So very soon, in fact.  This mama is due in just a week and a half.  I know this beautiful mom just can’t wait to meet her new little girl–neither can I, for that matter!  There is just something so wonderfully gratifying about being invited in to share in such a special and ultimately life-changing time in a person’s life.  I felt so honored that Erin chose me to document her pregnancy.  Here she is in all her pregnancy loveliness…

…but not for very much longer!

Just love all the rich, warm colors in this first one:

Erin, it was simply a pleasure.  Can’t wait to meet you, baby girl!

20 Responses to “Soon – Captial Region, NY Maternity Photographer”

  1. Karen Byker says:

    Oh, that second silhouette is FANTASTIC! I love them all…what a cute momma to be. She’s glowing!

  2. Alyssa says:

    The silhouette is superb Jessica.

  3. Angela says:

    What a beautiful mom to be :) I love the detail of the hair falling in the silhouette shot…nicely done!

  4. Lisa Little says:

    Gorgeous maternity portraits! I love the silhouette!

  5. Lovely! The mommy to be and these shots. I love the silhouette as well!

  6. Tina says:

    She is due in a week and a half?! She looks so fabulous! I too love the warm colors in the first one. I like how the tones in the bracelet and necklaces all have that same warm natural feel.

  7. Janice says:

    She has such a beautiful glow! Loved the lighting, and I love the processing of the first shot. It really accentuated her gorgeous glow.

  8. Jane Photo says:

    She is gorgeous. Love the silhouette.

  9. Heather says:

    LOVE the silhouette!!! It is stunning!

  10. Megan says:

    I agree…the 2nd shot it awesome. Great job!!

  11. Cherron says:

    I adore the first two. And I simply love how at peace she looks in the first. GOrgeous.

  12. Leandra says:

    These are so lovely. She looks amazing and so genuinely blissful. I really like what the hair strands add to the silhouette.

  13. Ketti says:

    I love how the jewelry and hair in the first image speak so much about her style. Silhouette is fabulous.

  14. Julia Wade says:

    what a beautiful mom-to-be! i am in love with the silhouette shot!!!! awesome job. i’m sure she is in love with them!!

  15. Jeanette says:

    these are lovely!

  16. Gorgeous! Love these!

  17. lindsay says:

    she looks PHENOMENAL! wow! i love, love, love that silhouette. its perfection. beautiful momma, beautiful job!

  18. April says:

    Gorgeous as usual! I love the silhouette shot!

  19. Chelsie says:

    Gorgeous Mama and beautiful pictures!! She will treasure these forever!!

  20. Melinda D says:

    What a gorgeous mama! Wonderful shots!!

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