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Ah, sweet, sweet Sydney!  What can I say about this darling girl?  Born at just over 6 pounds, she reminded me so much of my own tiny little girls when they were born (and of just how much little Jack has grown!).  She was the perfect picture of tiny, delicate, girly goodness–the hair, the lashes, those lips!  I was a little bit worried we might have a difficult time since baby Sydney was almost three weeks at her session, but she showed up ready to sleep and be sweet.  It seems like every newborn session I shoot becomes my new favorite, and this one was no exception.  Love!

I haven’t had a little girl in a while–it was fun to pull out the pink:).  Look at that little smile!

I loved all her little details–such delicate features:

Thanks so much for sharing this darling girl with me for a few hours.  She’s simply exquisite!

Oh my goodness!  I have had so much fun watching this little lady grow up.  She is so delicate and just seems to get prettier everyday–pure and unadulterated sweetness!  You might remember her newborn session, yep still gorgeous:).

One of the most important things for a baby and child photographer to keep in mind is that babies set their own schedule, and that even the best laid plans sometimes need a little tweaking.  Flexibility is essential, and this session reminded me of how important it is to follow baby’s lead.

When little lady showed up, she looked gorgeous, as always, but she seemed a little apprehensive.  We managed to get some beautiful shots, but it took a bit of coaxing.

I asked mom if she might just be sleepy, and mom agreed that she probably was.  I know from years of mom experience that even when you schedule a photo shoot around your child’s nap schedule, 9 times out of 10 something will happen to throw that schedule off:).  We got her undressed and wrapped in a warm blanket, mom picked her up, and she was out.

Then we were able to get these (my favorites from the session):

And she’s still got lashes that go on for miles!

Then she woke up rested and ready to go:

There’s that smile:).

Can’t wait to see you again soon!

I can’t believe it’s been a month already since Baby Jack joined our family.  And yet, at the same time, I wonder how our family could have existed without him in it.  It always amazes me how your heart just explodes with a capacity to love each new member of a family.  Every baby is such a blessing!

Monday was Jack’s one month birthday, and since the house was already toasty for Zachary’s session and I had everything set up, I decided to snag a few of my own sweet boy.  Baby boy is DEFINITELY past the newborn photo phase, though.  What a little flincher he is!  I only managed one set-up, but you can see how much he’s grown and how he’s filling out.  Just a taste of what’s to come when even the rolls have rolls:).

Baby Jack–One month:

Love you bunches, Peanut!

Well baby Jack is officially past the sleep-all-day newborn phase.  In fact, a large part of the reason why I haven’t posted anything in a while is that he’s turned into a bit of a terrible sleeper at night.  Luckily (or unluckily, depending on how you think about it), this is par for the course for Washburn babies and I have full confidence that he (and I) should start sleeping again in about three months;).

In the meantime, I’ll continue to enjoy the sweet, sweet sleepiness of my tiniest clients:).  Like baby Zachary who came to play the other day, and who, at 14 days, was still deliciously sleepy, curly, and squishy.  I love bigger babies–I just want to squeal and sqeeze all their sweet little rolls–and baby Zachary fit the bill perfectly.  And oh, that hair!  I was simply in heaven.

And you know I can’t resist a detail shot:).

Thank you so much for the oppotunity to meet Zachary.  He truly is such a doll!