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Well, what could be more perfect than holding Miss Rhiannon Rose’s 6 month session in the Schenectady Rose Garden?  Just getting to see her again, maybe.  Every single session, she is just such a delight to spend a few hours with–such a happy, lovely, delightful little girl in every single way.

I tend to automatically think about baby sessions in black and white, especially studio sessions.  I light my baby portraits in such a way so that they will show off all those wonderful plump, round baby curves and tiny details when converted to a black and white image.  I choose blankets and backdrops, props and locations based on a final black and white image.  Knowing that my clients will want color images to really capture their sweet babies’ coloring, as well as timeless, simple black and white images, I also shoot and show color images.  Sometimes I have to remind myself to include those color images because I just love the lighting and shadowing in the black and white conversions.  For this session, however, I couldn’t bring myself to show any of these blog images in black and white because the summer color in the garden was just so, so beautiful.

Rhiannon Rose, 6 months:

Such a beautiful, lovely family!

I just can’t believe how fast she is growing up!

Gosh, I just love that funny face and the sweet shape of her mouth in this one.

I think the hardest part of this session has been deciding what to show.  I could have shown 5 times this many and still left out favorites, but there just isn’t the time or bandwidth.  Plus, mama needs some surprises to look forward to:).  Rhiannon, a delight, as always.  Can’t wait to see you again and get some more snuggles in a few months!

If my last newborn could be nicknamed Mr. Mellow, this little guy would have to be Mr. Feisty.  Boy, did he keep me on my toes! Sweet as pie and just adorable, but so, so awake and particular about how he wanted to sleep.  Eventually, I caught on to the message he was trying to send and just let him pose himself–much happier baby:).  There is no substitute for flexibility and patience when it comes to working with these perfect, new little people.

Joey, 6 and 8 days:).

Could anything be more darling?

Don’t let the yawn fool you–Joey was NOT going to let a little thing like sleep cause him to miss the party;).

Even the most determined newborn can’t hold out forever:).

Couldn’t be sweeter or more loved (look at his gorgeous grandma who traveled all the way from Costa Rica!):

Thanks for coming to play, little man–so wonderful to meet you!

Do you remember the Mr. Men and Little Miss books by Robert Hargreaves?  I loved them as a kid and my own girls have just discovered them.  Well, I couldn’t help thinking that were one to be written about baby William, it would have to be titled Mr. Mellow.  What a calm, sweet, peaceful little guy he was.  He was so content the whole session and an absolute delight to photograph.  Didn’t hurt that he was a strikingly beautiful baby, either.  Perfect baby skin, plump lips, dark hair, and lashes for days.  Such a joy to spend the morning with.

William, 10 days:

Sigh, so perfect.

Mwah, kisses right back at you baby boy:).

Meghan and Mike, that is a special little guy you have there.  Thank you for sharing him with me for the day.

Anxious.  Impatient.  Excited.  All of the above.  This mom and dad-to-be couldn’t be more ready or excited for their daughter to arrive, or more in love with her than they already are.  Sweet, fun, and gorgeous–yep, I can’t wait to meet their little girl in a few short weeks.

Short for me, at least;).

Avery, we’re all counting the days–can’t wait to meet you, baby girl!

The weekend before last I had the supreme pleasure of traveling to Syracuse to meet Allison Rumble, a fabulous photographer and new mom to two of the tiniest, sweetest little girls I have ever seen.  Knowing how hard it was to photograph baby Jack after a very easy delivery, I couldn’t imagine trying to photograph twins after months of bedrest and a cesarean section.  I hoped that my schedule would allow me the opportunity to make the trip to finally meet Allison in person and to help her capture some images of her girls while they were still sleepy and tiny.  Avery and Emmy were monoamniotic twins, meaning they shared an amniotic sac, and were delivered at 34 weeks.  I met them on day 16 and they were weighing in at 4 pounds 5 ounces and 4 pounds 10 ounces respectively, and absolutely darling.  It’s quite possible that I might not ever meet such itty bitty people again and it was a joy to spend the day with them.

Allison and I are both fans of Carrie Sandoval and Brittany Woodall of Baby as Art, and this was my first opportunity to photograph twins since attending their workshop.  We tried to channel a bit of their amazing ability to show the connection between these little babies who began their lives as closely entwined as two people can be.  It was an honor and a privilege to be a part of capturing this sweet relationship, one that is already many months old.

Avery and Emmy, 16 days:

Little big sister Avery (born first but just a bit smaller) on the left, big little sister Emmy on the right:

Emmy on the left, Avery on the right:).

Avery on the left, Emmy on the right:

Emmy with her gorgeous mama:

And some with Avery too:

I just love ending a session with a smile:).

Allison, it was just wonderful to meet you.  You are truly a beautiful person inside and out.  Thank you so, so much for sharing your perfect little ones with me–I loved every minute!