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She was and she did.  She knew how done Mommy was with being pregnant and decided to show up quickly and just a bit early.  She even timed her arrival so she could spend a day in the hospital with her almost-next-door-neighbor and future best friend (check back for her newborn images in a few days).

She knew Mommy wanted some fabulous newborn images and she slept like a dream.

She knew how much Mommy loves darling accessories and was happy to model.

Meet Emma Grace–4 days and 7 pounds of perfection:

I’m not sure there could be a more loving and excited big sister–she fit into her new role so perfectly:

Just love Daddies and their baby girls:).

And the whole family:

It’s been such a pleasure watching your family grow–congratulations, she’s just beautiful!

I have been so anxious to meet baby Nadia ever since her beautiful mama’s maternity session.  Probably not quite as anxious as her mama and papa, but very nearly so.  I was so excited when grandma called to give me the news, and then disappointed when we had to postpone the session due to a nasty stomach bug making it’s rounds through my poor family.  We recovered and rescheduled and at last I was blessed to meet this darling, darling girl.  She may have made mama wait (almost two whole weeks), but boy was she worth it!  That dark, dark hair, perfect chub and the cutest chin dimple ever–I hear she gets it from grandpa.  It’s is truly an honor to be invited to share in this special beginning with a new family, and I feel beyond blessed every single time.

Such a simple shot, but one of my new favorites of all time:

Mama, you did great work.  It is hard to believe she’s real, but she is and she’s all yours!  Thanks for sharing her with me for a few hours:).

Sweet little Rhiannon Rose came back to see me for her 3-month portraits, and I didn’t think it was possible but she is even more darling than ever.  The sweetest little face, those looong lashes, tons of light-up-the-room smiles, and just the perfect amount of squishy baby roundness to the cheeks.  Oh dear, are mom and dad in for it when she grows up!

But for now, she’s all theirs… and simply perfect.

I just about died when mama pulled out this sweet outfit from Lollipops Children’s Shop in Latham–so sweet!

A couple with her gorgeous mama:

Oh, she’s just killing me with those big grins!

Miss Rhiannon, it was pure delight seeing how much you have grown.  I can’t wait to see you again in a few more months – I already have some fun plans:).

She was truly delightful!  It’s been a while since I have photographed a baby as old as darling Elena and I almost forgot how fun a one-year old can be.  She showed up asleep and I was a tiny bit nervous even though Mom assured me that she doesn’t wake up cranky.  Goodness!  She was a little dream.  All smiles and goofy expressions and curiosity and opinions and delight.  It made me even more excited to watch Jack grow into this age full of discovery and personality.

I am having quite a difficult time narrowing images down for the gallery, but here are a few for now.

These next two just kill me–I believe this is the first one-year old arabesque on demi-pointe I have ever seen!

Ah, there’s the face I saw the majority of the session!

Elena, it was truly delightful meeting you, Mommy and big sister.  Thanks so much for coming to play!

Almost here, that is.  My beautiful maternity client from Saturday is due in just two weeks – I couldn’t believe how fabulous she looks!  After seeing mom and big sister, I can’t wait to meet baby girl #2 who is certain to be a knock out!  And what a lucky little thing she is–absolutely loved and adored already:).

Thanks for all your help, Kaleigh!  See you all (very) soon!