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I have been waiting and waiting to write this post.  For months, actually, since I found out my darling friend H was pregnant.  Then, sweet baby C decided he wasn’t so sure he wanted to make an appearance when he was expected, and to top it off, our session had to be rescheduled because of some necessary appointments with his doctor.  But was he ever worth the wait!  He was seriously one of the sweetest babies I have ever met.  If I could have snuck him out with the rest of my props on the way home, I would have.  9 days of squishy, lovable, adorable baby perfection.

H, I know you are excited to see what we got.  Here’s a little sneak peek, with lots more wonderfulness to come!

They had the most beautiful wood floors in this home!

I can NOT get enough of this pouty pucker, his loooong blonde eyelashes and all that perfect baby fuzz:).

He even let us venture outside.

H, I enjoyed every minute with your family today.  Thank you so much for sharing baby C with me–I can’t think of a better way to have spent my day.

…to me!

I told my girls that all I wanted for Mother’s Day this year were some nice pictures of the three of them.  This shoot was only about 7 months in the making and almost didn’t happen.  No pressure or anything;).

Last fall our family had so much fun picking apples for the first time (we’re new to the area).  By far our favorite orchard to visit was Lindsey’s Orchard right here in Clifton Park.  The apples were so, so yummy and everyone we met there was incredibly kind and helpful.  I asked for permission to come back and shoot in the spring when the trees were in blossom and the owner graciously agreed.  All week I nervously stalked the weather channel, news websites, etc., praying that the clouds would cooperate for the shoot.  The forecast for Friday included a few hours of rain, but I held on to hope.  Nature just couldn’t be so cruel.  Then my poor baby girl started to show signs that she coming down with something.  We made it, though.  The rain held off just long enough for us to get into the car as we were leaving, and baby girl was excited enough about playing in the apple trees that we were able to capture some beautiful shots.

Could anything be more beautiful than an orchard in spring?

I just love this face:).

And what every mother-photographer dreams of, but seldom captures of her own kids–the group shot!

Thanks girls, for the best Mother’s Day ever!

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