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I just couldn’t resist posting a few more shots from that last session before I had Jack.  This baby had the most scrumptious plump little lips ever!

Thanks for being so patient with me guys.  I hope to have your gallery finished shortly–hopefully, this will tide you over for just a bit longer:).

I am so behind editing and posting Jack’s daily photos, but rest assured, they will be coming:).  According to Lightroom, I have 1500+ photos tagged “Jack” in my computer right now!

My favorite images from my clients’ newborn sessions are almost always parent/baby shots.  I just love the connection and the unadulterated love and joy they capture.  I couldn’t resist sharing a few that my darling husband took of me and baby Jack yesterday–on his 15-day birthday:).

Me and my sweet boy:

There’s nothing easy about getting dolled up for portraits so soon after giving birth (especially if you’re the photographer too!), but I am so grateful to have these.  I know I will treasure them forever.

I can’t believe how fast this little peanut is growing!  His face and hands are filling out so quickly.  We just adore every single thing about him!

LOVE the little smile on this one:).

Love those lips:).

For some reason, he just looks so angelic to me in this one:

And, of course, the “my mom is a total nut-job with that camera, but I’ll humor her because she keeps me so well-fed” look:

Love you, baby boy!

Still shooting my favorite little model every day, even if I don’t always get them posted on time:).

Tiny Jack with his great big Daddy:

One week old, still just a peanut:

Just some favorites from today of my favorite peanut:).  He’s changing so fast!