Sweet baby Anna was not so sure about this whole portrait thing.  And, really, who can blame her?  I’d much rather be snuggled up with my mom and dad (or husband and kids) than pretty much anywhere else.  She was such a trooper, though.  I loved seeing just how much she loved her parents–and mom and dad adored her right back.  I was telling them at the session how much she reminds me of my own squishy babies.  I just loved every sweet little roll!

There were so many sweet family shots, but this one just tugs at my little heart strings.

We caught a couple smiles:).

She just loved her little piggie-toes!

Hand down, session favorite for me!

Thanks for coming to play sweetheart!  See you soon:).

26 Responses to “Sweet Girl – Schenectady, NY Baby Photographer”

  1. Lisa says:

    Awww, look how adorable she is!! Love that 3rd one!

  2. Katherine says:

    The last one is stunning! And the family shot is so sweet! Beautiful!

  3. Stephanie says:

    Great connection in the family image…you can feel the emotion. Wonderful job!

  4. April says:

    Aww…I just love the shot where she is grabbing her feet. Beautiful work, Jess!

  5. Jeanette says:

    What a little chub! So sweet. I love that last one.

  6. Salina J says:

    What a doll! You captured her amazing eyes so well. Love her headband and babylegs. The family shot is so tender, great work.

  7. Jessica H says:

    So cute!! The last image is BEAUTIFUL!

  8. Shanna says:

    Awww she is so pretty! I love the last one!

  9. Keri says:

    gorgeous! the family photo is absolutely perfect…love it!

  10. Angela says:

    What a stunning baby! Gorgeous clarity in the shots and the lighting is wonderful, as usual! Great job!

  11. aww isnt she beautiful, I just love her sparkling eyes!

  12. I think your favorite is my favorite too. Love those 6 month old shots where they’re on their back holding their feet. Just precious. Lovely!

  13. Julie says:

    Beautiful work – you even managed to capture a smile on my lil’ Anna doll’s fussy day! We anxiously await the rest.

  14. this n that says:

    These are beautiful!!! What a cutie, love her cheeks!!

  15. Laurie says:

    What a beautiful girl! These are sensational!!!

  16. lindsay says:

    what a sweetie! and sophie the giraffe is a fan favorite here too! :)

  17. Holli Dunn says:

    Jessica, this little girl is so precious you captured her beautifully!

  18. kati says:

    wonderful work jessica. That family shot, is just so sweet it really is a work of art. And that last one. her eyes tell it all!!

  19. melissa says:

    Aw, she’s gorgeous! That last one is just absolutely stunning! Beautiful work!

  20. Lina says:

    Beautiful session, such a cute family. Love your colors!

  21. Jane Photo says:

    That first shot is exquisite! She is a little honeybunch!

  22. Chris says:

    Amazing work, you really captured my sweet grand baby’s charisma! I loved them all, can’t wait to see the rest.

  23. Tina says:

    I love that family shot!

  24. mandy says:

    Your lighting is just perfect WOW. I just love the 3rd one. She is such a cutie pie. I would need that one HUGE.

  25. Lorraine says:

    Sooooo cute! Surely I will have to find my way to your home to see Anna in person!

  26. […] first met darling Anna a year and a half ago for her own six-month portraits, and was so excited to hear that I would be meeting her baby sister Molly for the same reason.  […]

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