Well, it’s been quite a week!  I came down with a horrible sore throat on the Fourth and it quickly escalated into what I will now refer to as “exploding face syndrome.”  You know that feeling where your sinuses are so congested that your eyes, cheeks and even teeth hurt?  Yeah, that was me all week.  After four straight days in bed (illness during pregnancy is always extra-fun), I think I am finally on the mend.  I hope to have a bunch of sneak peeks up in the next few days.  In the meantime, if you need a photo-fix, you can check out these links:

As I mentioned before, the Baby as Art workshop was just amazing.  It was beyond inspiring to be surrounded by so many talented women in the Baby as Art team and the other workshop attendees.  You can see our “class photo” here.

Also, while I was in Utah for the day on the way home from San Diego I had the supreme pleasure of meeting up with my good friend Tiffany from Follow Your Art Photography for some maternity photos.  Tiffany is just one of my favorite people and she has an eye for light, color and the perfect location that is rarely matched.  If you are anywhere in Utah and in need of some amazing portraiture, definitely look her up–you will not be disappointed!  Keep in mind that our shoot was sandwiched in between two plane rides and four sessions of my own, and she still managed to make me look and feel beautiful.  That’s some real talent:).  You can check my photos out on her blog here and here.  Thanks a million times over, Tiff!

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  1. shannon says:

    kay you know how i feel about tiffany, and you know how i feel about you, and the combination of the two of you is simply mind blowing!!!! when i can i come to the jessica washburn workshop!! i am so there!!

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