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At the beginning of August I had the supreme pleasure of attending a get-together in North Carolina with over 20 other photographer.  Some of us have know each other for upwards of 3 years, but most of us had never met in person.  It was about a year ago when the idea was first presented of planning a weekend get-together of shooting, learning, and socializing, and I have to admit I originally just wrote the idea off.  I mean, it sounded like a lot of fun, but I would have a new little baby and I just didn’t see how it would work for me this year.  Of course, as the plans became solidified and the group’s enthusiasm grew, I knew I had to try and make it happen.  Plus, I am married to a super-dad who never balks at flying solo with our crazy darling children:).

I am so, so glad I changed my mind.  I can’t imagine having missed out on the opportunity to meet so many fabulous, kind, and talented women:).  In addition, I was so excited to shoot with and learn from my peers and friends that I respect so much.  I am beyond grateful to everyone who made the trip happen, to my family for supporting me, and to Jack who only screamed half of the time;).

The first evening I was able to work with an absolutely gorgeous mama-to-be who was totally comfortable in front of the camera and just naturally stunning to boot.

black-and-white-photographyMy friend Laurie Sachs caught this image of me working with them:


The next morning we had the opportunity to photograph some older children–an age I don’t get to shoot very often.  It was so much fun!

That afternoon we headed inside to work with some darling, darling newborns.  My good friend Keri Walters and I led the studio portion of the newborn shoot and it just reminded me again how incredibly enjoyable it is to photograph little babies with another skilled photographer who just steps in and knows exactly what is needed in a second pair of hands.

First up is 16-day old Brooklyn.  She was just such a darling little girl with the most beautiful hair, gorgeous lips, and perfect skin–I could hardly stand it!

And another “behind the scenes” shot caught by my friend Melissa.


Next came baby Isaac at 15-days old.  Oh gosh, he was such a cute little thing and his parents were just gorgeous too!

And here’s the group:

Thanks ladies–I loved every minute!  And honey, see, they’re not middle-aged, balding computer programmers, nor are they robots.  Real, wonderful, inspiring women.

Don’t ask:).

Sawyer Grace, isn’t that just the best name?  And I promise it’s not just because I have my own Isabella Grace and loooooove Grace as a middle name.  I have been looking forward to little Sawyer’s session since her mama contacted me months ago.  Mama and I both have four children and bonded over difficult baby stories–neither of us could imagine trying to do a newborn session with our first and wonderful but high maintenance babies.  Sawyer, on the other hand, was a delight.  Once we figured out her particular posing preferences, she settled right in to the session.  And the best part?  I get to see her again in a couple of months along with her (I am certain) equally darling older siblings–yay!

Without further ado, Sawyer Grace, 7 days:





I seriously get a big grin every time I look at this one–her smile is contagious:).


Sawyer, baby girl, an absolute pleasure to meet you.  Keep being your sweet self, your mama is loving every minute (I can tell)!

After many months (too many, far too many) my new website is finally complete and up and running.  I am so excited to have such a clean, beautiful way to showcase my work and all of my gorgeous clients:).  Feel free to take a look around:


The very most common thing I hear from clients after they first view the proofs from their session is, “I don’t know how I am ever going to choose which images to buy.”  I totally understand.  It’s agony for me to decide which images of my own children to edit, let alone print and hang.  I am the absolute worst about tossing images, too.  I want them all.  Every single sweet, goofy, gorgeous, heart-tugging expression.  I keep them all.  I have boxes upon boxes upon boxes of negatives from when I shot film, and album after album after album of images of my own darling children growing up.

The wonderful news is, of course, my clients don’t have to choose which images to buy because there are so many wonderful ways to purchase and enjoy all of the session images.  And, indeed, this is my goal for every session.  That each client walk away with all or most of their session images–it affects how I shoot the session, cull and sort the images, and also how they are presented for viewing.  Unlike a chain studio focused on getting as many clients through the door as quickly as possible, each and every session and every session image is given the utmost attention.  The first way to enjoy all of the images from a session is the coffee table book, easily my most popular product.

Coffee table books come in a black, foil stamped book sleeve with a custom-printed book jacket and hardbound cover.  The beautiful color, butter-soft pages, and perfect craftsmanship set these books apart from anything I have ever seen.  It’s like Christmas morning each time a package arrives at my door step, and more than once I have been sorely tempted to keep the books for myself.  Each 10×10″ book is custom designed based on the images captured at the session.  Smaller 5×5 copies are also available after the purchase of a full-size book and make wonderful gifts for grandparents–plus they are just so dang cute!

I just had a bunch of books arrive in the last little bit–a little eye candy to get you thinking about what you might want to do with your session images:).


I just adore these books!

Finally she came, and finally this sneak peek is ready.  I just got back into town and despite the fact that things are not fully unpacked and the house is still in a bit of disarray, I couldn’t wait to finally sit down and take a peek at Leah’s newborn session.  She was such a delightful little thing and just so loved by every member of her family.  It’s always a joy to photograph a family right before and right after a new baby arrives–to watch everything shift around to make room for the new little person joining it.  What a lucky family welcoming this sweet baby, what a lucky girl to join such a wonderful family, and what a lucky photographer I am to get to watch it all happen.

Leah Margaret, 8 days:





Ah, thanks for your patience, guys.  And thank you again for inviting me in to this special, special time in your family–I loved every minute!