need way more sleep that usual and don’t have as many working hours in my day.  It means that there should be way too many darling baby posts coming your way this summer and fall:).

In the meantime, I am back from vacation and things are up and running again.  Many, many March babies are coming up and I can’t wait to meet them all.  Until then, here’s a little bit of warmth captured in South Carolina and brought back home to the frigid, wet, not-quite-spring-yet Northeast.