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Just a heads-up, I will be out of the office until the first of August.  All correspondence will be returned at that time.  Hope everyone is having a FANTASTIC summer!  See you soon!

Really close.  As in 3 days overdue close.  But we made it in time and this mama-to-be was just glowing and beautiful and not at all how I tend to feel at the end of my pregnancies. She truly understands the miracle that our bodies are as they house these precious little people until they are ready to face the world.

Actually, baby Leah has already made her arrival, although we didn’t know that she would be a she at the time.  Five days after the session if I remember correctly.  Because we snuck this session in there at the last minute, I am just getting to it now that I have finished up with my June sessions.  Thanks for being so patient and here’s a little peek of what’s to come:).

I am so glad we could make this work.  Stay tuned for beautiful baby goodness coming very soon:).

It’s not often that I have the chance to photograph a 2-month old.  Sessions at two months are always a surprise.  Babies at this age are too old to count on being sleepy and curly and too young to count on being smiley and happy, but boy do I love those filled out cheeks and perfect lashes and fun expressions.  Baby Jack (I know, great name, right?) was a little bit of everything.  A little bit smiley, a little bit funny, a little bit cranky, and a little bit sleepy.  The one thing he wasn’t was a little bit loved.  His mama and daddy are so in love with this beautiful baby boy and it was so fun to listen to them talk to and interact with him.

Baby Jack, 2 months:

Cat nap #1:).

Awake to play with mama and daddy for a bit.

And back down for cat nap #2:

Jack, you are an absolute doll!  It was wonderful spending the morning with you:).

First of all, welcome to the new blog location!  Hopefully, the new website will be up soon at the old address, but until then, you can continue to enjoy all the beautiful people I get to meet over here.  Now, to the business at hand…

I knew I was going to just adore baby Avery after meeting her sweet mama and daddy at their maternity session.  Her parents were eager for her arrival even then, and I am sure that feeling of anticipation was only heightened with every day that passed, especially after her due date had come and gone.  She may have made them wait, but she was worth it.  Oh, little Avery just makes me smile.  And apparently she likes me back because she kept giving me those sweet, fleeting, perfect baby smiles throughout the session.

Avery, 7 days:

She just looks so cozy and content to me here:).

Ah, there’s another little smile.

And one for mom and dad, too.

Lauren and Geoff, I cannot imagine two people more suited for new parenthood.  Avery is lucky to have you, and you are beyond blessed to have her.  Thank you for sharing her with me for the day!