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Why is it that the baby boys seem to blessed with the most gorgeous lashes, lips and skin?  It’s an enigma, but it’s true.  Take 3-month old baby Craig for example.  Lashes so long they almost hit his eyebrows, the cutest plump little lips, and a perfect peaches and cream complexion.  The moment he walked, or rather was carried, in the door, I knew I was just going to be in heaven drinking in his sweetness.  I can tell Mom and Grandma are completely smitten with him; who wouldn’t be?  Mom came all the way from Westchester County for Craig’s session, and we had such a fun morning.

How cute is the hat Mom brought?

I am just in love with this big grin!

Mom missed the newborn phase but was still really, really hoping for some sleeping shots, and at three months that’s a tall order.  Most babies this age won’t stay asleep for even a few shots.  A little quiet mommy-baby time, a big bottle, and lots of patience later, though, we hit the jackpot:).

See what I mean?  Lashes, lips and gorgeous complexion!

After a little nap, we snuck in a few more.

Thanks for the workout, Craig:).  Such a pleasure to meet you!

…for just so many things.  I have a job I LOVE, am married to the love of my life, and am the mother of four children I adore.  I am blessed in more ways than I can name.

I am truly humbled.

Photo by Ashley Brown, processed by me–thanks again, Ashley!

Oh, dear!  This little lady is such a, well, little lady.  I had the privilege of photographing her as a newborn, and she is still just a little peanut of a thing.  At 5 months, she only has baby Jack beat by about 2 ounces in weight, but every single ounce of her is so deliciously sweet and feminine.  I had so much fun and could just stare at those gorgeous eyes and mile-long lashes all day!

Baby Kate:

Total favorite!

When I say that we can always take a break during baby’s session for snacks, hands and feet are not usually what I mean.  They sure make for darling shots, though!

And one with her gorgeous Mama!

Such a pleasure to watch you grow, my love!

Oh, goodness!  This little girl is just the sweetest, squishiest, most perfect little cherub.  You might remember her sweet newborn images here and here.  I didn’t think it was possible for her to get any cuter, but I don’t mind being wrong one little bit:).  At 4 months, she is such smiley, darling girl.

I often get emails from new parents who missed getting portraits done during that initial newborn phase, asking when they should book a session.  I usually recommend waiting until the fourth month or so, when baby can push up on her tummy with a steady head, make eye contact, dazzle us with smiles, and sit up with assistance.  Another great option is around the 6-month mark when he or she can sit up independently.  As you can see below, waiting for these physical and emotional milestones makes for a great portrait session:).

The headbands and hats for this session came from a great Etsy shop the belle and the beau.  Check them out, the have some darling accessories for boys and girls!

Thanks for coming to play, Baby Lily!  I had such a fun time:).

This session was just so much fun!  When Jennifer contacted me about doing a session with her and her brother as a Christmas gift for their mom, I knew from talking to her over the phone that we’d have a great time.  We met up at Lindsey’s Orchard here in Clifton Park and just had a blast getting to know each other and capturing some great images for their mom.  It’s always wonderful to have clients who have such a great connection–they almost do my job for me:).

Jenn assured me that mom wouldn’t be peeking, so here’s a little teaser from the session:

LOVE this one:).

An added bonus: I left with some yummy Granny Smith apples that became dessert Sunday night.  Mmm!

Brad and Jenn, it was an absolute pleasure!