That’s what this little one was–a pure delight.  In fact, 10 minutes into her session I had to tell her to get ornery so it wouldn’t be so hard to narrow down the amazingly cute shots.  Nine months is such a fun age to photograph–babies are sitting so well, most are crawling (an added challenge), and some even have those first little teeth poking up on the bottom.  It’s so fun to watch these babies grow up and turn into the little people they are going to be.  Here she is at 6 days and 4 months, cute as ever.  Okay, enough from me, let’s get to the images:).

I am warning you, I did a horrible job narrowing them down for the sneak peek.  You’ll just have to suffer through cute baby overload.  Deal with it:).

This darling headband from the belle and the beau went so perfectly with her sweet outfit!

I have one like this where she is smiling, but this one just makes my hear go pitter-pat;).

Gosh, I love those little teeth!


Okay, these just make me giggle–hat is from the belle and the beau too.

What can I even say about this one?  Love, love, love:).

And, finally, sweet outfits and fun accessories are all fine and good, but if you ask me, birthday suits are always the height of baby fashion:).

Thanks for coming to play!  Hugs!

23 Responses to “A Delight – NY Baby Photographer”

  1. Heather says:

    Lovely, Jess! She is a beautiful little girl! I think my favorite of the set is the one in bw of her standing up against the chair!

  2. this n that says:

    These are beautiful. She looks like such a happy baby, so fun! :0)

  3. Leandra says:

    What a gorgeous sneak peek, her family is in trouble trying to narrow down their choices. I love that close up showing her teeth, especially after looking back at her 4 month set and seeing the close up with no teeth.

  4. Angela says:

    Ok, how seriously cute!! Amazing light and clarity too…you rocked this!

  5. Tina says:

    Oh my goodness! How in the world could you narrow these down. This is “cuteness” to the extreme!

  6. Jeanette says:

    Aw – she is so beautiful!

  7. Ramsey Garza says:

    These are perfect. I love those little teeth.

  8. Lina says:

    Those two teeth are just too cute! Love it!

  9. Lauren says:

    Beautiful work! Could she be any cuter?!? Love love love the one of her peeking back over her shoulder at you, it’s just so classic :)

  10. Delphine says:

    Beautiful images. What a cute baby and you did such a wonderful job capturing her.

  11. lindsay says:

    omg! she is so happy!!! you captured her little personality so well! i feel like i was there! hee hee, makes me smile.

  12. OH my!! she is so cute! Gorgeous lighting and clarity! beautiful!

  13. kati says:

    wonderful. wow!! what personality she has. great variety jess

  14. SOO sweet!!!! just awesome as always!!

  15. oh goodness these are freakin adorable, I love the colors and the lighting, perfect! Oh and she is a little doll, so cute!!!

  16. robyn says:

    Oh, she is beautiful. This is such a wonderful session.

  17. mandy says:

    Oh can I have her! Wow…these are beautiful Jess. I just cannot pick a favorite.

  18. PamN says:

    Such a sweetie; you can tell what a happy and pleasant baby she is! Love the variety, amazing for this age!

  19. Zoe says:

    These are fantastic! What a cute little girl and you got some amazing captures!

  20. Megan says:

    So cute and full of personality. Love these!

  21. Cherron says:

    Oh, my goodness!! These are just too sweet.

  22. Jessica, absolutely stunning work, as always. I was wondering if you could email me the color seamless you use with the barn wood floor? Thanks! Krissy

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