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I cannot express how ready I was for this downright balmy weather we’ve had the past few days!  And while we may not be able to say goodbye to winter for good here in the Capital Region just yet, it’s time to start dreaming of crocuses, forsythia, and apple blossoms.  The fabulous people at Lindsey’s Orchard here in Clifton Park have generously granted me permission to use their property for some mini-sessions while their gorgeous trees are in bloom this year.

Mini sessions will be a fabulous way to allow as many families as possible the opportunity to take advantage of the short time the trees are in blossom.  If you have never experienced a custom photography session, they are also a great way to try one out.  Mini sessions last 30-45 minutes, are never rushed, and yield approximately 10-12 proofs.  Blossoming apple orchards are almost magical in their beauty and I have so many fun ideas for how to emphasize that in these sessions.  To see how beautiful the orchard looked last year, click here.

If you are interested in booking a mini session, contact me quickly.  Only a few of these sessions will be available and when they are booked, they’re booked.

So, if you ask a photographer specializing in babies what her favorite stage to photograph is, she will most likely say newborns.  There’s just something about being able to capture that sweet, fleeting, straight-from-creation newness that makes us get all giddy inside.  If you ask us our next favorite stage, 9 times out of 10 it’s going to be the sitting-but-not-yet-crawling phase.  Babies between 6 and 7 months love to smile, they adore their parents, they are awake and cheerful for longer periods of the day, they make all kinds of fun sounds and faces, and they can’t run away from you!

Again, my sweet darling boy is here to remind me to just enjoy being his mom rather than his photographer, as he started crawling 4 weeks ago and is just now, just barely beginning to sit unassisted.  What does this mean?  It means that I get about 4 seconds after sitting him down before he takes off crawling after a sister, a toy, my lights or me.  How long does it take me to sit him down, move back, lie down on the ground, pick up my camera and focus?  Around 4.5 seconds.  It’s as if he is non-verbally saying to me, “Mom, repeat after me, ‘Jack is a person, not a prop.  He is not here to fulfill your photographic flights of imagination.  He is here to cuddle and snuggle and tickle and love.”  And he is.  And I do.

So here he is in all his 6-month, crawling-but-not-yet-sitting glory.  My darling boy:

Gosh, I love that grin:).

Yeah, he pretty much wants to stand up right now.

This was taken 0.01 seconds before he launched forward and crawled off:).

See my muscles? I am more than just a pretty face:).

This was the view I saw most often: “See ya later, Mom!”

And finally, a sitting shot.  Looking a little bit like a frog, but still oh, so very cute!

Oh, baby boy!  Love you so much, it hurts sometimes!

So, I had the absolute pleasure of meeting this gorgeous mama and her darling boy on Saturday.  She wanted to surprise her husband for his birthday–what a great birthday gift!  I hear someone has a few preconceived notions about pregnancy that I think may be about to change:).  Baby boy #1 and I bonded over fruit snack, dinosaurs, and Dum-Dums and I am so excited to see him become a big brother to his baby brother-to-be.  I know I have loved watching my own girls be each others’ best friends.  Mom, you are in for a treat!

People told me when I was pregnant with Jack that there is an extra-special bond between a little boy and his mommy. You, know what?  They’re right.  This next image just about sums that up for me.

And a few of just Mom.  Um yeah, it’s all just baby in there–she looks fabulous!

I seriously don’t think she could be any more gorgeous.

Thanks for a fabulous session!  Can’t wait to meet the little guy:).