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Ah, what can I say about baby Jozef?  Only that he reminded me just how much I love 6-month olds.  Seriously, what a delightful little guy he is!  I am just going to let the images show you what I mean:).

Jozef, 6 months:




Jozef, thank you for coming to play–I am still smiling:).

Don’t do it or you might miss something.  That first year of parenting flies by so quickly, and it seems as though you are in a constant game of tug-o-war — so excited for each new step, but desperately clinging to and savoring every bit of babyhood.

I feel so blessed and honored to have taken part in that oh, so important first year for little Rhiannon.  What a joy it’s been to watch her grow into the sweet little girl she is becoming.  Her mom came up with this darling idea to incorporate mom and dad’s hands in each session and I absolutely loved it.  What a beautiful way to showcase each milestone!


This was her mama’s coat and bonnet–LOVE!


Just gonna let the cuteness speak for itself:).



5:06 p.m.


5:08 p.m.


5:16 p.m.

Saratoga-baby-photographyNice work, little one!

Miss Rhiannon, you have brought such loveliness and joy to this past year to everyone who knows you.  You are loved and adored more than you can possibly understand.  It’s been a privilege sharing this time with you.  XOXO!