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The name “Evangeline” means good news, and I’m sure her arrival was nothing but good news when she finally decided to make her appearance almost two full weeks late.  I think mom and dad will agree that she was worth the wait–such a darling, darling little thing.  And those plump squishy lips–perfection!  Evie started out a little feisty, but after a little food, mommy time, heat and white noise, she fell into a blissful slumber and we had so much fun together!

Evie – 7 days:

With her gorgeous mama:

Handsome daddy:

A new favorite image of a brand new family:

Oh my goodness, those squishy lips!

Even closer:

Little smile:

And my new basket I’ve been dying to try!

Evie, you were the best news I had all day:).  Thanks for coming to play!

This baby girl is just that: absolutely and 100% adored by her mama.  I don’t know that I have ever met a mother so completely in awe of and in love with her baby girl.  We talked about that moment after you have your baby when you think, “Oh my goodness, she’s mine.  I can’t believe she’s mine and I get to keep her forever.” It just gave me such a thrill to watch this new mother wonder at the life she has created–and she truly is a stunning work of art.  Baby Isla is just a little bit of perfection.  I have a feeling that “no” is going to be a difficult word to come by in this household.

Isla was awake when she showed up for her session.  Rarely have I seen a baby this little so alert, yet calm.  She definitely knew how to work the camera:).  And isn’t that sweet little mouth just begging for some kisses?

Caught a little smile!

With her beautiful, infatuated mama:).

And this just might be my very favorite from the session–just love the simplicity of it:

Erin, thank you so much for sharing your precious little one with me today.  I just loved every minute I was able to spend with her–you are a lucky, lucky woman!

I truly think there is nothing dearer to a mother’s heart than seeing how much her children love each other.  Case in point, yesterday my Julia was getting in the tub to get ready for church and asked, “Is Bella going to take a bath?”  “Yep, and Emily too.”  Her response: “Emily too?!  All my friends?!  All my friends are going to take a bath?!”  I am still smiling about it.

Saturday I had a session with the darling-est (yep, I’m going to say that’s a real word) 7-month little girl and her wonderful big brother.  You could just tell she adores him by the way her eyes just tracked him around the room.  He was so, so sweet back to her–so patient and kind and interested in her.  How lucky they are and will be to have each other as they grow up!

This one just made me giggle–he was trying to get baby sister to smile (On a side note, how fabulous are their outfits together?  Mom did such a great job!).

This is a better representation of their actual relationship:

After a few abysmal attempts on my own and some coaching from Henry, I finally made it through the whole alphabet without any mistakes–who knew my sleep-deprivation had gotten so bad?  He’s one smart cookie:).

And I could not get over gorgeous Lila’s delicious rolls, beautiful eyes, or those LIPS!  Mom and Dad are in trouble for sure.  I have his same shot w/a smile, but oh, how I love the hand placement, those wide eyes, and her little mouth in this one.

A session favorite–can you see her grabbing his foot?

Thanks for such a fun morning guys, and for alphabet lessons!

…and this is pretty much how we all feel about it:

When I asked baby girl at the airport if she was excited to go home and sleep in her own bed, she answered with a resounding, “No!”

“Well, where do you want to go?”

“I wanna go at another Hawaii!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ah, baby girl, I don’t blame you.  We had a wonderful time visiting with my parents on Kaua’i.  We almost didn’t make it, as our itinerary changed without our knowledge and we missed our flight out.  Five hours, many phone calls, and a couple of really helpful employees of both United and Alaska Air later we were on our way.  We stopped over in Seattle and stayed the night at my parents’ home (we got to see some old friends and my little sister for a few hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and arrived in Hawaii 24 hours late, but not too worse for wear.  The girls are all great travelers and Jack slept much of the various flights.  Even so, the return trip home was a little brutal–leaving Hawaii at 11:30 p.m. Friday night and getting in to Albany at 10:00 p.m. on Saturday.  I was feeling pretty much done with travel for a looong time.  However, walking out to the car in 10-degree temperatures had a little part of me thinking, “I wanna go at another Hawaii too!”

I’ve just now had a chance to catch my breath and am starting to return phone calls and emails.  A couple of galleries are due to go out, and they should be up tonight or tomorrow morning.  I am excited for all the babies I have coming up this month and can’t wait to meet them.  Keep checking back for both newborn yumminess and the little bit of warmth I was able to capture and bring back from our trip!

Despite the cold, it’s good to be home:).