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I knew after my last two newborn sessions with little baby boys who made nary a peep through their entire sessions that the streak couldn’t last.  I wasn’t too worried though.  Unlike with my own sweet darling children, my patience with tiny clients is nearly limitless.  So when I get a challenge like sweet baby Mackenzie–full of personality and determined not to miss the party–I know it’s just a matter of time before she succumbs to the warmth and the white noise and the forehead rubbing.  And so it was with her session.  We caught some fun awake and detail shots before she finally called it quits and gave in to her sleepiness so we could capture all her curly, peaceful perfection.

Baby Mackenzie, 10 days.

Sleep, what’s that?


Mama brought this darling little hand-knit pumpkin hat–so sweet!






Miss Mackenzie, you are one of the sweetest, and possibly the best dressed, baby girls I have had the pleasure to meet–thanks for a wonderful day!

I am, that is, not sweet baby Joey.  Although, if he keeps it up with the cuteness he may be well on his way to being spoiled as well.  But for right now, I am just getting spoiled by darling baby boys who sleep so sweetly through their whole sessions and I couldn’t be happier.  Joey isn’t actually due for another couple of weeks, and I was so excited when I got the call that he had arrived–I couldn’t wait to meet him.  Now you can too:).

Baby Joey, 7 days:






Joey, you are just the sweetest thing–thanks for coming and completely making my whole day:).

It’s always such a joy to photograph a family that is so full of love and also fully invested in their portrait session.  Mom did such a great job pulling together their clothes and planning for her family’s session.  It proved to be a little chilly for baby girl, so after a bit of playing and snuggling in the field, we moved the remainder of the session back to the studio where it was a bit warmer and where our new little crawler could get down and explore a bit.  To paraphrase a wonderful poem by Robert Burns (yep, calling on that 9th-grade Honors English now), “The best-laid plans of mice and men, often go awry.”  But… with a little flexibility, some creativity, and a lot of energy, just about any obstacle can be overcome and we captured some beautiful images:).






I had such a great time meeting you guys–thanks for a beautiful evening!