Wow, so almost all of my May babies are showing up early.  And different amounts of early, so they are all arriving within days of each other.  What does this mean?  It means I am basking almost daily in the sweet joy of newborn perfection and loving every minute of it.  What else does this mean?  It means that pretty much everything is behind schedule right now.  Please know, if you are waiting on a sneak peek, a gallery, or an order, that I am doing my best to get everything done as quickly as possible.  I appreciate your patience as I accommodate these brand new little people who so often have schedules entirely their own.

Baby#1 of 5 for this week is sweet Gracie Charlotte.  She surprised her parents by showing up on Mother’s Day almost 2 full weeks early–what a perfect way to celebrate the holiday.  Her parents are just so completely in love with their “lil’ peach” – I am not sure I’ve ever met a more smitten new father.  And she was just as fuzzy and soft and sweet as her nickname implies.

Gracie Charlotte – 9 days:

Gosh, I just love that little pout!

Grandma made Gracie this beautiful hat:).

Thank you, darling girl, for coming to visit–it was a joy!

23 Responses to “Lil’ Peach – Albany, Saratoga, Clifton Park Newborn Photographer”

  1. Shannon Dodd says:

    BEAUTIFUL baby girl and you captured her so well- gorgeous shots!

  2. Keri says:

    She is beautiful! Gorgeous work as always Jess!

  3. Tina says:

    Beautiful job Jess! Your skills are amazing! What a sweet little lady

  4. Katherine says:

    These are beautiful! Great job!

  5. Angela says:

    Pure sweetness! Love them all!

  6. Gorgeous work! She is such a beautiful little baby. Love them all!

  7. Alecia Silva says:

    Those LIPS! Such a gorgeous baby – and as usual, love your beautiful lighting :)

  8. I am ALWAYS in awe of your stuff. Gorgeous. Just gorgeous. Is it possible for you to take a bad photo? LOVE your stuff!

  9. kati says:

    oh love! wow,is she beautiful!

  10. melissa says:

    absolutely beautiful! love the last one, and that hat is so cute! :)

  11. sophie crew says:

    Aww, what a precious little one! I love #2. How beautiful!!

  12. Cherron says:

    She is so darling.

  13. tammy says:

    Randy and Holly, She is beautiful. Can’t wait to meet her in person.

  14. April says:

    Beautiful as always! The wrap one made me gasp it is so pretty!

  15. You did an amazing job! these are all wonderful- I LOVE the second shot! perfection!

  16. Lina says:

    Jessica, those are beautiful! I adore the first image, ADORE!

  17. oh, i just love these! beautiful work!!

  18. omg the picture with the baby in a purple fabric is soooo amazing! so soft and pure!

  19. Jennifer says:

    Love the last photo! Just precious!

  20. Aunt Tracey says:

    Randy & Holly,

    She is just beautiful. What a precious little angel you have been blessed with.

  21. Love them all, but the wrap made my heart sing. Gorgeousness Jess.

  22. Natascha F says:

    Alex says your baby is very cute, cuddly, and loveable and that she looks like you.

    The pictures are gorgeous, just like the baby. As soon as I saw her, I thought she looks like you. Congratulations!

  23. Gloria says:

    She is the cutest baby girl ever! Great photos!

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