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I am mere weeks from my own due date (who are we kidding with trying to assign birthdays to babies anyway?–due month is more like it!) and I am so fortunate to have spent the day with the sweetest little baby boy.  I am more excited than ever for my own little peanut to arrive!  I am always so grateful to my wonderful clients who are willing to invite me in to share this most precious time in the life of their new family.  It’s exciting to see new parents fall so naturally into their new roles and fall so completely in love with their new babies.  At 7 days, you can already see that baby Ernesto has stolen his parents’ hearts.  And I am pleased to report that he is just as gorgeous a baby as I predicted he’d be:).

Okay, isn’t he the sweetest?

Now that is one gorgeous family!

One of my favorites from the session, and right before he announced the session was done!

B and E, that is one beautiful baby boy you have there.  I can already tell you are going to be amazing parents!

I had the ultimate pleasure of meeting these two lovely ladies yesterday evening.  Oh my goodness, they were so sweet and fun and reminded me a lot of my own girls who are just about this same age.  Besides being super sweet and beautiful girls, they were so connected as sisters and each one wanted to be doing just what the other was.  We had so much fun at the Rose Garden in Schenectady, which is still just beautiful.  If you love flowers and have never been, you have to go take a stroll through the roses some evening.

Here is just a sampling of all the girly cuteness we captured last night:

If you’re four and there’s water nearby it’s pretty much a  given that you’re gonna need to get at least a little wet:).

One of the big no-no’s at the rose garden is picking the flowers, understandably so.  We fished this one out of the pond–couldn’t let it go to waste:).

Sometimes my favorite images happen at the very end of the shoot.  These girls were so sweet and patient as I asked for just one more:

Oops, I mean one more:

Girls, I think you wore me and peanut baby out last night, but I had so much fun!  Thanks for such a great evening!

…of scrumptious baby goodness!  I promised more images from this session, and here they are.  She really was such a dream that it was nearly impossible to choose which images to both proof and to share on the blog. Enjoy the newborn eye candy!

With brand new big brother–didn’t he do a good job?  When you are not quite two years old, grandma and Monster’s Inc. are both way more interesting than some crazy photographer, and he was such a trooper:).

Sigh, babies make me so happy:).